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Pac-Mania (i-Mode, J2ME)

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Title Screen


Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco[1][2]
Platforms: i-Mode (JP), J2ME (US/EU)
Released in JP: November 2004[1] (i-Mode)
Released in US: June 2005[2] (J2ME)
Released in EU: 2005 (J2ME)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Pac-Mania... on the go!

Unused Graphic

The 33rd image extracted from images.bin in the J2ME version, and the 34th image extracted from the game's scratchpad file in the i-Mode version, contains the HUD sprites for the regular fruits, as well as the life counter icon. Among these sprites is a Galaxian Flagship, which only appears as a special item; it can also be found unused in the original arcade release.


Version Differences

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
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Specifically: The i-Mode version has sprites for a "Congratulations" screen, equivalent to what is seen in this commercial, which is not in the J2ME version. This probably appears upon completing all rounds, but verification might be necessary

This sections covers the differences between the Pac-Mania releases for i-Mode and J2ME, which are both mobile platforms based on Java. A third mobile phone version for BREW is also known to exist, but it is not documented here.

  • Both releases use different logos, with the i-Mode version being more faithful to the original Arcade release. Curiously, this logo can still be found unused in the J2ME version, being the first image extractable from images.bin.
i-Mode J2ME
PacmaniaMOBILE-titleIMODE.png PacmaniaMOBILE-titleJ2ME.png
  • The i-Mode version displays the life and fruit counters immediately upon starting a level, upon respawning, and while paused, disappearing once the player is allowed movement, whereas they are present at the bottom of the screen at all times in the J2ME version.
i-Mode J2ME
PacmaniaMOBILE-gameplayIMODE.png PacmaniaMOBILE-gameplayJ2ME.png
  • If the player dies in the i-Mode version, the field shifts to a sepia tone, much like the Arcade release. This does not happen in the J2ME version.