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Title Screen


Developer: Arsi "Hakita" Patala
Publisher: New Blood Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: September 3, 2020 (Early Access)

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MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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ULTRAKILL is a fast-paced first-person shooter that harkens back to the 90's boomer shooter icons, like Quake and Doom. As the robot V1, you must descend Dante's levels of Hell in order to find blood, and to do it as stylishly as possible thanks to a Swiss army knife of movement, a vast arsenal of weapons, and a Devil May Cry-like style meter.

Considering that it is still very much being developed, it's only natural that some things would end up being lost amidst the vast carnage.

To do:
  • Anything new from the Layer 7 update.
  • Unused/scrapped weapon types found in the in-game developer museum.
  • Models and textures that were changed throughout various stages of development, e.g. the original Filth model prior to the Steam release and the old weapon textures.
  • Document when some files were updated and/or removed--for instance, the leagueoflegends.wav voice line.
  • There's developer-only cheats. See if they can be restored in retail.
  • A very early version of the upcoming custom level menu can be accessed in the current patch that might be worth documenting.
  • There's plenty of content for a prerelease article. The game's twitter accounts are a good place to start. Also this document has some concept art.


Revisional Differences
Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be uncatchable.

Unused Areas

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Old 0-1 Hallway


A disabled staircase room within 0-1, with some Filth, Strays, and an untextured roof. Likely removed to make way for an introduction to Ground Slamming, where it takes the same space as this room in the final level's layout.

7-2 Empty Silo

ULTRAKILL 7-2 Unused Empty Silo Arena 1080p.png

A disabled room in 7-2 which seems to resemble an empty silo. Was replaced by a room resembling a library. Also appears to have been scrapped early on, as it is pretty buggy.

5-2 Tower

ULTRAKILL 5-2 Unused Tower Area.png

A disabled room in 5-2 which consists of some wooden staircases and a mostly incomplete tower. Was likely replaced by the blue and red skulls used to spawn the ferry.

4-2 Big Arena

ULTRAKILL 4-2 Unused Big Arena.png

A disabled arena in 4-2 which consists of a big floor and a small water pool in the center. Was most likely going to be used for the Sisyphean Insurrectionist bossfight.

7-4 Forest


A large environment resembling 7-3's forest is hidden in 7-4, along with a large pool of blood. Since the trees from 7-3 wrap their roots around the Earthmover to prevent it from moving, it's possible that 7-4 was also meant to take place in the woods rather than the Plain of Burning Sand.

Unused Graphics

Early Red Revolver


HUD Icon for the original red variant of the Revolver, making it into a dual wield. While scrapped, the idea would be eventually be revitalized with the Dual Wield powerup, allowing with the same functionality but with all weapons and could be controlled by the level designer.

(Source: In-game Developer Museum)

Misplaced Stalker


Stretched concept art of the Stalker. Purpose unknown.

Mirage Sketches

Various unfinished sketches of Mirage that were likely used as placeholders in 2-S.

Ocean Styx


The texture used for the ocean Styx seen throughout Wrath, missing the blue tint.

Unused Text

Custom Cybergrind Music Notice

We don't support custom Cyber Grind music yet but we will soon!!!!


Cybergrind/Music/NOTE.txt was a plain text file informing players that custom music in the Cybergrind had not yet been implemented. Removed in the Violent Night update where custom music got official support.

Debugging Text

Found one, moving
overflowed or something i dont know
overflowed 2 or something i dont know

Various messages found among the code of both Minos Prime and Sisyphus Prime.

Campaign is missing campaign.json
Failed to get workshop item info for {itemId}
Downloading workshop map {itemId}
Failed to download workshop map {itemId}
Workshop map {itemId} downloaded successfully
Workshop map {itemId} was already downloaded

Despite being largely unfinished and only being in the hands of few playtesters as of April 2023, many functions relating to custom levels and Steam Workshop support have been left in the game assembly.


Prints when hitting Gabriel into the ceiling in 6-2.

Internal Enemy Names

To do:
  • More enemy names to go through like the ones in the model/texture filenames.

ULTRAKILL mostly keeps its internal names consistent, though some things (primarily Prelude assets) make use of early names within the files.

These are the enemy names as declared by their respective objects (which can also be seen in-game via the Spawner Arm's inspect tool).

Internal In-game
Zombie Filth
Projectile Zombie Stray
Super Projectile Zombie Schism
Shotgun Husk Soldier
Stalker Stalker
Sisyphus Sisyphean Insurrectionist
Ferryman Ferryman
Minos The Corpse of King Minos
Swordsmachine Swordsmachine
Drone Drone
Streetcleaner Streetcleaner
V2 V2
V2 Green Arm Variant V2 (2nd)
Turret Sentry
Gutterman Gutterman
Guttertank Guttertank
Centaur 1000-THR Earthmover
Spider Malicious Face
Statue Cerberus
Mass Hideous Mass
Idol Idol
Leviathan Leviathan
Mannequin Mannequin
Minotaur Minotaur
Gabriel Gabriel, Judge of Hell
Gabriel Second Variant Gabriel, The Apostate of Hate
Cancerous Rodent Cancerous Rodent
Very Cancerous Rodent Very Cancerous Rodent
Mandalore Mysterious Druid Knight (& Owl)
Wicked Something Wicked
Big Johninator Big Johninator
Flesh Prison Flesh Prison
Flesh Prison 2 Flesh Panopticon
Minos Prime Minos Prime
Sisyphus Prime Sisyphus Prime

Unused Audio


To do:
  • There's more unused music in music_assets_.bundle
  • 7-4's song is split up into 14 files. Check if any go unused.

