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George Orwell wasn't right. That doesn't stop 1984 from being a rather bad year anyways, at least for video games. The North American games market is spiraling downward, with the Vectrex and the Atari 5200 being discontinued. IBM releases the Personal Computer AT, the first major revision of the PC line, it was designed around the i286 processor developed by intel, and the PCjr tries to reach a wider audience, but it's not successful. The first major PC Clones were released by Compaq under the Protable and Deskpro names. And who could forget the one and only Macintosh (128K)?

Meanwhile, in Japan, Nintendo's Famicom experiences immense success, becoming the best selling console in the country by the end of the year and marking the beginning of the Famicom boom era. Epoch would discontinue the Cassette Vision and released their follow up system, the Super Cassette Vision where it would also see a release in France.

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