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LittleBigPlanet 3 (PlayStation 3)

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Title Screen

LittleBigPlanet 3

Developer: Sumo Digital
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3
Released in JP: December 4, 2014
Released in US: November 18, 2014
Released in EU: November 28, 2014
Released in AU: November 26, 2014

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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To do:
This page barely scratches the surface, due to how rushed the game was.
  • Document the many glitches in this game and figure out which of them were patched.
  • There's an E3 Pod mode leftover in the game's code. Get better footage of it and document it here.
    • The E3 versions of Race to the Stars and Tutu Tango also exist, so those need documenting too.
  • Revisional differences, and a lot of them.
  • A lot of unused text exists in the translation files, which includes remnants of scrapped features, levels, among other things.
  • There's more unused stickers than what's on this page.
  • Investigate the unused .plan files in gamedata/lbp3/blueprints/ziggurat/boat and gamedata/lbp3/gamekits.

Sackboy returns with three new friends, 16 layers, and an arsenal of new tools.

What a cracker!



Unused Audio
"Well I hope you understood that because I certainly didn't."
Unused Text
Text strings that can't be seen anywhere.

Unused Models


Lbp3 early pod.png

gamedata/lbp3/pod/pod2.mol is a model of a wider, bus-shaped Pod that was used in early prototypes of the game. The final game just reuses the Pod from the first two games instead.


Lbp3 map previs lee 02.png

gamedata/lbp3/misc/pre_viz/map_previs_lee_02.mol is an unused adventure map. It's pink and very reminiscent of Manglewood. It was used for Popit Academy: Term 2 in the Private Beta.


Lbp3 early character changer.gif

gamedata/lbp3/misc/mesh/spawn_points/spawn_point_open_curtain_1.mol is an early model of the Character Changer. It's rounder and has white curtains instead of sliding metal doors. This was used as the Character Changer in early builds of the game before being replaced with a more futuristic model. It has an animation of the curtains opening and closing.


Lbp3 mesh boomerang 2.png

gamedata/lbp3/unthemed/mesh/boomerang_glow/boomerang_2.mol is a model of a three-pronged boomerang. Its appearance suggests that it might've been used as a powerup at one point.


Lbp3 mesh throwable.png

gamedata/lbp3/unthemed/mesh/throwable/throwable.mol is a model of a blue squeaky ball. This was originally intended to be a throwable powerup before the idea was scrapped.


Lbp3 mesh sm transition hook02.png

gamedata/lbp3/misc/decorations/transition_hook/sm_transition_hook02.mol is a decoration that appears to be based on the Rail Hook's model, but with an added satellite dish connected to a long pole. It can be found out of bounds below various Adventure Mode levels.


Lbp3 mesh z typewriter.png

gamedata/lbp3/__book2/mesh/z_typewriter/z_typewriter.mol is a model of a typewriter intended for the Ziggurat.

Unused Logic

Logic gadgets that were either removed from the game, or just never given out as prizes.

