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LittleBigPlanet 2

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Title Screen

LittleBigPlanet 2

Developer: Media Molecule
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3
Released in JP: February 10, 2011
Released in US: January 18, 2011
Released in EU: January 19, 2011
Released in AU: January 20, 2011

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article
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BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

To do:
  • There's a lot more than that. There are variables in the game such as EnableDebugMenu that were used to enable developer options.
  • Document the leaked Debug copy of the game as it has A LOT of development leftovers.
  • Find more information about the unused team level type.

The sequel to LittleBigPlanet with more tools, more features, more characters, and more possibilities. Just about all of the unused content from the first game still remains here.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Lbp2final note icon.png
Unused Text
I've created a Player Challenge in #LittleBigPlanetHUB on #PS3. Why don't you try to beat it?
Lbp palette gameplay 1110.tex.png
Unused Dialogue
Oh didn't you hear? He died suddenly and unexpectedly.
Lbp2 Auto gen icon.tex.png
Unused Plans
A bunch of unused items, emitter plans, duplicates, and a whole ton of fun.
Lbp2 cosmos cutscene.tex.png
Subbed Level Information
Unnamed Level.

Unused Graphics

Debug Screenshot

Lbp2 wipshot2.JPG

An unused in-game photo of Huge Ship's head. The most interesting aspect of the photo is the debugging information at the bottom.

Early Clive Texture

Lbp2 unusedclive.png

gamedata/lbp2/character/clive/clive_face.tex is an early texture for Clive Handforth's face, previously seen in gameplay at press conferences.

Early Eve Texture

Lbp2 earlyeve.png

A texture for an earlier design of Eve, which had a green worm sticking out of her head. Her eye is also different.

Placeholder Motion Control Prompts

Two placeholder graphics for twisting the PlayStation Move Controller, found in gamedata/texture_library/ui/.

Move Beta Placeholder Music Icon

A placeholder music icon leftover from the Move Beta is present.

DLC Test Stickers

gamedata/texture_library/stickers/dlc/dlc_test_stickers contains 10 stickers that were most likely used for testing DLC-related functionality.

Placeholder Face

Lbp auto gen icon.tex.png Lbp2 Auto gen icon.tex.png

The placeholder graphic used for Emitters with missing preview icons was changed from Arnold Schwarzenegger to a new picture, presumably of one of the developer's faces.

Replaced Tutorial Icon

Lbp1 ghost brain emitted icon.tex.png Lbp2 Ghost brain emitted icon.tex.png

The ghost icon from the tutorials in LBP1 was replaced with a different icon, possibly from an earlier build.

Replaced Skin Icon

Lbp1finalpinkhead ico.tex.png
Lbp1origpinkhead ico.tex.png

The icon for the pink splat skin was replaced with a different icon from an earlier build.

Early Clu & Anon Skin Icon

Original New
Lbp2earlytron clu base icon.tex.png Lbp2finaltron clu base icon.tex.png

After the Tron: Evolution Minipack was released, the icon for the Clu & Anon skin was changed.


Lbp2 mss gonzo in the o.png

gamedata/texture_library/th_muppets/mss_gonzo_in_the_o.tex is a sticker of Gonzo holding a trumpet. It can be seen as part of the level badge for The Great Gonzo!, but the sticker itself doesn't appear to be used.

Motion Controller Stickers

Stickers that were used for showing players how to tilt the PlayStation Move Motion Controller, but weren't given out.

Cross-Controller Pack Stickers

To do:
There are also a bunch of decorations from the kit that weren't given out, take pictures of them in-game.
Lbp2Cp chicken feet.tex.png
Lbp2Cp farmshipegg.tex.png
Lbp2Cp game arrow2.tex.png
Lbp2Cp gas planet high res.tex.png
Lbp2Cp grungesign.tex.png
Lbp2Cp redplanet.tex.png
Lbp2Cp star railing2.tex.png

Stickers that weren't given out in the LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross-Controller Pack.

Placeholder Cross-Controller Badge

Lbp2 cc badge.png

gamedata/texture_library/level_badges/dlc_badges/crosscontrol/badge.png is a level badge associated with the Cross-Controller Pack, most likely intended as a placeholder.

Placeholder Toy Story Music Icons

Some early icons for the music from the Toy Story kit. Notice that one of them uses an ungiven sticker.

Danger Tweaker Horrible Gas Icon

Lbp2 electronics materials lethalise gas.png

gamedata/texture_library/ui/electronics_materials_lethalise_gas.tex is a Horrible Gas icon that appears to be related to the Danger Tweaker, suggesting that you could originally turn things into Horrible Gas via logic. This icon goes unused because the only hazards available in the Danger Tweaker are Fire, Electricity and Plasma. The icon would later be used in LittleBigPlanet 3, where Horrible Gas was added to the Danger Tweaker.

Pink Material Icons

Objects with a strange glowing pink material can be found among Da Vinci's Hideout's files.

