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Pac-Panic (CD-i)

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Title Screen


Developer: Philips Media Games
Publisher: Philips Media
Platform: CD-i
Released in US: 1995

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Pac-Panic (pack-pan-ick) n 1. See Pac-Attack.

Copyright/Abstract/Bibliographic Text

Pac Panic.  Three mode game consisting of a normal, tetris style, game.  A 100 level puzzle game.  And a two player mode.

This text is stored inside the file "abstract" and is a description of the game.

People involved in title

Jon Wood
Andy Morton
Tom Drummond
Dave Hawkins
Sarah Scadgell
Paul Reid
Chris Thorne
Chris Linford
Dave McElhatten

This text is stored in the file "bibliographic" and lists people who worked on the game. Some of the people in this list are also in a similar list in Arcade Classics, which was also developed by Philips Media Games.

Copyright Philips Media Games, (c) 1995

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