Icon Name Functionality Additional Notes
Lbp3 gad platform sensor.png
Platform Sensor Detects what system the game is running on - either PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4. This was used by the developers to optimize story levels for PS3 by turning off lights, removing decorations among other things.
Lbp3 Logic Globalbackground.png
Global Background Tweaker Enables or disables the removed "Hide Background" option, making the background invisible. The "Hide Background" option can be seen in the Global Visual Options tutorial on, but was removed from the final version of the game.
Lbp3 electronics inventory logic colour gate.png
Colour Tweaker If the object it's on lets you tweak its colours in its tweak menu, this gadget lets you change its colours via logic. Its three inputs, from top to bottom, correspond to Red, Green and Blue colour values respectively.
Lbp3 electronics inventory logic filter.png
Filter A math tool that divides whatever signal it receives by a percentage that can be set in its tweak menu. It can be given a label, and if it's inside a Microchip it will appear inside the Microchip's tweak menu alongside whatever label you gave it. As an example of its functionality, a signal of 64% going through a Filter set to 50% results in a signal of 32%.
Lbp3 logic mesh tweaker.png
Mesh Tweaker When activated via logic, the Mesh Tweaker flips the horizontal positions of animation bones associated with the object it's attached to. The Mesh Tweaker does not appear to work on charcters and it has no tweak menu associated with it. Its icon is lifted from the Baiyon Bass 1 Sequencer Instrument.
Lbp3 electronics logic costumetweaker.png
Costume Tweaker Changes the costume of whichever player activated it when turned on. Any costume in the player's Popit can be placed into a Costume Tweaker, including custom-made costumes. The Costume Tweaker requires player input to work, (i.e. Buttons, Player Sensors, Controlinators, etc.) and the change will only occur if the costume in the Costume Tweaker was made for the character being played as. (e.g. A Costume Tweaker set to use a costume created for OddSock will only affect players that are playing as OddSock.)
Lbp3 electronics logic tweak trigger.png
Tweak Trigger When activated, it opens the tweak menu of whatever object it's attached to. When the player backs out of the tweak menu, it outputs a permanent signal that can be turned off with its Reset input. Activating it inside a Microchip just causes it to open the Microchip's tweak menu. Activating it while it's not attached to anything crashes the game.
Lbp3 electronics logic emittee.png
Emittee Using an Emitter's Emittee Port, the Emittee can change what an Emitter spawns. Like the Filter, it can be given a label that will appear inside a Microchip's tweak menu. The port on the Emitter that it requires no longer exists, so it doesn't do anything anymore.
Lbp3 electronics inventory hudelem.png
Hud Element An interesting gadget that would've allowed stickers to be displayed on the Heads Up Display. It has a variety of tweaks that determines how stickers on its circuitboard will be displayed in the level (as a Screen object, Object 2D or Object 3D), what HUD layer the stickers will be on (1-10; the lower the number, the higher its priority), how the top input is treated (On/Off, brightness, opacity) and general tweaks for opacity, brightness, animation, and the colour of the stickers. This gadget only worked on PS3. It was removed from every update past 1.05 due to its scripts being overwritten with duplicate Microchip scripts. Despite this, it was given both a Popit icon and a .plan file in Game Update 1.09.
Lbp3 gadget advanced counter.png
Advanced Counter An unused variant of the Counter gadget with an additional input for decrementing the Counter's value, as opposed to incrementing it. Apart from that, it's exactly the same as a regular Counter. This was most likely removed because it was deemed redundant; a Direction Combiner going into a regular Counter can achieve the exact same things that an Advanced Counter can.
Lbp3 gadget dont export me.png
Don't Export Me! An Object Tweaker who's sole purpose it to tell the game to...not export the object it's attached to. That's it. This was most likely intended to work in tandem with a developer exclusive "Export Level" feature. It does absolutely nothing in retail builds because there's no option to export levels in a way that affects this gadget or the object it's attached to.
Lbp3 gadget sackpocket item.png
Sack Pocket Item An Object Tweaker that makes objects so that they can be put into the Sackpocket. Most likely removed for redundancy, since any item can be captured and put into the Sackpocket, even without a Powerup Handle or this gadget attached.
Lbp3 gadget persistence point.png
Persistence Point A gadget that would have saved the state of the level. Its input and tweak menu were removed from the game, so it's unknown if it still works.
Lbp3 electronics logic throwable chip.png
Throwable Handle One of four Powerup Handles that were removed from the game, the Throwable Handle allows you to create Powerups that can be thrown. It has tweaks for throw strength, how long objects live before despawning, and whether or not a throw arc is displayed to show where thrown objects will go. Thrown objects do not have collision by default, but equipping another Powerup can restore the object's collision. The gadget is also invisible and impossible to select, move or otherwise manipulate with the Popit Cursor; the only known way to use the Throwable Handle in Create Mode is to import an object from an early version of the game with the gadget already attached to it.

No Image Available

Saddle A variant of the Controlinator that can be placed on Sackbots, allowing Sackboy to ride and take control of them. Is has unique animations for Sackboy, and a tweak that kills the rider when the creature being ridden dies. While its functionality is still present, the model it's trying to load no longer exists, so attempting to mount a Saddle without a valid model crashes the game. Hacking the game to tell it to use a different model fixes the crash, allowing it to be mounted without issues.
Lbp3 electronics logic rumbler.png
Rumbler Vibrates the controller when activated, with the intensity of the vibration depending on the incoming analogue signal. Requires player input to work (i.e. Buttons, Player Sensors, Controlinators, etc). If the Rumbler is left on for about three seconds, controller vibrations will be temporarily disabled across the entire game.


Lbp3 customdevchipnudger.png

While not an official piece of logic, this custom microchip was used by the developers in levels to adjust the depth of layers that an object was in.

Early Graphics

Level Badges

Level badge graphics that were used for the two levels that were shown off when the game was revealed at E3 2014.

Race to the Stars

Unused Used
Lbp3 race to the stars badge e3.png Lbp3 race to the stars badge final.png

All four characters (Sackboy, OddSock, Toggle and Swoop) are prominently featured in front of a white star on a blue background in the early level badge. The final Race to the Stars level badge just has five stars shooting upwards.

