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Sackboy: A Big Adventure

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Title Screen

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Also known as: LiBits! Big Adventure (JP)
Developers: Sumo Digital[1] (PS4 / PS5), The Eccentric Ape[2], Climax Studios[3] (Windows)
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment[1]
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows
Released internationally: November 12, 2020[1] (PS4/PS5), October 27, 2022[1] (Windows)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

To do:
  • Unused animations, including:
    • A lot of the animations shown in the pre-rendered videos used for the Interstellar Junction monitors are still in the game's files. Are those worth documenting?
  • Investigate the "Power Pins" and see if they have any remaining functionality.
  • There are unused models and animations for pogo stick and unicycle powerups. Do these still work?
  • Some of the enemies like Grunties and Froogles have unused model and texture variants.
  • There's way more cut audio in the files than what's listed on here.
    • There's a few unused songs, but they'll need to be reconstructed since a lot of the game's music is chopped up into different segments.
  • Unused UI textures, including but not limited to:
    • An early Store UI, presumably interactive.
    • Unused off-screen icons.
    • Multiple renders from LBP3 used as placeholders.
  • Unused Sackboy textures, presumably from the models used for LittleBigPlanet 3's promotional material.
  • There are various remnants of a demo mode, presumably intended for kiosk units before the pandemic hit.
  • There's a whole [video] documenting the creation process of the game's bosses, containing footage from seemingly early into the game's development to later versions, is this worth documenting?

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a spin-off of the LittleBigPlanet series that trades user generated content for cooperative 3D platforming à la Super Mario 3D World.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Lbpkarting default level badge.png
Unused Levels
Over a hundred different maps for testing various mechanics and gameplay objects.
Unused Videos
A whole lotta placeholders, cutscene storyboards and other weirdness.
Lbp3 cinematic placeholder.png
Unused Cutscenes
Trailer shots, and completely cut intro cutscenes.
SABAPC Thumb ProfilingSet 02 BorderlessRegular A.png
Unused Costumes
"Collectabells burning a hole in your pocket? Then buy an outfit with no pockets!"

Unused Models


SABAPS4 Model CollectAllMeshWIP.png

GingerBread/Content/Art/GameplayObjects/Collectables/CollectAllMeshWIP.uasset is a simplistic model of a fly. Its filename suggests that it was a placeholder model for some kind of collectable.

Early Dawdler

SABAPS4 Model Early Duopede.png

GingerBread/Content/Art/Character/Duopede contains an early model of the Dawdler enemy.

Early Life Pickups

Found throughout the game's data are a handful of early models for the extra life pickups.


SABAPS4 Model PowerGlove pickup SM.png

GingerBread/Content/Art/GameplayObjects/CraftBelt/PowerGloves contains a Grabinator model, presumably intended as a powerup for Sackboy.


SABAPS4 Model ShieldWood SM.png

GingerBread/Content/Art/Characters/Grunty/ShieldWood_SM.uasset is a model of a scary wooden shield. Animations exist for the Grunty using the shield, so it was likely meant for an unused variant of that enemy which blocks the player's attacks.


SABAPS4 Model SquareEntranceGate SK 02.png

GingerBread/Content/Art/GameplayObjects/CheckPointSquareA_CR_SM contains a model and animations for a square door with a star on it. It can be seen in some of the unused storyboard videos, and appears to have been intended to mark the level's entrance. In the final game, all entrances use the same model as regular checkpoints.

Vex Head Morph Targets

An example of the unused morph targets in action.

The Vex Head costume piece has a full range of morph targets that would have been used to animate various facial features based on Sackboy's expression. For whatever reason, none of them end up being used, which results in a fixed smile whilst wearing it.

Unused Animations



SABAPC ZomZom Generic Demo.gif

An unused (seemingly test) animation of ZomZom.


SABAPC ZomZom Generic hit.gif

An unused animation of ZomZom getting hit.

Unused Audio


NPC Idles

Friendly NPCs like Gerald Strudleguff, Mama Monkey and King Bogoff have voice lines that are used when the player remains idle, attacks them or leaves their general vicinity. Scarlet and N.A.O.M.I have their own versions of these lines, which ultimately go unused as there are no levels where those characters can be interacted with.

Context Character Subtitle Voice Clip

Attacked by player

Scarlet Ow!
Ouch! Hey! Save that kind of thing for Vex!
Ow! Don't you have world to save?
Hey! That's not very Knightly!
N.A.O.M.I Ah, so you enjoy holo-boxing.
Does everyone on your planet behave like this?
Holograms feel no pain so, please, don't let me stop you.
I do hope you're not bored, dear visitor.
I'm not sure what you're hoping to achieve, but do carry on.
I'm programmed not to respond to violence.
Perhaps you're suffering from a mechanical malfunction?
There are better ways to have fun in the Interstellar Junction.
We don't usually encourage this sort of behaviour.
What a curious form of exercise
You do know I'm a hologram, don't you?
You must have caught some of that space madness that's going around.
You're the visitor, so if you want to waste your time, I won't stop you.
You've mistaken me for a virtual punching bag.

