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Ms. Pac-Man: Quest for the Golden Maze

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Title Screen

Ms. Pac-Man: Quest for the Golden Maze

Developer: Creature Labs[1]
Publisher: Infogrames[1]
Platform: Windows
Released in US: October 12, 2001[1]
Released in EU: February 22, 2002[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Ms. Pac-Man is now a treasure hunter and is out to find... the golden maze.

Unused Graphics


Inside the Intro95 folder from the disc are graphics for company logos. An intro FMV was later added and used instead, rendering these unused.


Everything in Images\Editor is unused, and is a remnant of a level editor.


Models\CutScene has a bunch of unused textures for a clapperboard. They're only labeled act 1-3, but there's 7 files. The rest are duplicates.


Testing... 1... 2... KABOOM!

Images/FE/test.png is a strange image which seems to be a rocket explosion sprite from Quake III Arena with bars taken out.

Unused Font

Mspacmangoldmaze font8x8.png

font8x8.tga is an unused font, the same one used in a lot of early arcade and console games.

Early Ms. Pac-Man Texture


MPM ingame 02.tga is an early texture for Ms. Pac-Man.

Unused Loading Screen

Mspacmangoldmaze page9.png

Images\FE\page9.tga is an unused loading screen. When the game first loads, it's just plain text.