Tutu Tango

Unused Used
Lbp3 tutu tango badge e3.png Lbp3 caverns mus final.png

The early level badge for Tutu Tango (a.k.a. "Toggle Escapes The Labyrinth") prominently shows both forms of Toggle in front of a greenish cavern background. The final badge shows a silhouette of a swan against a green background.

SpongeBob DLC Music Icons

Placeholder music icons from the SpongeBob SquarePants Premium Level Kit, which look as though they were taken from the show. All of these were changed to include either Sackboy, OddSock or Toggle.

Shanty Town

Unused Used
Lbp3 spongebob sbhub mus early.png Lbp3 spongebob sbhub mus final.png

The early music icon for Shanty Town is a stock photo with various SpongeBob characters dotted around. This was changed to Sackboy driving a Boatmobile outside of SpongeBob's house.

Hula Baloo

Unused Used
Lbp3 spongebob jellyfish mus early.png Lbp3 spongebob jellyfish mus final.png

The early icon for Hula Baloo is a still image of Jellyfish Fields which appears to have been sourced from an episode of the show. The one that's actually used has Sackboy swimming next to a jellyfish.

Krabby Patty

Unused Used
Lbp3 spongebob krusty krab mus early.png My sandwich tastes like a fried boot!

The early icon for Krabby Patty shows the outside of the Krusty Krab. The one that's used has OddSock inside of a Krabby Patty.

Let's Be Chums

Early Used
Lbp3 spongebob chum bucket mus early.png Lbp3 spongebob chum bucket mus final.png

The early icon for Let's Be Chums has Plankton standing outside of the Chum Bucket. This was changed to Toggle swinging across what appears to be a vat of acid.

Unused .plan Files

Most items in the game have .plan files associated with them, which allow them to be added to the player's Popit via Prize Bubbles or similar. There are a number of objects and items that, while not unused themselves, never get added to the player's Popit through normal means, thus their .plan files go unused. Below is a list of various unused .plan files, their associated icons and language data (if any), as well as any notes regarding the items themselves.

Filename and Path Popit Icon Name Description Notes
gamedata/lbp3/common/palettes/kit_magic_door.plan Lbp3 magic door icon.png DO NOT USE! Magic Door Players can jump through any magic door and pop out of another that it has been wired up to. An unused variation of the Worm Hole tool that uses the same model, sound effects and animations as this game's Level Link. Interestingly it doubles as a Checkpoint, but with only four lives built in. For some reason, the language data for this .plan is used on an unrelated sticker of the same name from LittleBigPlanet. Its .plan was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/__book1/palettes/mat_dd_space_window.plan Lbp3 space window2 icon.png Mist From the Manglewood Theme The transparent, wavy effect used on the Illuminator-activated picture frames found throughout Adventure Mode. The developers likely forgot to give it out as a prize.
gamedata/lbp3/__book2/palettes/obj_z_bellows.plan Lbp3 z bellows icon.png Bellows From the Ziggurat Theme A bellows object from the Ziggurat theme that occupies three layers. The top half of its collision bounces up and down with a Spring Bolt. The .plan for this object was added in Game Update 1.08.
Lbp3 decoration helper icon.png
Decoration Helper (Stairs) A translucent, staircase-shaped object intended to help place decorations in specific places. The object itself becomes invisible in Play Mode, save for any decorations attached to it. Its .plan was added in Game Update 1.09.
Lbp3 spinner rotator icon.png
Spinner A translucent, spinning disc that rotates any decorations attached to it, similar to the Rotating Disc object from the DC Comics Premium Level Kit. Unlike the Rotating Disc, the Spinner requires an Animation Tweaker to control its rotation speed. Like the Decoration Helper, the Spinner becomes invisible in Play Mode, save for any decorations attached to it. Its .plan was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/unthemed/palettes/obj_st_apple.plan Lbp3 st apple icon.png Apple An apple object found in Needlepoint Peaks. Its .plan was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/unthemed/palettes/obj_st_men_flat_cap.plan Lbp3 st men flat cap icon.png Flat Cap A flat cap object seen in the background of the Introduction. Its .plan was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/powerups/obj_blinkball_ball.plan Lbp3 obj blink ball.png Blink Ball A ball for Blinking with. A Blink Ball. The object that spawns when the player fires the Blink Ball Powerup.
gamedata/lbp3/misc/palettes/obj_powerup_torch.plan Lbp3 obj powerup torch icon.png Illuminator The object used to create the Illuminator Powerup. Its .plan file was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/__book3/palettes/obj_bu_goldfish_bowl_half.plan Lbp3 bu goldfish bowl half icon.png Some kind of object The goldfish bowl half object seen at the end of Needlepoint Peaks. Its .plan file was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/__book2/palettes/obj_knitted_russian_doll.plan Lbp3 knitted russian doll icon.png Knitted Doll From the Ziggurat Theme A Russian doll. Its .plan file was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/unthemed/palettes/obj_sm_wire_coat_hanger.plan Lbp3 sm wire coat hanger icon.png Coat Hanger A coat hanger. Its .plan file was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/__popit_puzzle/palettes/obj_pp_wooden_hammer_side.plan Lbp3 pp wooden hammer side icon.png Wooden Mallet 1 The wooden hammer object but sideways. Its .plan file was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/__book1/palettes/obj_jw_6inch.plan Lbp3 jw 6inch icon.png 6" Vinyl Record From the Manglewood Theme A 6 inch vinyl record. Its .plan file was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/unthemed/palettes/obj_boomerang_2.plan Lbp3 boomerang 2 icon.png Some kind of object A small fan. Its .plan file was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/unthemed/palettes/obj_bubble_of_fireflies.plan Lbp3 bubble of fireflies icon.png Sparkly Bubble A glowing bubble of fireflies. Its .plan file was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/unthemed/palettes/obj_obj_titan_marble.plan Lbp3 titan marble icon.png Titan Orb A glowing marble. Its .plan file was added in Game Update 1.09.
gamedata/lbp3/common/palettes/music_credits_medley_music.plan Lbp3 cinematic placeholder.png *DEV ONLY* 'Credits Medley' by Various Artists The music that plays while watching the credits in the Adventure Mode. The preview track that plays while highlighting it in the Tool Bag is the same as the one used for Mr Sandman. The .plan for this music object was added in Game Update 1.09.

