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Pac-Man World 2 (PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Windows)

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Title Screen

Pac-Man World 2

Developer: Namco
Publishers: Namco (INT), SCEE (PS2 EU), Hip Games (PC)
Platforms: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Windows
Released in JP: July 25, 2002 (PS2)
Released in US: February 24, 2002 (PS2), March 19, 2002 (GC), October 15, 2002 (Xbox), May 25, 2004 (PC)
Released in EU: May 3, 2002 (GC), February 28, 2003 (PS2), March 21, 2004 (PC)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

This page sucks.
If you could make it suck less, that would be awesome.
Specifically: Needs a massive expansion and rewrite.
To do:
  • Add documentation from this video (includes unused textures, enemies, etc.).
  • PC version has a ton of error logs and development text.
  • Check the level select menu for unused levels.
  • Document the numerous differences from the Japanese version.
  • Document the unused gator enemy seen in this video.
  • Add unused animations for NPC's, such as these.
  • Find debug/level select codes for Revision 0 and see if that version of the game has more unused content.

Pac-Man in THREE-DEE yet again. Hell yeah.

Debug Features

Applying the below code will re-enable debug functionality. These will enable several debug menus. The code below is for the PlayStation 2 US (Greatest Hits) version of the game.

Re-enable Debug Menus
E003FFED 005E4FC2
205A8960 00000001
201FA160 00000000
101FA170 0000E8B6
E003FF7D 005E4FC2
205A8960 00000001
201FA160 00000000
101FA170 0000EBBE
E003FFDD 005E4FC2
205A8960 00000001
201FA160 00000000
101FA170 0000E862
205A8960 00000001
202992D4 0C0A1A94
20286A50 27BDFFF8
20286A54 FFBF0000
20286A58 3C04003E
20286A5C 0C0557B6
20286A60 2484A4E8
20286A64 DFBF0000
20286A68 03E00008
20286A6C 27BD0008
E006F7FD 005E4FC2
205A8960 00000001
202992D4 0C05585A
20156178 0C0B434C
202D0D30 3C1E003E
202D0D34 03E00008
202D0D38 27DEA4E8
E004FFFB 005E4FC2
205A8960 00000000
202992D4 0C09B170
201FA160 06000006
201FA170 0807E7DE

Re-enable Debug Arcade Unlock Buttons
20286A24 00000000
20286A2C 27BDFFF8
20286A30 FFBF0000
20286A34 0C0429FE
20286A38 00000000
20286A3C 0C042E24
20286A40 00000000
20286A44 DFBF0000
20286A48 03E00008
20286A4C 27BD0008

Enable Level Select (choose New Game)
2016299C 2404000?

Replace ? with:
3 = regular level select
5 = old level select

With the codes on, while in-game press the following to enable debug menus:

  • L3 + D-Pad Up for Sound Test.
  • L3 + D-Pad Left for Camera Display.
  • L3 + D-Pad Right for Music Test.
  • L3 + D-Pad Down for Fog Editor.
  • L3 + R1 for Lighting Editor.
  • R3 to disable all menus.
  • The level select menus will appear when starting a new game.
  • Refer to the Debug Arcade Unlock section for information on the code, Re-enable Debug Arcade Unlock Buttons.
(Source: Punk7890)

Fog Editor

Pac-Man World 2 (PlayStation 2)-debugmenu4.png

This allows you to change fog settings. Use the D-Pad to change values. No text renders on-screen anymore.

Lighting Editor

Pac-Man World 2 (PlayStation 2)-debugmenu5.png

Like the fog editor, this allows you to change light settings. Use the D-Pad to change values. No text renders on-screen anymore.

Sound Test

Pac-Man World 2 (PlayStation 2)-debugmenu1.png

This allows you to change, view info and listen to sound effects loaded in the map.

Camera Display

Pac-Man World 2 (PlayStation 2)-debugmenu2.png

This enables you to view the current camera settings.

Music Test

Pac-Man World 2 (PlayStation 2)-debugmenu3.png

This would have allowed you to change music, but it doesn't appear to work.

Level Select

Pac-Man World 2 (PlayStation 2)-debugmenu6.png Pac-Man World 2 (PlayStation 2)-debugmenu7.png

This enables a level select menu when starting a new game. The Testing Stuff category has no working levels anymore. It also contains various developer names as seen below.

