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Proto:Pac-Man World 2 (Game Boy Advance)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Pac-Man World 2 (Game Boy Advance).

To do:
Much more, particularly with graphics.

A very unfinished prototype build of Pac-Man World 2 for Game Boy Advance. It was first documented in 2018, though was not publicly dumped until 2021. The cartridge label is dated April 15th (presumably of 2005), while the retail version first released on August 19th, 2005.


  • All of the music in the prototype is taken from the original Pac-Man World.
  • The Power Pellets do not seem to function, and eating one has no effect on the Ghosts.
  • There are some slight color differences in the beta. For instance, some graphics' shadows have pure-black spots (particularly in the cutscenes), while in the final game they are more subdued.
  • The credits screen text is the same as the original Pac-Man World (and still calls the game as such).
  • No passwords appear upon completing a level; however, all of the levels are unlocked from the start anyway. Additionally, pressing B on the password screen will cause the game to softlock.

Graphical Differences

Proto Final

The logo and font on the title screen were completely redone in the final version.

Proto Final

The password screen lacks the wooden border, and has a second "OK" symbol in place of the underscore ("_").

Proto Final

The map screen is very different, with the prototype featuring unique (and rather incomplete) graphics. The map's path itself is also different between versions.

Proto Final

Pac-Man's graphics have significantly lighter shading compared to the final version. The backgrounds are also different between the beta and final, though the grass and other ground-bound objects remained mostly untouched.

Proto Final

Some of Pac-Man's sprites in the prototype (such as him swimming, hanging/balancing off of a ledge, etc.) are taken from Pac-Man World 1, presumably as placeholders. All of the Fruits, along with the Tokens at the end of each level, are lifted from the first game as well.

  • Objects like the wooden crates, switches, and doors are much less detailed in the prototype.
Proto Final

The Bears are...well, very Basic. (canned laughter) Outside of having a front and back angle, the Pac-Bears have no frames of animation. They also explode into bones for some reason, as opposed to balls of fur like in the retail build.

Proto Final

This is followed by some equally-basic Pac-asites.

Level Differences

Pac Village

  • Professor Pac-Man is not standing in front of the archway.
  • In the opening area, the player can walk off to the left and right edges of the screen; doing so will result in Pac-Man losing a life.

The Bear Basics

Proto Final
  • The first ledge is made of gray, hay-like material, instead of the grassy material like in the final version.
Proto Final
  • There is a rock in between the first two pillars in the beta; interacting with it does not seem to do anything, however.
Proto Final
  • There is a very glitchy RGB enemy behind the banana-locked crate, who is not present in the final release.