Cerberus (Early Version)

Filename: cerberustest.wav

Presumably an early version of the track that plays during the Cerberus battle in 0-5, but sounds nothing like the final.

The Death of God's Will (Original Mix)

Filename: gabriel4.wav

The original in-game version of the song The Death of God's Will, used for Gabriel's boss fight in Act II. The Wait of the World update in March 2023 added its soundtrack version that now plays instead, though the original version of the song is still present in the data as of December 2023.

Original Prelude Music

Filename: firstlayer.wav

The original music for the Prelude layer.

Into the Fire (Alternative Mixes)

Filename: firstlayer2c.wav

Filename: firstlayer2d.wav

Filename: firstlayer2d2.wav

Filename: firstlayer2d2bass.wav

Alternative versions of the track Into the Fire. Some of the tracks are actually used in various moments of the soundtrack version.

Unstoppable Force (Alternative Mix)

Filename: Unused 0-2.wav

Filename: Unused 0-2 clean.wav

Alternative version of the track Unstoppable Force. Calm version can actually be heard at the beginning of the soundtrack version.

Castle Vein (Early Version)

Filename: castletest1.wav

Filename: castletest3.wav

Early versions of the track Castle Vein.

Classical Music

Filename: classicalbreak.wav

Filename: classicalbreakcalm.wav

Filename: classicalbreakminor.wav

Filename: classicalbreakminorcalm.wav

Short snippets of classical music with amen break drums added on top, Has calm as well as "minor" variants. These may have been intended to be used as the music of 5-3 before Death Odyssey was written.[1]

7-2 Early Intro

Filename: 7-2 Intro.ogg

An early, stripped down version of Hear! The Siren Song Call of Death that would've been used during the Yellow Hookpoint introduction at the beginning of 7-2 (which can still be heard in this teaser video). The song was overhauled and turned into its own track: Do Robots Dream of Eternal Sleep.

Voice lines

Gabriel, Judge of Hell Unused lines

Filename: gab_Insignificant.wav

Filename: gab_Insignificant2.wav

Filename: gab_Intro1.wav

Filename: gab_Intro1b.wav

Filename: gab_Intro1c.wav

Filename: gab_Intro2.wav

Retakes of Gabriel's existing lines.

Filename: gab_Coward.wav

Filename: gab_Coward2.wav

Filename: gab_Jesus.wav

Filename: gab_PlayerDeath.wav

Filename: gab_Swing.wav

Filename: gab_Swing2.wav

Gabriel's unique voice lines.

Filename: gab_Enough2.wav

Filename: gab_Intro1e.wav

Gabriel's existing lines, but with a slightly different effect applied.

Gabriel, Apostate of Hate Unused lines

Filename: gab2nd_intro1.wav

An unused take of Gabriel's intro monologue in 6-2: AESTHETICS OF HATE.

Filename: gab2nd_Pingas.wav

Filename: gab2nd_TauntEcstatic3.wav

Filename: gab2nd_TauntEcstatic7.wav

Filename: gab2nd_TauntEcstatic9.wav

Gabriel's unique voice lines.

Filename: gabe 6-1 outro.wav

Gabriel's monologue before the final room in 6-1: CRY FOR THE WEEPER, but with a slightly quieter echo effect.

Gabriel's unfiltered 5-3 hologram speech

Filename: gab_Hologram.wav

Gabriel's hologram speech from 5-3: SHIP OF FOOLS without cassette player effect applied.

Minos Prime Unused lines

Filename: mp_intro.wav

An unused take of Minos Prime's intro monologue.

Filename: mp_hurt2.wav

An unused Minos Prime's hurt voice line.

MDK's anti-LoL humor

Filename: leagueoflegends.wav

An unused voice line spoken by Mysterious Druid Knight (& Owl). Removed at an unknown date.

Naming Oddities

Mysterious Drone Knight

When spawning and inspecting Mysterious Druid Knight (& Owl) with the Spawner Arm and enabling the boss health bar, the text erroneously displays "Drone" instead. This mistake was probably a leftover from when the Drone's code was copied over as a base for MDK.


The game has an index for each level in the campaign (not to be confused with the world/level naming system) that goes from -1 to 25. Funnily enough, P-1 is set to be 666, along with P-2 which is 667.

In the Air Tonight

Strangely, the filename of the icon for 2-1 refers to it as "In the Air Tonight", instead of "Bridgeburner" as seen in game.


The secret alternate variant for the Revolver found in 1-4 is internally called the Minos Revolver.

Other Oddities

John is Angry

Big Johninator can be enraged when spawned and tweaked with the Spawner arm (which also erroneously calls him V2), which never happens during his fight. The effect doesn't seem to change anything and wears off after a second, so it's likely that it's another oversight similar to MDK.

Prelude Hellmap

Throughout most of the campaign, a map showing your location in Hell appears before each level. Prelude has it's own hellmap that's loaded into each of it's levels, but it's always disabled.


Old Credits Screen

In earlier versions of the game, pressing the "CREDITS" button would open up a small menu containing many of the people who worked on ULTRAKILL up to that point. Although it was replaced in the WAIT OF THE WORLD update by the Developer Museum, the menu itself is still inside the files and can still be opened using tools like Unity Explorer.

ULTRAKILL Old Credits Screen.png


  1. ULTRAKILL: IMPERFECT HATRED Commentary - "There was also an early attempt at a more electronic sampling approach similar to Deep Blue, where I sampled classical music, but the response to it was lukewarm among New Blood so I decided to scrap that idea and go with the usual bombastic melodic affair".