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Pac-Man World (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Pac-Man World

Also known as: Pac-Man World - 20th Anniversary
Developer: Namco
Publishers: Namco (US/JP), SCEE (EU)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: November 2, 1999
Released in US: October 12, 1999
Released in EU: February 28, 2000
Released in AU: July 8, 2000

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Pac-Man World is the story of how Pac-Man's 20th anniversary was ruined because his friends were kidnapped. Now Pac-Man has to do platforming in order to save them.

It later got a remake, Pac-Man World Re-Pac.

To do:
  • Cover the demo version.
  • There's a hidden sound test, a level select and a demo mode.
  • The Japanese version contains a lot of differences, to the point where a subpage might be needed.
    • The PAL version seems to be a hybrid of the two NTSC versions.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info
Pac-Man Ghost Zone Leftovers
Enter the Ghost Zone.

Debug Mode

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Having more detail is always a good thing.
US Europe Japan July 21st, 1999 Build
80111D7C 00000004 None None 80113134 00000004

Unused Levels

To do:
  • How do you access these levels?
  • When these levels are more accessible, take screenshots of them to be put in a sub-page.

Unused levels are actually pretty abundant in Pac-Man World, so here they are.

Kooky Crypt

There is actually a third ruins level, however, due to time or space issues, Kooky Crypt was left unused. When accessed, the level doesn't have many objects; it's mostly traps. Oddly enough, Kooky Crypt is actually set outdoors, unlike most of the other Ruins levels. Also shown in the video is an unused maze layout, possibly meant for Kooky Crypt, and an earlier version of the ruins' bonus rounds. This version looks a lot more barren, with a black sky and little to no decoration.

Unused Mazes and Test Levels

More unused levels and even some unused mazes exist in the game. Some of these range from nearly-complete mazes to unfinished maps that include oddities such as startling a player right as they start the level, and levels that are only the "bubbly" texture in the Funhouse stages.

Unused Pac-Man 3-D Levels

To do:
  • Screenshots would be nice.
  • Add these levels to the July build's page.

To access these levels, the debug mode must be activated and in some cases, some unused levels may need memory editing in order to access them. Some of these levels are only available in the July 21st, 1999 build.

Early Ghost Island

We can see an early ghost island seen in the Sony PlayStation Autumn-Winter Collection '99 disc, with the difference that it has no textures.

Pirate Level #2

This level appears to be from the preview version notably shown at E3 1998.

E3 1998 Ghost Maze

"49 MA" Factory Test Level

This level appears to be from the preview version shown in the Sony PlayStation Autumn-Winter Collection '99 disc, before the level redesign in December 1998.

Test Levels

"44 MO" Levels

"69 JO" Levels

Crash Handler


Unused Graphics & Models

To do:
Find a way to get more accurate model rips from the S3D Models with their UVs and Vertex Coloring.

Kooky Crypt Title Card

Pac-Man World (PS1) Kooky Crypt.png

If you use debug mode to access Kooky Crypt, this is displayed on the loading screen.

Ghost Island X Marker


The player selected a world from these spots in the original Ghost Island. Strangely, these are loaded in the HMS Windbag level, and only in that level.



Present in mostly every level, but never used. This powerup is meant to freeze enemies when you butt-bounce.

Beta Pac-Man

It was stated by programmer John Hamilton that their biggest challenge was Pac-Man himself. To make him look round, they had to use way more polygons than they could afford. Art programmer Gil Colgate came up with the idea to just use a picture of a sphere that always faced the camera as his body, and they stuck with that.

The textures for this version of Pac-Man's model are in VRAM 370. The sprites for the body and limbs would be used until Pac-Man's model changed to be more consistent with classic artwork, Shortly after E3 1998 (the faces for the E3 1998 model are still here as well, they now belong to Professor Pac-Man).

Several of these faces would be cut in half and reused in the final game, specifically for when Pac-Man blinks.

Pacmanworld PACMAN.PNG

Pac-Man's body.

Pacmanworld BONE.PNG

Pac-Man's limbs. These would have been made yellow with vertex colors.

Pacmanworld PMFACE.PNG

Pac-Man smiling.

Pacmanworld PMWHISTL.gif

Pac-Man whistling.


Pac-Man looking closer at something.

Pacmanworld later pmchmp.gif

Pac-Man eating.

Pacmanworld PMFROWN.PNG

Pac-Man frowning.

Pacmanworld PMDIE.PNG

Pac-Man dies.

Pacmanworld PMDIZZY.PNG

Pac-Man dizzy.

Pacmanworld later SHADOW.PNG

Pac-Man's shadow. It would have been rendered at an angle, so it wouldn't have looked squished.


Pacmanworld earlykromekeeper.png

Krome Keeper was originally going to look much more menacing, according to director Scott Rogers on twitter. He confirmed this to an early version of him by sharing concept art. The textures for this model are loaded alongside the final textures.


Pacmanworld GB.s3d.png

Labeled GB in the files. No textures are associated with it, and observing its vertex colors in yychr's palette editor show it would've been purple and blue. It's unknown what this was meant for.


Pacmanworld GT.s3d.png

It is currently unknown what this is meant to be. Its textures are gone, but it would've called for files MOUTH02, RH_EYE01, LF_EYE01, GLOVE1, and GLOVE. Observing the vertex colors in yychr's palette editor show that the gloves would've been a dark red.


Pacmanworld CW.s3d.png

Purpose Unknown. Its textures are gone, but it would have called for CWAMBOL2, CWARM, WBLUE2, and CWJOINT.

E3 1998 Leftovers

Early Loading Screen

Pac-Man World E3 1998 Early Loading Title Screen.png

Instead of title cards, the E3 1998 demo used generic loading text while it was... loading.

E3 1998 Fruit


The fruit renders used in the E3 1998 demo are still in the games files, and are loaded in multiple stages. The final fruit are hand-drawn.

E3 1998 Ghosts


The ghost models from E3 1998 are loaded in the leftover pirate fort levels. They don't have backsides, revealing that their bodies always faced the screen and their eyes and hands just moved around.

Bee Boot


This bee enemy was seen flying around in E3 1998 pirate fort levels. Their textures are long gone. It would have called for WING, BEE2, BEEEYES, AND BEE1. Scott Rogers revealed on twitter that these were ultimately cut alongside the Pac-Dot forest levels, which they were intended to be used in.

E3 1999 Leftovers

Pacmanworld COMING.PNG

Coming soon.

Pacmanworld E3TYPE.png

Displayed on the title screen at E3 1999.