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Pac-in-Time (DOS)

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Title Screen


Based on: Fury of the Furries
Developer: Kalisto
Publisher: Mindscape
Platform: DOS
Released in US: 1994

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

The DOS Pac-in-Time is a reskin of Fury of the Furries for American players, where Pac-Man must return from 1975 unfamiliar worlds to the present.

Unused Text

Much of the text from Fury of the Furries is still present, including the flavor text when going to levels. Pac-in-Time doesn't use any flavor text in that situation.

You are entering
Take a trip to
Ready to wreak havoc in
Let's go mad in
We'll have fun in
And now,
You are going to love
Let's go into 
Let me introduce 
Oh my God, it's
It's going to be grim in
A stroll in
Ready to scan
One free go for
All aboard for
Let's loot
We're waiting for you in
Fight to the death in
Two seconds to go to
Aloha in
Megatough in
Make a dash for
Apocalypse in
Oh no, not
You are heading into
Get into
It's time to try
We'll dive into
Next step,
Love and adventure in
Welcome to
Don't miss
No mercy for
Picnic in
You are invited to
One way ticket for
Get up  it's
the incredible
the furry
the magic
the delirious
the mystical
the hair raising
the stupid
the psychedelic
the terrifying
the strange
the evil
the horrifying
the deafening
the sticky
the sensual
the joyful
the dangerous
the perilous
the absolutely fabulous
the miraculous
the blue green
the cute
the dirty
the bubbly
the absolutely dreadful
the Freudian
the disorientating
the sadistic
the monstrous
the philosophical
the famous
the creaking
the hilarious
the vicious
the mad
the feeble
the bewitching
the exciting
the impossible
the refreshing
the striking
the tempting
the gothic
the inevitable
the athletic
the nice
the adorable
the sexy
the divine
the swirling
the catastrophic
the breathless
the Gladiators'
the kind
the intrusive
the sensational
the delicate
the greasy