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Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness (Game Boy Advance)

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Title Screen

Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness

Developer: Full Fat
Publishers: DSI Games (US), Zoo Digital Publishing (EU)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in US: November 3, 2004
Released in EU: November 19, 2004

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Version Differences

The PS1 version has some differences in sound-effects: when eating ghosts and when talking to Professor Pac sound different to the N64 and Dreamcast ports. Also, at the end-of-level results screen, the sound effects for the fruits appearing are different, and the pitch of the sound played during the count-up of the score increases, whereas on N64 and Dreamcast no pitch-shift is made

GameBoy Advance
• Significantly less music-tracks are in the game compared to the console releases
• Many sound-effects are missing (such as the spring sound when being launched from a jump-pad)
• When all pac-dots in an area are eaten, no text appears (such as "complete" or "well done") as in the console versions
• When a stage contains multiple areas (where a load occurs between areas) the pac-dot total will only show the amount so-far in the GBA version. So if a stage has three areas, the first total might say 0/170. Assuming the player finds all 170, in the next area the total will then add the pac-dots in that next area to the total, for example: 170/280. Then again, in the final area: 280/375. In the console versions, the pac-dot total always shows the total amount found in the entire level from the start, and does not increase which each new loaded sub-section of the level.
• The caterpillar enemy is removed
• The scoring when eating ghosts does not follow the consoles (200, 400, 800, 1600). Instead the GBA version usually gives 300 for each ghost, then either 800 or 1000 for the final ghost (i.e. final if all are eaten during the time of one Power Pellet being in-effect)
• Only the 12 standard levels are included: the 3 bonus levels, and the 5 after-boss levels, are not present
• The Pactrometer, which shows where nearby pac-dots are, is not in the GBA release
• The Witch Key, which allows the player to enter locked green doors in some stages to access hidden areas, does not get remembered in the GBA version after the player receives it by defeating the final boss. After the GBA is powered off, the player must replay the Gobblin level and defeat the boss each time. In the console versions, the game allows a save after defeating the final boss, and the Witch Key returns after each load.
• The conveyor-belts do not have an animated texture, making it difficult to know which way items on them will move.
• In certain areas of the game it's possible to run-off the main path (e.g. into lava or water) whereas the console versions would not allow Ms Pacman to move in that direction
• The rotating-doors found in the China themed levels in the console versions, which require Ms Pacman to rotate them so she can exit, have been replaced by simpler grey platforms that have four lights, one of which will be lit, and Ms Pacman can only move over the platform from the side where the light is lit. These are simpler to use than the console version
• The rocket-launchers, found in the China and Haunted themed levels, have changed from a rotating metal turret with a single rocket, which must be rotated to the direction the player wishes to fire it in, to a single block with one rocket on each side. To fire, Ms Pacman must go to the opposite side of the rocket you wish to fire, then run against the block. This is arguably more fussy to use than the console version
• The time-trial mode in the GBA is not a separate mode, as in the console-versions. In the GBA version, each level has a total time (e.g. 10 minutes) and if the level is completed in this time, the star is awarded. This means it's possible to win this star on the first playthrough of a level. Checkpoints respawn the player, were you to die, with the time you were at as of that point. In contrast, in the console versions the time is usually much shorter (e.g. 4 minutes, 30 seconds) and you have to run-over clock symbols to add more time, with a visible on-screen timer that counts down. The level must be completed in one run, as dying takes Ms Pacman back to the start of the level, and also getting hurt (from a level hazard, such as fire, or by a ghost touching you) takes time away as a penalty. The GBA version is easier therefore to complete the time-trials than the console version

Unused Text

Starting at 3ADEB8 are some placeholder item descriptions:

item description 31 (ita)
item description 31 (fre)
item Desc 31 (deu)
item Desc 31 (spa)
item Desc 31
item Desc 30 (ita)
item Desc 30 (fre)
item Desc 30 (deu)
item Desc 30 (spa)
item Desc 30
item Desc 29 (ita)

That's not all of them, but it counts down from 31 to 0.

Error Messages

The game has a bunch of humorous error messages:

FIRE !!!!
ooops, too many AI in level
forgot to set up the AI script stupid !!!