Player idle

Are you caught in my gravitational pull?
Are you feeling well, space traveller?
Destiny awaits. There is nothing to do here.
I believe you should continue your journey.
I suggest you proceed with your mission.
Please proceed down the concourse.
The future of Craftworld is at stake. No time to waste.
There are infinite wondrous sites to see ahead of you.
There is much to see and much to do.
This is no time for a space nap.
Vex's invasion needs to be stopped.
You appear to be stuck in idle mode.
You are needed elsewhere, space traveller.

Player leaves

Be seeing you! I'm omnipresent after all.
Bye bye!
Bye, and have fun.
Don't be a stranger.
Enjoy our space-age facilities.
Enjoy the rest of the Interstellar Junction!
Farewell, visitor.
Goodbye now!
Have a nice day!
I'll be seeing you, space traveller.
I'm sure we'll meet again.
See you later!
So long, valued guest.
Until next time, space traveller.

Level Specific Dialogue

Intended Level/Cutscene Character Subtitle Voice Clip Context/Notes

Have You Herd?

Gerald Strudleguff Of course you have! I know a fan when I see one. Well, thanks to Vex, I'm working on an updated edition.
A holdover from an early iteration of the level's script where Gerald tells Sackboy about his book.

Just A Phase

Vex Behold an everyday object. So mundane, even a walking handbag like you could handle it.
Dialogue for a scrapped cutscene in the level "Just A Phase", where Vex corrupts a Phase Bomb and sends it after Sackboy.
Now witness as it receives what I would humbly call... the Vex touch.
See how much more interesting it becomes? Go, little phase bomb! You're free! Free! Hahahahahaha!

Early Dreamer Orb Jingle

Various .bnk files associated with levels from the Colossal Canopy contain an early rendition of the Dreamer Orb jingle. The version above is in the G key, but 11 other versions of this exist, each pitch-shifted to different keys. These likely would have been used to test different music keys before the level music had been finalized. Oddly enough, the C# variant is used in Monkey Business, however, it gets drowned out by both the level music and the finalized Dreamer Orb jingle.

Test Audio

GingerBread/Content/WwiseAudio/PS4/CSG_Lewis_Debug.bnk contains a number of unused sounds, presumably meant for testing purposes.

A rather loud sample of an electric guitar.

Someone reading an excerpt from "Arthur the Rat". This is also present in CSG_Simon_TestData.bnk.

A text-to-speech voice saying "left channel" and "right channel", followed by a short drum beat in the respective audio channel.

Unused Strings

DLC Store

Remnants of an in-game store can be found in the game

Text String Presumed Purpose
"CHECK OUT!" Self explanatory
"Next Promotion" Likely for a promotions page
"Previous Promotion" Likely for a promotions page
"Remove From Cart" Self explanatory
"Store" Self explanatory
"PlayStation™Store" Self explanatory
"Add to cart" Self explanatory
"Empty" Used if the cart was empty
"Free" Used for free items
"Costume Pieces:" Likely for an amount of pieces in a dlc
"Costumes" Likely for a costumes page
"Costumes..." Unknown
"Emotes" Likely for an emotes page
"Emotes..." Unknown
"Enter Promotion Code" Likely for if there was promotion codes for any DLC
"No items available!" Self explanatory
"No items added to cart!" Self explanatory
"There are no promotions, please check back later!" Likely for a promotions page
"{Num} Items" Self explanatory
"{num}" Self explanatory
"{OriginalText}" Likely used for DLC names?
"SHOPPING CART:" Self explanatory
"Store Home..." Unknown
"PlayStation™Store Home..." Unknown
"TOTAL" Likely for total amount of
"Failed to connect to the PlayStation™Store" Self explanatory
"Unable to Connect" Self explanatory

Costumes & Emotes

Key Text String Presumed Purpose
COSTUME_SUMOHOOD_10 "Sumo Digital Hoody" Likely intended for Sumo Digital employees, weirdly, no items use this string in the Costumes data table.
COSTUME_STATIONHOOD_10 "The Station Hoody" Likely intended for The Station employees, again, no items use this string in the Costumes data table.
EMOTE_RATCHET_11 "Ratchet Wrench Toss" Placeholder for the Ratchet Emote name, EMOTE_RATCHET_10 is used instead.
EMOTE_RIVET_11 "Rivet Crouch" Placeholder for the Rivet Emote name, EMOTE_RIVET_10 is used instead.
EMOTE_CLANK_11 "The Clank-bot" Placeholder for the Clank Emote name, EMOTE_CLANK_10 is used instead.