News Fill

Lbp2 news fill.png

gamedata/texture_library/ui/news_fill.tex is the news background with crude X's and "JU" scribbled on it. The used version, news_fill2.tex has a coffee stain on it.

Unused Materials


gamedata/lbp2/th_muppets/materials contains textures for an early iteration of Attract-O-Gel referred to as attractofelt. Someone on the development team seems to have scribbled on the diffuse textures.

Move Pack Doormat Trim

The doormat material from the Move Pack has an alternate version that has a trim.

Cross Controller Kit Materials

To do:
There are some ungiven materials that can be found in the pack's levels that use textures that were used on other materials, but have different gmats. Get pictures of them in-game to show the difference.

A lot of materials weren't given out in the LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross-Controller Pack.

Diffuse Map Normal Map Specular Map
Lbp2Cp proc lunarbuggytyre diff.tex.png Lbp2Cp proc lunarbuggytyre normal.tex.png Lbp2Cp proc lunarbuggytyre spec.tex.png
Lbp2Cp proc mat02 diff.tex.png Lbp2Cp proc mat02 normal.tex.png Lbp2Cp proc mat02 spec.tex.png
Lbp2Cp proc rustypipes01 diff.tex.png Lbp2Cp proc rustypipes01 normal.tex.png Lbp2Cp proc rustypipes01 spec.tex.png
Lbp2Cp proc speakerwall01 diff.tex.png Lbp2Cp proc speakerwall01 normal.tex.png Lbp2Cp proc speakerwall01 spec.tex.png

Early Logic Models

Early models for several pieces of logic can be found within gamedata/lbp2/unthemed/mesh/electrics_kit and gamedata/lbp2/unthemed/gadgets/direct_control. These early models more closely resemble the art style of the tools and gadgets from the first game. Some of these models can be seen in early screenshots, and some can even be found within certain story levels in the Private Beta. In the final game, all of the gadgets were redesigned to be more uniform, with each gadget using one of a handful of different models, coupled with a different graphic applied to its screen to convey the gadget's functionality.

Early Screen Textures

Danger Tweaker


Associated with trigger_danger.mol is a texture that has all of the icons that would be applied to the Danger Tweaker's screen. The lack of a Plasma graphic suggests that it was created before the Plasma Tool had been added to the game.



Associated with trigger_destroy.mol is a texture with all of the icons that would be applied to its screen. There are only four icons present (explode, dissolve, disappear and fade), suggesting that it was made before the rest of the destruction effects had been implemented.

Early Default Pod Background

To do:
Add screenshots to compare the unused model with the used one.

An early version of the default Pod background model can be found at gamedata/mesh_library/cosmos/cosmos_room/cosmos_room.mol. It's nearly identical to the final version found at gamedata/mesh_library/cosmos/cosmos_room/cosmos_room_default_lbp2.mol apart from a lot of the paintings and posters on the wall either being missing entirely or being unfinished. Another thing to note is the fact that it replaces the Pod background model from LBP1.

Unused Logic

Logic gadgets that were either removed from the game, or just never given out as prizes.

Icon Name Description Additional Notes
Lbp2 Logic Pingiver.png
Pin Giver Awards a Pin to the player when activated. Used in various level kits like the Move Pack to award a Pin to the player when a certain goal is reached.
Lbp2 Logic Logicnode.png
Circuit Node Use Logic Nodes to neaten up your circuit boards by making the wires go where you want them to! While not unused in and of itself, it has a .plan file and description which suggests that it was originally intended to be stored in the Popit with the rest of the gadgets. Since it never gets added to the Popit though, its .plan file and description go unused.

Unreleased Downloadable Costumes

Found within the last few patches for the game, the Killzone Helghast costume can be found at gamedata/lbp2/dlc/killzonehelghast/, costumes from Run Sackboy! Run! can be found at gamedata/lbp2/dlc/rsbr/, and the Frozen costume pack, later released in LittleBigPlanet 3, has a Sven costume for Sackboy, while the final version is for Oddsock.

Unused Team Versus Mode

Lbp2 unused team vs mode.png

There is a byte in memory that determines the current level's game mode, with 0 being Cooperative, 1 being Versus and 2 being Cut Scene. By setting this byte to 5, an unfinished Team Versus mode can be accessed. This mode can be played in 1v1, 1v2 or 2v2 depending on how many players are in the party. Players are surrounded by either a red aura or a blue aura depending on their team, and the goal is to score more points than the other team.

For the most part scoring works as it does in standard Versus, where players gain points for killing other players and lose points for being killed by stage hazards. Unlike other game modes Score Bubbles, Prize Bubbles and Unprotected Creature Brains do not award points when collected, and score multipliers have no effect, meaning the only ways to gain points in this mode are by killing players on the opposite team or by activating Score Givers. When the Scoreboard is activated, the score counter does not fly onto the Scoreboard's screen like in other game modes.