Old Level Select

Pac-Man World 2 (PlayStation 2)-debugmenu13.png

Nothing works here anymore and is likely a very old menu.

Debug Arcade Unlock

This code re-enables two debug button sequences to unlock arcade games. Pressing either L2, R2, L2, R2 will unlock one arcade game at any time during game or, pressing L2, R2, L2, R2, L3 will unlock the rest of the arcade games.

Hidden Cheats


In Pac-Village there’s a platform to the upper-right of where you spawn, when standing there you can input these cheat codes:

Cheat Windows PlayStation 2 Xbox GameCube
+20 Lives Move Forwards, Move Backwards, Camera Left, Camera Right L1, L2, R1, R2 L, White, R, Black R, L, R, Z
+10 Tokens Move Right, Move Left, Camera Up, Camera Right R1, R2, L1, L2 R, Black, L, White Z, R, Z, R
All Levels Move Left, Camera Left, Camera Up, Move Forwards R1, R2, R1, R3 R, Black, R, RS L, R, L, Z
All Arcade Games Camera Right, Move Right, Camera Down, Camera Right R2, R1, L2, L1 Black, R, White, L L, Unknown1, L, Unknown2
All Arcade Mazes Camera Up, Camera Right, Move Forwards, Move Backwards L2, L1, R2, R1 White, L, Black, R L, R, L, R
Museum Unlock Camera Left, Move Right, Camera Down, Move Forwards L1, L2, L1, L3 L, White, L, LS Unknown1, L, Z, R
(Source: OnVar)

Unused Language Options

Pac-Man World 2 (PlayStation 2)-unusedLangauge1.png Pac-Man World 2 (PlayStation 2)-unusedLangauge2.png

Present in the PlayStation 2 US (Greatest Hits) version of the game is an unused language option to set the displayed language as English or Japanese.

Change Brightness Settings to Unused Language Setting
201FB168 0807EC26
201FB16C 00000000
(Source: Punk7890)

Unused Punching Animation

Found in the NTSC-U GameCube version is a unused punching animation, Its fully functional but it cant be used to kill enemies and it can only be found and put back in via hacking.

Unused Text

The text files for the Pinky and Blinky boss fights in the GameCube version are somewhat messy and contain several pieces of commented-out unused dialogue, some of which was meant to be used for the other bosses.

Inky (Inky's Blade O Matic)

Speaker Unused Used


Come for the Golden Fruit, Pac-Man?

Spooky wanted me to think of a good cut-down if you ever got to me.
I think my SAW BLADES should do the trick!



HMMM. That contraption doesn't look very strong.

Some rev rolls into the body or butt-bounces on the glass should do the trick.

The text files for the Blinky boss fight contain a rough draft of the dialogue for the Inky boss fight.

Blinky (Clyde in the Caldera)


Pac-Man was meant to say this after Blinky introduced himself. He doesn't say anything in the final game.


Blinky was meant to interject with this line at least once during his fight.

Development Logs

Some of the level files have logs from a tool used to compile collisions.

Download.png Download Pac-Man World 2 (PS2) FeedBack
File: PacmanPS2-FeedBack.zip (Compressed: 18.5KB; Uncompressed: 68.5KB) (info)

Uncompiled Level

The archive arcadeint.rar contains an uncompiled map file.

Download.png Download Pac-Man World 2 (PS2) Uncompiled Arcade Level
File: PacManPS2-UncompiledLevel.zip (Compressed: 133KB) (info)

Pointless Batch Script

The GameCube version contains a file called two.bat in the netdata/music folder. This batch file performs the following for all files passed in as arguments:

1. It renames the file to "foo", or moves it to a "foo" folder if one exists.
2. It copies the contents of the file that was just renamed or moved back into its original location with its original name, but it appends a second copy of the file.
3. It deletes the contents of the "foo" file or folder.

This should cause all files passed to this batch file to be effectively "doubled".

@echo off
for %%i in ( %* ) do (
	move %%i foo
	copy /b foo+foo %%i
	del foo

Raw Maze Script File

The netdata/maze5b folder in the GameCube version contains a file called script.txt, which looks to be a raw script file for one of the mazes. The script oddly refers to it as maze 5a, and the last line of the file consists of unprintable characters.