Unused Stickers


Lbp3 donotuse.png

A texture that boldly stands out to warn the developers to...not use it. A handful of unused stickers were replaced by this graphic in the PS4 version.

Placeholder Music Icons

Character Names

gamedata/lbp3/__book2/stickers contains stickers of the new characters' names. These were seen at E3 2014.

Early Car Blueprint

Icon Sticker
Lbp3 blu print bolt icon.png
Lbp3 blu print car body icon.png
Lbp3 blu print car body.png
Lbp3 blu print car square icon.png
Lbp3 blu print car square.png
Lbp3 blu print motor bolt icon.png
Lbp3 blu print motor bolt.png
Lbp3 blu print wheel icon.png
Lbp3 blu print wheel.png

gamedata/lbp3/th_05jacobs_well/stickers contains stickers for a car blueprint. The most interesting aspect is the early LittleBigPlanet 3 logo in the top left corner of the icons.

Adventure Planet

Lbp3 objects adventure planet.png

gamedata/lbp3/__book1/stickers/objects_adventure_planet.tex is a stylised planet very reminiscent of Manglewood.

OddSock Star

Lbp3 decorative oddsock star.png

gamedata/lbp3/__book2/stickers/decorative_oddsock_star.tex is an OddSock Star inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Only the Swoop Star is used.

Stitchem Map

Lbp3 signage stitchemmap2.png

gamedata/lbp3/__book1/stickers/signage_stitchemmap2.tex is a darkened version of the PS4 version's splash screen. Its filename suggests that it was originally a map of Stitchem.

Popit Academy Tutorials

gamedata/lbp3/misc/stickers contains early projector images intended for the Popit Academy that tell the player how to use certain Create Mode functions. 204.tex was added in Game Update 1.06.

Bird Egg

Lbp3 bird egg.png

gamedata/lbp3/__book1/stickers/_quest_stickers/object_bird_egg.tex is a blue bird egg, and is the only sticker in the _quest_stickers folder. This was replaced with the placeholder "DO NOT USE" graphic in the PS4 version.


Unused Decorations

Several decorations were cut from the game.

Water Caustics

Lbp3 fx caustics.png

Found in gamedata/lbp3/_4_bunkum/fx decorations/caustics are a model and texture for an unused water caustics effect. Unlike a similar decoration seen in the SpongeBob SquarePants Premium Level Kit, this is comprised of a looping 16 frame animation, and it's possible to change its colours if placed onto a colour-tweakable material.


Unused Graphics


The moon?

An icon for a background found in gamedata/lbp3/__dimensional_doorways/background, suggesting that a theme called "Dimensional Doorways" was planned. The background itself does not exist. Attempting to load it brings up an unfinished version of the Manglewood background.


Lbp3 template background icon.png

An icon for a Dynamic Thermometer version of the default level background can be found in gamedata/lbp3/unthemed/background. The background cannot be obtained through any official means, thus this icon being unused. Another similar background also exists, featuring heavily simplified geometry.


