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Gaplus (Arcade)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Galaga 3
Developer: Namco
Publishers: Namco (Japan/Europe), Bally Midway (U.S.A.)
Platforms: Arcade (Namco Phozon)
Released in JP: April 1984
Released in US: October 1984
Released in EU: 1984

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

The sequel to Galaga, Gaplus is also known as Galaga 3 thanks to a licensed modification kit distributed by Namco because they thought name recognition, not the video game crash of '83, was the reason it wasn't doing well in arcades.

Unused BLOOD Graphic

Unused Used
Gaplus-blood unused.png Gaplus-blood used.png

Within the font is this unused graphic for the Japanese version's blood-type high score header. The game uses the individual letters instead.

Copyright Message


After entering the service mode via dipswitch settings, hold Player 1 Start and Player 1 Fire and change the sound test to 19.

High-Score Codes

In the high score entry of Gaplus (not Galaga 3), you have to enter a name, age, and blood type. There are two codes which can be entered here, but cannot be entered in the international versions of the game. In order for these codes to take their effect, the high score entry must be the 1st highest.

Secret Message

Name Age Blood

Makes a hidden message appear on-screen that will not disappear until the game is power-cycled.

You have beaten Gaplus. In commemoration, we send you this message. Send a letter to Kojima at Namco, and he'll give something to the first 10 respondents. Sorry, but turn off the power now.

(Translation: AWJ (MAMEWorld))

Extra Lives

Name Age Blood

Starts each subsequent game with eight ships until the machine is turned off. It should be noted that the maximum amount of starting lives via dipswitch settings is 5.

Revisional Differences

Title Screen

Gaplus Galaga 3
Gaplus-title.png GalagaThree.png

Gaplus didn't do as well as Namco had hoped financially. In an attempt to boost interest, Namco licensed out official modification kits to transform the name of the game to Galaga 3. There actually was no "Galaga 2" at the time; this name seems to imply Namco was attempting to pass off Galaxian as Galaga's sequel, despite the opposite actually being true.

The only thing this kit changes is the title screen, replacing the Gaplus logo with a shoddy Galaga 3 one.