;====================== M A Z E # 5a ===============================

msg_init action_makeEcho(ECHO_STUDIO_B,0,0,20,40)
msg_init action_SoundPlay(SND_AMB_WAVES)
;msg_init action_SoundPlay(SND_AMB_WATERFALL_MAZE)

maze = msg_init action_makeBoxMaze(maze_bnd,23,18,start_pnt,MAZE_LEFT) ; Init of Maze

;++++++++++++++++++++++++ Fruit ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
msg_init action_awardMazeFruit(MELON, 30, 1000, 10.0)
msg_init action_awardMazeFruit(MELON, 70, 1000, 7.5)

;++++++++++++++++++++++++Power Pellets++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
msg_init action_setMazeDot(power1_pnt,MAZE_POWER_PELLET,maze) ; Put PowerPellet
msg_init action_setMazeDot(power2_pnt,MAZE_POWER_PELLET,maze)
msg_init action_setMazeDot(power3_pnt,MAZE_POWER_PELLET,maze)
msg_init action_setMazeDot(power4_pnt,MAZE_POWER_PELLET,maze)
msg_init action_setMazeDot(power5_pnt,MAZE_POWER_PELLET,maze)

msg_init action_setMazeDot(nodot1_pnt,MAZE_NONE,maze)
msg_init action_setMazeDot(nodot2_pnt,MAZE_NONE,maze)
msg_init action_setMazeDot(nodot3_pnt,MAZE_NONE,maze)
msg_init action_setMazeDot(nodot4_pnt,MAZE_NONE,maze)
msg_init action_setMazeDot(nodot5_pnt,MAZE_NONE,maze)
msg_init action_setMazeDot(nodot6_pnt,MAZE_NONE,maze)
msg_init action_setMazeDot(nodot7_pnt,MAZE_NONE,maze)

msg_init action_setMazePathSecurityLevel(nogodown1_pnt,MAZE_DOWN,ONLY_EYES,maze) 
msg_init action_setMazePathSecurityLevel(nogodown2_pnt,MAZE_DOWN,ONLY_EYES,maze) 
msg_init action_setMazePathSecurityLevel(nogoup1_pnt,MAZE_UP,ONLY_EYES,maze) 

msg_init action_putMazeDot(maze) ; Put Dots on Maze

clyde = msg_init action_makeMazeGhost(ghost1_pnt,4.0,ghost1_pnt,target2_pnt,left_pnt,PINKY,maze,self) ; Put ghosts
        msg_init action_makeMazeGhost(ghost2_pnt,2.0,ghost2_pnt,target3_pnt,left_pnt,INKY,maze,clyde)
        msg_init action_makeMazeGhost(ghost3_pnt,6.0,ghost3_pnt,target1_pnt,left_pnt,BLINKY,maze,self)
        msg_init action_makeMazeGhost(ghost4_pnt,0.0,ghost4_pnt,target4_pnt,left_pnt,CLYDE,maze,self)

msg_init action_CameraBox(Maze,maze_bnd,180)   ; Inits Camera for Maze

;-------------------- pool ----------------------- 

;***** Transparancy *****
msg_init action_changeVU1TransparencyMode(water1,TMODE_BRIGHTEN)
msg_init action_trueTransparency(water1, 1)
msg_init action_changeVU1TransparencyMode(water2,TMODE_BRIGHTEN)
msg_init action_trueTransparency(water2, 1)

;***** UV Anim *****
;msg_init action_makeUVAnim(water1,-0.2,-0.3)
;msg_init action_makeUVAnim(water2, 0.3,0.4)

;-----------========= FOG ==========-------------
msg_init action_setFog(71,105,97,600.0,900.0)
msg_init action_setUnderWaterFog(8,32,102,100.0,500.0)


;***** Transparancy *****
msg_init action_changeVU1TransparencyMode(reflect1,TMODE_BRIGHTEN)
msg_init action_trueTransparency(reflect1, 1)

;***** UV Anim *****
;msg_init action_makeUVAnim(reflect1,0.1,0.2)


msg_init action_makeShark(shark1_pnt,200,15)
msg_init action_makeShark(shark2_pnt,30,15)
msg_init action_makeShark(shark3_pnt,50,15)
msg_init action_makeShark(shark4_pnt,70,15)