Lbp3 env caverns icon.png

An icon for the background seen in the level Tutu Tango can be found in gamedata/lbp3/__dimensional_doorways/background/env_caverns. The background is not usable by players, thus this icon being unused. This icon briefly appears in a tutorial video from the PlayStation 4 version.


Lbp3 env stitchem manor icon.png

An icon for the background seen in Zom Zom's shops can be found in gamedata/lbp3/__book1/background/stitchem. The background is not usable by players, thus this icon being unused.

The Stitchem Manor, Caverns and Infinite Blank Backgrounds, along with the LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2 tutorial backgrounds, among other unused objects from LittleBigPlanet 3 can be obtained in this level. Be warned that the level may be deleted at any time, as it already has been once.


Lbp3 mw party blower animated icon.png

gamedata/lbp3/__book1/mesh/mw_party_blower_animated/mw_party_blower_animated_icon.tex is a Popit icon for an animated party blower object. The icon was added in Game Update 1.22, but the model, animation and textures do not exist.


Lbp3 temp icon.png

gamedata/lbp3/temp_icon.tex is a placeholder icon, likely intended for .plan files that didn't have proper icons.

Early Hook Hat

Lbp3 hook hat icon.png

gamedata/lbp3/misc/mesh/hook_hat/hook_hat_icon.tex is a Popit icon showing an earlier version of the Hook Hat powerup.

Negative Space Pin

Lbp3 pin negative space.png

gamedata/texture_library/ui/pins/lbp3/pin_negative_space.tex is an unused Pin graphic depicting a dark blue cube floating in space. Leftover language data suggests that to unlock this Pin, you would have to finish the level Deep Space Drive-in using no more than one powered cube. Fulfilling this requirement doesn't appear to do anything, however.

Team Picked Pin

Lbp3 pin team picked.png

gamedata/texture_library/ui/pins/lbp3/pin_team_picked.tex is an alternate design for the Team Picked Pin that would've been awarded if your level or adventure got featured in LBP3's Team Picks section. The final game just awards you the Team Picked Pin from LittleBigPlanet 2 instead.

LittleBigPlanet 1/2 Screenshots

gamedata/dynamic_elements contains screenshots of all the themes from LittleBigPlanet and five of the themes from LittleBigPlanet 2, most likely intended for use in the in-game store. A screenshot for the Cross-Controller Pack can also be found, which goes unused since Cross-Controller functionality was removed from LittleBigPlanet 3.

Unused Animations

There are four Sackboy animations in gamedata/lbp3/character/sackboy/animations that are related to the Saddle tool, but since that was removed from the game, these animations go unused.


Lbp3 stand into ride sitting.gif

gamedata/lbp3/character/sackboy/animations/stand_into_ride_sitting.anim is an animation of Sackboy mounting the Saddle.


Lbp3 ride sitting.gif

gamedata/lbp3/character/sackboy/animations/ride_sitting.anim is a generic animation of Sackboy while riding the Saddle.


Lbp3 ride standing.gif

gamedata/lbp3/character/sackboy/animations/ride_standing.anim is an animation of Sackboy standing while riding the Saddle, which is used when whatever Sackboy is riding descends.


Lbp3 ride sitting into stand.gif

gamedata/lbp3/character/sackboy/animations/ride_sitting_into_stand.anim is an animation of Sackboy dismounting the Saddle.

Unused Costumes

Several costumes are found in the game's data that are unobtainable through normal means.

Pinky Buflooms

Pinky Buflooms was originally a costumed Sackperson made of several different costume pieces, rather than being a single mesh. All of her individual costume pieces still exist in the game, albeit unused.

Slot Machine Head

Lbp3 manglewood thug slot he icon.png

The slot machine head for Toggle seen in High Stakes Heist. The developers likely forgot to give it as a prize.

Vera Oblonsky

The character Vera Oblonsky in the Ziggurat hub was meant to have a completely unique costume, but it was cut in favour of a generic female sack person.

Renoir the Owl

Lbp3 townspeople prof outfit icon.png

gamedata/lbp3/character/costumes/lbp3_townspeople contains files for a character internally referred to as "prof", an abbreviation of 'professor'. He would eventually appear in Run Sackboy! Run! as an unlockable costume named "Renoir the Owl".

Emerald Jester/Witch Pieces

A set of costume pieces from the Ziggurat, intended for emerald-themed jester and witch costumes.

Swoop Gamayun

A cut Swoop costume.

Football Toggle

Normal maps for a Brazilian football player costume for Toggle that was briefly seen in the Gamescom 2014 trailer. These are the only remnants of the costume on PlayStation 3, as the rest of its files were completely removed. All of the files are fully intact in the PlayStation 4 version, albeit still unused.