Unused Graphics

Designer Tool Billboards

GingerBread/Content/Blueprints/DesignerTools/Billboards contains graphics related to various gameplay objects, which presumably would've been used by the developers to visualize otherwise invisible objects and triggers.

Placeholder Store Icons

The folders inside GingerBread/Content/UI/AlwaysCooked/DLC contain placeholder DLC icons, including an early icon for the Digital Deluxe edition, the Doctor costume, and an early version of the Fire Fighter costume with a different helmet design.

Save Data Icons

Found in GingerBread/Content/Platform/PS4 are two unused save data icons, the file names of which suggest that saved costumes and high scores were originally kept in their own dedicated save files. In the final game, only one save file is created, which uses a different icon from these.

Loading Tip Icons

GingerBread/Content/Art/UI/Textures/LoadingScreen contains a handful of graphics that were once meant to accompany the loading screen tips. Interestingly, two of them appear to be related to a scrapped "Creative Burst" mechanic.

Early HUD Elements

Level Score

Textures for a 2D score counter can be found in GingerBread/Content/Art/UI/Textures/LevelScore. Interestingly, the score multiplier images go up to x5, even though score multiplers only go up to x2 in the final game.

Placeholder Virus

SABAPS4 Placeholder Virus.png

GingerBread/Content/Maps/Space/Blueprints/SPC_NAOMI_Boss_Assets/Virus.uasset is a crude drawing of a virus, most likely meant as a placeholder for the Interstellar Junction's boss fight.

Alternate Colossal Canopy Planet Render

SABAPS4 TheAmazonIcon.png

GingerBread/Content/Art/UI/Textures/WorldSelect/TheAmazonIcon.uasset is an alternate render of the Colossal Canopy's planet model. A version of this is used on the Sticker Book and the Travel screen, but it's cropped to fit inside of a stamp, so most of it is never seen in-game.

SABAPS4 unused logonext.png

GingerBread/Content/UI/AlwaysCooked/LoadingScreen/logonext.uasset is a logo for "LittleBigPlanet Next", which appears to have been a working title for Sackboy: A Big Adventure.


SABA Naomi ScreensTestImage.png

GingerBread/Content/Art/Shaders/Textures/Naomi_ScreensTestImage.uasset is a test image likely to test the various screens that appear throughout the Interstellar Junction, interestingly, this uses a piece of concept art of Naomi from before her design was finalized.

Internal Project Name

The game's internal project name is "GingerBread", according to multiple file names. Additionally the internal name for the PC port is "Marmalade_WS1", according to the asset registry file.

Version Differences

To do:
Figure out which update (between 1.02 and 1.13) moved up a velociporter in Flossed in Space, preventing the player from clipping into the stomping velociporters.

Version 1.01

Released alongside the game as part of a Day 1 Patch.

  • The minimum system firmware requirement is now 8.00, up from the base game's 7.55.
v1.00 v1.01
Thumb ConsoleKitty Head A.png SABAPS4 Thumb ConsoleKitty Head A patched.png
SABAPS4 ConsoleKittyEmotes E Base.png SABAPS4 ConsoleKittyEmotes E Patched.png
  • The Console Kitty Screen's facial expressions were completely redrawn, and all of the icons featuring it have been updated accordingly.
v1.00 v1.01
SABAPS4 StickerBook HIMStory2 Base.png
SABAPS4 StickerBook HIMStory2 Patched.png
  • The sticker earned for collecting all the Dreamer Orbs in Keys To Success was changed to make Scarlet's eye consistent with how it appears in-game. The Knitted Knight doll she's holding was also updated with refined textures and a slightly different pose.
v1.00 v1.01
SABAPS4 Space WB StickerSigns A ST A Base.png SABAPS4 Space WB StickerSigns A ST A Patched.png
  • The textures used for the departure boards in the Interstellar Junction were updated to use a different font. Some of the text was also updated, with Pluto being replaced with Carnivalia, and a space being removed from "Craft World".
Level Jingle v1.00 v1.01
A Big Adventure (level_him_once_upon_a_climb.bnk)
Monkey Business (level_amz_treetops_rescue.bnk)
Sink Or Swing (level_und_sink_or_swing.bnk)
Pros And Conveyors (level_spc_conveyor_craze.bnk)
Jumping To Conclusions (level_jny_vexed.bnk)
Keep On Leaping On (level_world6_leaping_with_the_fishes.bnk)
  • Many of the Dreamer Orb jingles throughout the game have been redone to better match the key and timing of the music in their respective levels, with nearly all of them being split into different samples. The instruments were also changed slightly.

