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Dimension X

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Title Screen

Dimension X

Developer: Synapse Software
Publishers: Synapse Software (US), Ariolasoft (DE), Mastertronic (UK)
Platform: Atari 8-bit family
Released in US: March 1984
Released in UK: 1986
Released in DE: 1984

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Messages

Sectors 2-4 of the disk contain the following disclaimer:

protected by a powerfull curse. If you begin to 
itch, bleed or contract leprosy please call 
your doctor immediately!

SYNAPSE is not liable for any hospital expenses.

               Alex the fiend. MD PHD

There's also a message directly targeted at pirates hidden in sectors 716-718:

Hello Mr. pirate I know you're out there, 
and I know your name and where you live. 
Big Brother is on MY side. As Federal Law states: 
copyrighted software is protected against duplication. 
So if you are thinking of copying my program, 
just remember this: 

Big Brother will get you sooner or later!