Unused Video


publishing.bik is a placeholder video about how publishing works, using crude paintings.

Developer Notes

Leftover in the game's code are various developer notes from the second game and a few new ones as well.

FIOS: scheduler::closeFile received invalid FH 0x%08llX - possible double-close. This can (and will) cause problems because filehandles are recycled. You should fix your code.

Build Information

A build date and time can be found in EBOOT.BIN. Below is a list of build dates and times for the base game, as well as the various Game Updates that have been released.

Version Hex Address Build Date
Version 1.00 00D063C6
build date:Oct 13 2014time: 03:57:13
Version 1.01 00D154F6
build date:Nov  1 2014time: 20:56:42
Version 1.02 00D182F6
build date:Nov 12 2014time: 11:41:25
Version 1.03 00D1A676
build date:Nov 25 2014time: 18:15:57
Version 1.04 00D1B9B6
build date:Dec 11 2014time: 10:28:14
Version 1.05 00D1DAF6
build date:Feb  3 2015time: 13:38:39
Version 1.06 00D24A56
build date:Mar 13 2015time: 19:56:33
Version 1.07 00D2FC36
build date:May  1 2015time: 13:20:27
Version 1.08 00D2E3D6
build date:May 28 2015time: 11:04:37
Version 1.09 00D3F036
build date:Jun 25 2015time: 23:27:27
Version 1.10 00D3F196
build date:Jul  2 2015time: 23:23:13
Version 1.11 00D42F56
build date:Jul 15 2015time: 23:11:58
Version 1.12 00D4B1EE
build date:Aug 11 2015time: 23:12:51
Version 1.13 00D4BC6E
build date:Sep  7 2015time: 23:12:26
Version 1.14 00D543F2
build date:Oct  2 2015time: 17:32:08
Version 1.15 00D54592
build date:Oct 16 2015time: 00:47:31
Version 1.16 00D54CF2
build date:Nov  3 2015time: 23:11:32
Version 1.17 00D55792
build date:Dec  9 2015time: 15:28:42
Version 1.18 00D55772
build date:Jan 27 2016time: 15:54:36
Version 1.19 00D5EE12
build date:Feb 23 2016time: 23:12:46
Version 1.20 00D60A52
build date:Apr 13 2016time: 09:51:00
Version 1.21 00D60CB2
build date:May 23 2016time: 05:14:40
Version 1.22 00D7783A
build date:Jul 26 2016time: 15:47:14
Version 1.23 00D7A03A
build date:Oct  7 2016time: 16:53:43
Version 1.24 00D7A33A
build date:Nov  7 2016time: 13:14:37
Version 1.25 00D7ADDA
build date:Feb 22 2017time: 23:13:48
Version 1.26 00D7AE2A
build date:May 11 2017time: 23:13:07

Revisional Differences

To do:
  • All of the updates that aren't already listed here.
  • There are more changes in these updates than what's currently listed.

Game Update 1.01

Released alongside the game as a Day 1 Patch.

  • Various save data icons intended for the Japanese version were updated to use LittleBigPlanet 3's Japanese logo.
v1.00 v1.01
Lbp3 st british police helmet icon.png Lbp3 st british police helmet icon patch1.png
  • The icon for the British Police Helmet object was re-rendered with a different badge on the helmet.

Game Update 1.02

Released alongside the game as a Day 1 Patch.

  • Bug fixes.

Game Update 1.03

Released on December 4th, 2014.

  • The 'Random MM Picks Level' tweak was removed from the Level Link's tweak menu.

Game Update 1.06

Released on March 24th, 2015.

  • Pod Backgrounds for the Needlepoint (Summer), Manglewood, Ziggurat, Bunkum Lagoon and Popit Puzzle themes were added to the game.

Game Update 1.07

Released on May 11th, 2015.

  • The Note Tool was significantly overhauled, bringing it in line with how it functioned in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita.
    • The Note text's font and size can now be changed, as well as the colour, brightness and opacity for both the font and background.
    • The 'Visible in Play Mode' tweak now has an option to only display the text in Play Mode.
    • An input was added that can either turn the Note on/off or display a number based on its analogue signal.
  • It is now possible to select the default Treehouse Pod Background while decorating planets.

Game Update 1.08

Released on June 3rd, 2015.

  • An extra Prize Bubble that gives out a previously unreleased balloon decoration was added at the beginning of the Ice Kingdom section of the Adventure Time Level Kit.
  • Scripts related to the unused Hud Element gadget were overwritten with duplicates of the Microchip's script, resulting in all Hud Element gadgets being turned into Microchips.