Version 1.02

Released alongside the game as part of a Day 1 Patch.

  • Unspecified bug fixes.

Version 1.03

Released on December 17, 2020.

  • The minimum system firmware requirement is now 8.01.
  • Added online multiplayer.
  • Added the ability to upload PS4 save data to the cloud, where it can be downloaded on the PS5 version of the game.

Version 1.04

Released on December 23, 2020.

  • The minimum system firmware requirement is now 8.03.
  • Unspecified bug fixes.

Version 1.05

Released on February 11, 2021.

  • The size of the trigger zones for the finish lines in the Knitted Knight Trials was reduced, most likely to prevent players from clearing them while falling into the abyss.

Versions 1.06 and 1.07

To do:
These updates were released on the same day at pretty much the same time; figure out which changes belong to 1.06 and which ones are from 1.07.

Released on April 30, 2021.

  • The minimum system firmware requirement is now 8.50.
  • Added five new Knitted Knight Trials, accessible by pressing L1 or R1 on the trial selection screen.
  • Added the data for four costumes to be awarded as prizes for the Knit-Speedrun Challenge.
  • Added a free DLC costume based on Selene from Returnal.
  • Added a slider to set the volume of Sackboy's voice.
  • Added an option to map the movement of Tilt Platforms to the Right Stick instead of the controller's motion sensor.
  • If the player holds L2 to start acting while an emote is playing, an alternate acting mode is initiated.
    • In this mode, instead of simply changing Sackboy's facial expression, the D-Pad now plays one of the player's currently equipped emotes.
    • Head and arm movement is disabled in this mode, with the Left Stick simply rotating Sackboy in place.
  • The boss intro cutscene in Thar She Blows Up no longer auto-equips the Clawstring if the player avoided picking it up in the main level.
Pre-Patch Post-Patch
Together, we were one... ...but now, I'm splitting us up.
  • The layers of the starfish stickers in Bubble Jeopardy and Sea Trench Escape appear to have been disconnected, resulting in two being displayed instead of one. This is particularly noticeable in Sea Trench Escape, where they now obscure Sackboy and the searchlights orbiting the sponge wheels.

Version 1.08

Released on June 11, 2021.

  • Added the data for three DLC costumes based on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.
  • Fixed the starfish stickers in Bubble Jeopardy and Sea Trench Escape.
  • Unspecified bug fixes.

Version 1.09

Released on July 14, 2021.

  • The minimum system firmware requirement is now 8.52.
  • Added the data for the Sacknana costume from LittleBigPlanet PSP, as well as two costumes based on Destruction AllStars.

Version 1.10

Released on September 15, 2021.

Version 1.11

Released on September 25, 2021.

  • The minimum system firmware requirement is now 9.00.
  • Added the data for the Zombie costume.
  • Unspecified bug fixes.

Version 1.12

Released on November 11, 2021.

  • Added the data for the Cake Day and Gobble Wobble costumes and emotes.
  • Unspecified bug fixes.

Version 1.13

Released on November 19, 2021.

  • Added the data for the following downloadable content:
    • Santa and Christmas Tree costumes + emotes
    • Fall Guys Rookie and Fairycorn costumes + emotes
    • Horizon: Forbidden West costumes + emotes
    • Easter Bunny costume
    • Bumblebee costume + emote
  • Fixed a bug from the previous update where the music would become abnormally quiet while sound effects were turned up.

Version 1.14

Released on February 18, 2022.

  • Added the data for costumes and emotes based on Evan and the Queen from Lost in Random

Version 1.16

Released on May 29, 2022.

  • Added the data for the following downloadable content:
    • Biscuit Day costume + emote
    • Pride costume + emote

Version 1.18

Released on June 23, 2022.

Version 1.16 Version 1.18
SABAPS4 PrideCostume 116.png SABAPS4 PrideCostume 118.png
SABAPS4 116 Thumb prideday BorderlessRegular A.png SABAPC Thumb prideday BorderlessRegular A.png
SABAPS4 116 Thumb PrideDay Prop A.png SABAPC Thumb PrideDay Prop A.png
SABAPS4 116 T Prideday A.png SABAPC T Prideday A.png
  • The flag prop included with the Pride costume was changed from Daniel Quasar's "Progress Pride" design (which incorporates the white, pink, and blue colors of the transgender pride flag, as well as brown and black to indicate sympathy for racial causes) to the standard LGBT+ rainbow flag.
  • The Design was likely changed due to licensing complications, due to the fact that Daniel Quasar's flag is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA whilst the De-Facto Gilbert Baker flag is Public Domain.