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Ms. Pac-Man Collection

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Title Screen

Ms. Pac-Man Collection

Developer: HotGen Limited
Publisher: JAKKS Pacific
Platform: Plug & Play
Released in US: 2004

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

A console beloved by the generational gap between Millenials and Gen Z. This Plug & Play console also introduced some members of Generation Z to the game Mappy.

Debug Mode

On the opening screen, hold Up, press and hold A, release Up and press Down to enter Debug Mode.

Hardware Test Mode


A hardware test for the controller. There are also graphics and sound effects from Ms. Pac-Man present on the menu.

Save Data Test


A fake data save test.

Color Test Mode


A color test for the TV.

Music Test Mode


A music/sound test from all games. Each track's pitch can be altered by twisting the joystick. The music for Pac-Man is also featured here, despite the game not being included. Each of the games included also feature music and sounds (Nearly their ENTIRE sound sets! Even the IDs match the originals!) that were originally used in the arcade versions, but not this one, mainly due to simplified/unsupported/removed features.

Game Color Test


A game color test that contains the ghosts from Pac-Man. They have colors that fade away. If you keep pressing A the colors will change to green, yellow, blue, magenta, and cyan, respectively.

Pac-Man Data

In addition to its aforementioned music, all of the text strings for Pac-Man are in the ROM, starting at address 16900. It is unclear if the full game is here or not, though if so, it differs in code slightly to the Gamekey cartridge.

PAC-MAN [®] & [©] 1980         LIMITED.

For whatever reason, the area for Namco's name in the copyright information is blanked out. The amount of (extra) spaces suggest the intention was to use the Namco logo from Puckman's title screen.

Revisional Differences

Revision 1 Revision 2 Revision 3 Revision 4
Mspcmn-collection-menu-rev1.png Mspcmn-collection-menu-rev2.png Mspcmn-collection-menu-rev4.png Mspcmn-collection-menu-rev3.png

Ms. Pac-Man Collection was one of, if not the most popular plug & play ever released (before that *other* one came out, anyway). Because of this, many revisions and alternate versions of it were produced. Here are the differences between versions:

  • Revision 2 - The ability to save high scores was added. The menu layout was also changed, mainly to add an "Erase High Scores" option. This model can be differentiated from Revision 1 by a "Twist Control Steering" sticker on the back, which the original did not have.
  • Revision 3 - A rare model, only sold through QVC (as evidenced by its atrociously tacky QVC menu border). Includes two extra games - New Rally-X and Bosconian. This model is silver around the area of the joystick, while the previous variants were completely blue.
  • Wireless Ms. Pac-Man Collection (Revision 4) - Identical to Revision 3 (with its two additional games), but the QVC logos were removed, and the casing is completely different.

Gamekey Version

No Cartridge Cartridge #1 Cartridge #2 Cartridge #3
Mspcmn-collection-menu-rev2.png Mspcmn-collection-menu-gkey1.png Mspcmn-collection-menu-gkey2.png Mspcmn-collection-menu-gkey3.png

Based on Revision 2, this system included a cartridge slot allowing for additional games. Three different cartridges were released:

  • #1 - includes Pac-Man, Bosconian and Rally-X.
  • #2 - includes Dig Dug and New Rally-X.
  • #3 - redundantly includes Pac-Man and Bosconian.

All of the Gamekeys feature a similar debug mode to the standard plug & play. On the #2 cartridge, Dig Dug's music and sound effects seem to be different from the game.

Dig Dug Music Test Sounds