Game Update 1.09

Released on July 10th, 2015.

  • The Note Tool's default colours were changed to black text on a yellow background to make it more easily readable.
  • The State Sensor has two new States related to the Springinator powerup: "Springinator: Ready to Spring" and "Springinator: Spring Bouncing"
v1.00-1.08 v1.09
Lbp3 eve icon prepatch.png Lbp3 eve icon postpatch.png
Lbp3 eve cage diffuse prepatch.png Lbp3 eve cage diffuse postpatch.png
  • This patch updated an icon for Eve Silva Paragorica - a character from LittleBigPlanet 2 - as well as one of her diffuse textures to change the red cross symbols on her cage to yellow cross symbols, though none of her stickers from LittleBigPlanet 2 were altered to reflect her updated colour scheme. This was said to be a request from Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia, possibly to avoid legal trouble with the International Committee of the Red Cross.
v1.00-1.08 v1.09
A placeholder icon so infamous, they added joke DLC in its honour. Fortunately, they fixed their Hook Hat in the end.

Lbp3 hookhat sackboy to icon.png

  • This patch also updated the Hook Hat icon in the Sackbot's tweak menu, and changed it from the infamous "Fix Me Hook Hat" placeholder that had been there since launch to a proper render of the Hook Hat powerup, but not before releasing a free joke DLC poking fun at it.

Game Update 1.12

Released on August 27th, 2015.

  • Dive In, a feature that allows users to join a random group of players, was added to the game.
  • Sound effects for adding and removing items from the cart in the in-game store were added.

Game Update 1.14

Released on October 19th, 2015.

  • Bendy Rails have been updated with new tweaks and an updated interface for choosing which objects and powerups can latch onto them.
    • To make them visually consistent with other connectors, Bendy Rails now have connector pins at either end, which can be turned on/off in its tweak menu.
    • To accommodate the Hoverboard powerup, the 'Interacts With' tweak was updated so that the Rail Hook, Hook Hat and Hoverboard options can be toggled individually, rather than having the player scroll through a list of options.
  • The State Sensor has two new States related to the Hoverboard powerup: "Hoverboard: Gliding" and "Hoverboard: Grinding"

Game Update 1.19

Released on March 22nd, 2016.

  • A new Objective Output Type tweak was added to the Quest Sensor.
    • When set to Analogue, if a Quest Objective needs to be completed multiple times, the Quest Sensor will output an analogue signal based on how many times the Quest Objective has been completed.
  • The State Sensor has two new States related to the Floaty Fluid material: "Swimming In Fluid" and "Walking Under Fluid"

Game Update 1.22

Released on August 15th, 2016.

To do:
Get screenshots of both the old and new UI for comparison.
  • The user interface for the Pod has been overhauled.
    • Rather than having all of the planets -- the DLC store, Popit Puzzles (behind the DLC store), Bunkum, My Earth, and My Moon (behind My Earth), from left to right -- present at once, only one planet is present in the middle, and changes between the five based on what menu you're currently using.
    • The main menu's options were changed from "Store", "Play", and "Me" to "Play", "Create", "Community", "All About Me" and "Store". The main menu pre-1.22 was laid out horizontally, but starting with 1.22, the menu options shifted to being laid vertically on the left side of the screen. Various options appear on the right side of the screen depending on which selection you hover over.
      • "Play" contains all of the non-Community levels, including the story mode, the biweekly challenges (which were not available until v 1.23), Popit Puzzles, and DLC stories.
      • "Create" lets you view My Moon and My Earth, plus tutorials. The buttons for Decorate Moon and Decorate Earth have been removed, so the menu on the right is the only way to access planet decoration mode.
      • "Community" simply contains all the community levels. The option to play Community levels was originally contained in the "Play" section pre-1.22.
      • "All About Me" contains your profile and Pins menu, which were originally in the "Me" section.
      • "Store" is unchanged.
    • On the main menu, My Friends was moved from the top middle of the screen to the bottom left. Due to this, the speaker that had been used for the Friends menu in prior versions was removed.
      • When no friends are online, a Dive In button appears next to the My Friends menu button.
    • The "Last Played" level option in the main menu's bottom left corner was removed entirely, likely having been deemed redundant due to the Recent Activity menu's presence.
  • All new profiles now start in the Pod instead of the Introduction level.
  • Various lines of dialogue spoken by the narrator were shortened.
v1.00-1.21 v1.22
Lbp3 pin cant swoop prepatch.png Lbp3 pin cant swoop postpatch.png
  • The Can't Swoop, Won't Swoop Pin's graphic was updated.