;===================== Sewer Water Dumps========================
;***** Transparancy *****
msg_init action_changeVU1TransparencyMode(waterdump1,TMODE_BRIGHTEN)
msg_init action_trueTransparency(waterdump1, 1)
msg_init action_changeVU1TransparencyMode(waterdump2,TMODE_BRIGHTEN)
msg_init action_trueTransparency(waterdump2, 1)
msg_init action_changeVU1TransparencyMode(waterdump3,TMODE_BRIGHTEN)
msg_init action_trueTransparency(waterdump3, 1)
msg_init action_changeVU1TransparencyMode(waterdump4,TMODE_BRIGHTEN)
msg_init action_trueTransparency(waterdump4, 1)

;***** UV Anim *****
msg_init action_makeUVAnim(waterdump1,0.0,-1.9)
msg_init action_makeUVAnim(waterdump2,0.0,-1.0)
msg_init action_makeUVAnim(waterdump3,0.0,-1.0)
msg_init action_makeUVAnim(waterdump4,0.0,-1.9)


msg_init action_makeMistBox(mist1_bnd,150,25.0,.2,1.0,180,190,180,20)
msg_init action_makeMistBox(mist2_bnd,150,25.0,.2,1.0,180,190,180,20)


temp = msg_init action_makeScriptableVU1(bigdrip1)

;temp2 = msg_init action_makeScriptableVU1(bigdrip2)

msg_init action_changeVU1TransparencyMode(drip1,TMODE_BRIGHTEN)
msg_init action_trueTransparency(drip1, 1)
msg_init action_changeVU1TransparencyMode(drip2,TMODE_BRIGHTEN)
msg_init action_trueTransparency(drip2, 1)
msg_init action_changeVU1TransparencyMode(bigdrip2,TMODE_BRIGHTEN)
msg_init action_trueTransparency(bigdrip2, 1)
msg_init action_changeVU1TransparencyMode(bigdrip1,TMODE_BRIGHTEN)
msg_init action_trueTransparency(bigdrip1, 1)

msg_init action_suspend(temp)
;msg_init action_suspend(temp2)

msg_init action_makeUVAnim(drip1,1.8,9.0)
msg_init action_makeUVAnim(drip2,1.3,0.0)
msg_init action_makeUVAnim(bigdrip1,1.7,0.0)
msg_init action_makeUVAnim(bigdrip2,1.55,0.0)

Early Menu

Included with a group of other unused menu assets is what could potentially be a version of the main menu that was used during earlier stages of development. This is supported by the empty space on the right which could be where the different options were placed, and the sketch of a dock in the background similar to how Pac-Man is standing on a dock in the final title screen.


Another unused menu asset is this early version of the logo. It is distinct from the logo seen in the early menu, being completely original instead of the logo from the first game with a two added on. It had been broken up into 4 128x128 pixel images, along with a version of the final logo that was in a similar state. This is what it looks like pieced back together.

Early Logo Final Logo
PMW2 EarlyLogo.png
PMW2 FinalLogo.png

Build Dates

A build date can be found in the game's executable file.

To do:
Find dates for the PAL versions.
Version Hex Address Build Date
PlayStation 2 0x4A0DB8
Jan  3 2002 16:07:13
GameCube 0x1EC674
Jan 10 2002 13:42:26
PlayStation 2 (Greatest Hits) 0x4A0DB8
Mar  1 2002 11:58:05
PlayStation 2 (JP) 0x4A0DB8
Apr  1 2002 16:19:23
Xbox 0x1E5D0C
Aug  2 2002 19:15:57
Windows 0x29FB90
Mar 11 2004 16:55:22
(Source: Ferrox)

Revisional Differences

Original PS2 Release

For whatever reason, all reissuings of the PS2 release (later black label copies, all Greatest Hits, etc.) reduced difficulty by a huge margin. The GameCube, PC and Xbox releases, most likely due to their later release date, got the easier of the two (same for the European releases).

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: The longest video documentation of the original release I've found so far goes through Treewood Forest, so later levels may have other changes not stated here yet. Also, screenshots would be nice.


  • The player begins the game with 3 lives in revision 0. This was increased to 5 lives in revision 1.
  • Ghosts kill in one hit in revision 0, regardless of Pac-Man's health, just like in the oldest Pac-Man games. This upped the difficulty just about everywhere, as well as making the Health Wedge in Pac-Village basically pointless (unless you somehow hurt yourself trying to kill the Pac-asites).
  • Score tallying animations don't play for level/global high scores in revision 0, leaving boss levels with no animations at all.
  • The steel ball power-up lasts for 20 seconds in revision 0, which was increased to 30 seconds in revision 1.


