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Pac-Land (Arcade)

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Title Screen


Developer: Namco
Publishers: Namco, Bally Midway (some versions)
Platform: Arcade (Namco Pac-Land)
Released in JP: August 1984
Released in US: 1984

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Pac-Land is the arcade proto-platformer starring Pac-Man, based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

Easter Egg

Who could tell?

Enter Service Mode, then press Left or Right to change the sound effect until it's 18. Press the service button to display the screen calibration test grid, then press Right (x4), Left, Right, Left (x6), Jump.

(Source: cmonkey)

Developer Credits

If you enter your name as one of the following on the high-score list, the name will flash red and yellow for 12.8 seconds when you finish entering it:

High score entry Developer

SPacland Arcade-ghost.pngTOU

Yoshihiro Kishimoto (programmer)

Yuriko Keino (composer)
Tsukasa Negoro (game designer)

Hiroshi Ono (artist)
(Source: cmonkey)

Regional Differences

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In the Americas, Pac-Land's overall style was changed.

Japan Americas
PacLandStartJP.png PacLandStartScreen.png

For example, when the player starts a trip, the fairy in the Japanese version was replaced with Chomp-Chomp in the version released for the Americas.

Japan Americas
PacLandArcadePacManDesignJapan.png PacLandArcadePacManDesignAmericas.png

Another example is Pac-Man's design. In the Japanese version, Pac-Man uses his classic design. Meanwhile, in the Americas, Pac-Man uses his design from the 1982 Pac-Man cartoon. This also includes his hat. His hat has a feather in the Japanese version which is not in the American version's design.