Game Update 1.23

Released on October 20th, 2016.

  • The Challenges menu that was previously greyed out is now accessible with a series of 14 challenge levels that rotate every two weeks.
  • A new tweak has been added to the Race Gate, which displays the remaining time as a traditional timer, rather than score.
    • An additional input was also added, which adds a tweakable amount of time back onto the clock.
v1.22 v1.23
Lbp3 challenge star bronze prepatch.png Lbp3 challenge star bronze postpatch.png
Lbp3 challenge star silver prepatch.png Lbp3 challenge star silver icon postpatch.png
Lbp3 challenge star gold prepatch.png Lbp3 challenge star gold postpatch.png
  • The Challenge Star Pin graphics added in the previous update (found in gamedata/texture_library/ui/pins/ribbons) were updated to match the stars found within the Challenge levels. They were also shrunk and re-positioned so that they didn't obscure the main Pin graphics.
v1.00-1.22 v1.23
Lbp3 clothes1 fancylatte outfit icon prepatch.png Lbp3 clothes1 fancylatte outfit icon postpatch.png
Lbp3 clothes1 redcat outfit icon prepatch.png Lbp3 clothes1 redcat outfit icon postpatch.png
Lbp3 clothes2 intern outfit icon prepatch.png Lbp3 clothes2 intern outfit icon postpatch.png
  • The outfit icons for the Intern, Fancy Latte and Red Cat costumes were all updated to use different renders. For whatever reason, the new icons don't load correctly, resulting in red exclamation marks being displayed in their place.

Game Update 1.24

Released on November 18th, 2016.

  • Two secret Pins were added: the Mm 10th Anniversary Pin and the LittleBigForum Pin.
  • The outfit icons for the Intern, Fancy Latte and Red Cat costumes were reverted to their original icons due to a bug that prevented the new icons from loading correctly.

Game Update 1.25

Released on March 17th, 2017.

  • Several new level labels were added under the "Type" section. The majority of them are genre tags, to work with the new "Genres" community browsing menu.
  • The "Community" section on the main menu now has a submenu with two buttons for different browsing options.
    • The "Recommended" button leads to the regular pre-1.25 Community level browsing menu.
    • The "Genres" button is a new browsing menu that allows players to search for levels by genre labels. In order, the genres are "Arcade", "Cinematic", "Driving", "Fighters", "Gallery", "Mini-Games", "Multiplayer", "Platform Shooters", "Platformers", "Puzzle", "RPG", "Shooters", "Social", "Sports", "Story", "Strategy", "Stylised Platformers", "Survival Challenges", "Time Trials", "Top-Down", "Tutorials", "Vehicle Shooters", and "1st & 3rd Person".
  • A connection quality indicator was added that shows the connection strength of each player in the game. This can be accessed either in the Manage Players screen or by pressing R3 in-game to show this information above each player's head.
    • Three green dots represent a good connection, two amber dots represent an okay connection, and one red dot represents a bad connection.
    • Text was also added to the Manage Players screen, which reads "Any players with a Red connection will affect the multiplayer experience for the entire party."
  • The scroll speed has been reduced while browsing the Genres and Recommended menus in an attempt to stop the game from trying to download too much data at once.

Game Update 1.26

Released on May 18th, 2017.

  • A few assets from the Little Nightmares Asset Pack were updated.
    • The bevel on the Wooden Wall Panels material was changed.
    • The hazards on the Carving Knife and Meat Cleaver objects were changed from Horrible Gas to Spikes.
  • References to "Mickey Mouse and Friends" and "Winnie the Pooh" costume packs were added to the translation files, though the costumes themselves do not exist. It is unlikely that they will ever be released, due to all of the game's Disney DLC being pulled from the PlayStation Store on December 21st, 2017.


Internal Name Oddities

  • Even though the Popit Academy only has two terms, the levels are split between three folders in gamedata/lbp3/official_popit_puzzles: 01_term, 02_term and 03_term.
  • Filenames related to the Boost Boots powerup use a number of early names, including dash_boots, trumpet_blast and rocket_boots.
    • Two of the files related to the Boost Boots are named monstersinc_rocket_boots_collectable.anim and kit_monstersinc_rocket_boots_collectable.plan, suggesting that a Monsters, Inc. Level Kit was planned at one point. While Monsters, Inc. DLC was released later on, it was just a costume pack with no levels to speak of.


  • All of the Pins that involve the Hook Hat appear to be based on an earlier design of the powerup that had a dark grey pole sticking out of the top.
    • In a similar vein, the Titan Tickler Pin uses a silhouette of an early version of the Manglewood Swamp boss.