  • The sign in The Bear Basics that tells the player to Butt-Bounce on the nearby Pac-Cub incorrectly calls it a Pac-Bear in revision 0.
  • RGBs, the dragon-like enemies that appear in Canyon Chaos and Pac-Dot Pond, need to be Butt-Bounced twice in quick succession in revision 0 in order to kill them. This was reduced to a single Butt-Bounce in revision 1, although they will still disappear faster if hit twice.
  • Blinky's boss battle is named "Blinky's Killer Frog" in revision 0, which was shortened to just "Blinky's Frog" in revision 1 to match its name in the HUD.
  • Blinky's dialogue was reworked in revision 1 to add additional hints.
Revision 0 Revision 1



  • Blinky's frog swings its wooden tongue dramatically faster in revision 0.
  • In revision 1, the inside of the frog's mouth glows to telegraph its weak point.


B-Doing Woods

This level is filled with minor alterations.

  • A huge safety net was added in revision 1 to the very beginning of the level.
Revision 0 Revision 1
PMW2-rev0-T1-nets.png PMW2-rev1-T1-nets.png
  • The first section of directional B-Doings was simplified in revision 1.
Revision 0 Revision 1
PMW2-rev0-T1-path.png PMW2-rev1-T1-path.png
  • Midway through the first tree climb, a checkpoint was added in revision 1.
Revision 0 Revision 1
PMW2-rev0-T1-checkpoint.png PMW2-rev1-T1-checkpoint.png
  • After the treetop with the Galaxian, the path to move to the next checkpoint is totally different in revision 1.
Revision 0 Revision 1
PMW2-rev1-T1-path2.png PMW2-rev0-T1-path2.png
After Rev-Rolling across to the Galaxian tree, the player must traverse down the tree to progress. A directional B-Doing was added at the top of the Galaxian tree, which takes the player to the next section.
PMW2-rev1-T1-path3.png PMW2-rev0-T1-path3.png
Midway down the Galaxian tree, this path takes the player to a B-Doing chain that leads to the next checkpoint. This path was removed in revision 1, replaced by the directional B-Doing at the top of the tree. The Pac-Dots and crate housing a melon were moved to other parts of the level.
PMW2-rev0-T1-path4.png PMW2-rev1-T1-path4.png
At the end of the aforementioned path, these three B-Doings lead directly to the next checkpoint. The three B-Doings are still in revision 1, but have been moved so they are no longer accessible from the tree. The directional B-Doing at the top will take the player to them.
  • Because of these changes, a melon and some Pac-Dots were moved to other parts of the level.
Revision 0 Revision 1
PMW2-rev0-T1-dots.png PMW2-rev1-T1-dots.png
Earlier in the level, midway through the first tree climb. The Pac-Dots from the removed pathway were added back here.
PMW2-rev1-T1-crate.png PMW2-rev0-T1-crate.png
The checkpoint reached after the Galaxian tree. The crate housing a melon from the removed pathway was added back here.


  • Ice River Run and Blade Mountain both have brief sequences where a Pac-Ranger gives tips about their respective stages. In revision 0, only the Ice River Run sequence exists.

Differences Between Consoles

  • The GameCube version lacks any music or sound effects on the save data menu.
  • Pausing in the PS2, Xbox, and Windows versions will mute the music, whereas the music will continue to play in the GameCube version.
  • In the PS2 and GameCube versions, Pac-Village and the world map both use the same music track as the title screen. The Xbox and Windows versions changed this so that they instead use the same track as The Bear Basics. This also applies to the save data menu (with the aforementioned exception of the GameCube version).
  • During the Ice River Run Pac-Ranger sequence, the GameCube version uses a unique version of the track used in the ice stages. This track is not present in any PS2 version and was removed from the Xbox and Windows versions, all of which simply recycle the music from Ice River Run.
  • The Blade Mountain Pac-Ranger sequence lacks any music in the PS2 Greatest Hits and GameCube versions, whereas the Xbox and Windows versions use the track from the stage itself.
  • Exclusively in the ending cutscene of the GameCube version, Spooky's voice is noticeably deeper, slower, and more distorted compared to other versions.