(Source: Caliber - Level Types Mod (unused level type found))

Unused Gameplay Tools

To do:
Get the icon for the Sticker Scrubber and Unphysicalizer as an image.

Found within the game's code are two unused Create Tools: the Sticker Scrubber and Unphysicalizer (renamed to Dephysicalizer in LittleBigPlanet 3).

When adding these tools to your profile these tools have several differences, one of them being the names that have the prefix "*DEV ONLY*". The dephysicalizer, which is known as the unphysicalizer in LBP2 is very limited and doesn't dephysicalize many meshes. The other tool is the Sticker Washer and exists in LBP2 and LBP3 as an unused tool, the Sticker Washer only removes stickers and can only be used on materials and not meshes.


Unused Tutorial Level

Lbp2 movepack unused tutorial level.png

gamedata/lbp2/dlc/move/tutorials/levels/tutorial_4.bin is a tutorial level dedicated to the Paint Tool. It contains a video board showing the Paint Tool's tutorial video, and a standard tutorial exit with no Prize Bubbles, suggesting it was cut fairly early on. Unlike the other tutorial levels, the Popit is not confined to a limited selection of tools. This level can be accessed using a glitch, which uncovers a hidden planet revealing the Move Pack tutorials, including this one.

Unused Animations

gamedata/lbp2/character/sackboy/direct_control_seat contains 13 animation files related to the Controlinator, 7 of which are never seen normally.

Controlinator Collide

collide_front.anim, collide_side.anim and collide_back.anim show Sackboy being hit whilst using the Controlinator, likely as a result of something colliding with whatever Sackboy is controlling.

Controlinator Compact

seat_into_compact.anim and compact_into_seat.anim depict Sackboy being flattened and unflattened, most likely as a result of the Controlinator retracting into its compact state. It is not possible to have a character occupy a Controlinator in its compact state, so these animations go unused. Alternate versions of these animations exist, labelled side_seat_into_compact.anim and side_compact_into_seat.anim, which were most likely intended to be used when the Controlinator's Side-Mounted tweak is enabled.

Unused Sound Effects

Emitter Creation Effects

There are six sound effects that correspond to two Emitter creation effects that were removed from the final version.

Audio Filename Internal Reference Path
explode_appear_01.wav gameplay/lbp2/dissolve_effects/explode_appear
disolve_appear_01.wav gameplay/lbp2/dissolve_effects/disolve_appear

Early Multiplayer Sounds

There are four unused sound effects that were intended for the competitive multiplayer mode. These would have played whenever a player gained or lost points.

Audio Filename Internal Reference Path
multiplayer_get_points_01.wav gameplay/lbp2/multiplayer_scoring/receive
multiplayer_loose_points_01.wav gameplay/lbp2/multiplayer_scoring/loose


There are seven sound effects of a raven with an unknown purpose.

Audio Filename

Player Boing

An unused boing sound related to the player somehow.

Audio Filename Internal Reference Path
player_boing_01.wav gameplay/lbp2/multiplayer_scoring/winner_boing

TTY Notes

Leftover in the game's executable are various printf() notes to help the developers debug the game.

Retail Build

LooksFucked %f (0x%x)
Whoah! %s is not sorted - SortedIndex is %d, should be %d
cellHttpSendRequest failed to send everying :(
cellHttpRecvResponse failed to receive everything :(
Load from network fail, we're shutting down :(
Load from network fail, not ready :(
Npc bailed out of jump after 15 frames as failed to get off the ground :(
Unable to find a good level to go into. Pod looks broken, and it's not been possible to fix it
The telemetry buffer has overflowed. Oh noes!
Oh noes: cached level data isn't loaded yet, so have to block
WARNING: Defaulting to SCEE because title ID doesn't match any of our known ones
WARNING: Trying to start operation %s (%d) whilst still finishing %s (%d)
WARNING: Failed to find connection for player %s
Warning: Failed to find player number for client %s, pad %d - maybe they just left?
Failed to find thing uid %d to decorate - maybe it exploded?
hmm, maybe get a coder to look into downcoding these?
less/simpler stuff on screen plz!
less stuff in level plz!
use less switches dude
use less emitters dude
use less impact switches
less sackbots active in whole level kthx
less physics vertices/convexes/shapes/joints please

Debug Build

No valid audio_materials.aum resource found, which is a shame as I was looking forward to reading it!
We waited %.2f seconds for the quit event!
oops out of scratch pad .. asking for %d bytes
might want to make MAX_EVER_MERGE_JOBS bigger, skipping drawing stuff!
argh, new_tot_convexes %d > MAX_EVER_CONVEXES (%d) so ignoring %d collision will get dodgy
Ok, you are taking the piss now, %d that's more than MAX_EVER_CONVEXES (%d) collision will get dodgy
aaaaaaaa - changing convex numbers while iterating over convexes!!!
Unable to find a good level to go into. Pod looks broken, and it's not been possible to fix it
everyone_slow_down set, so wiping slow_down_you_move_too_fast