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Galaxian 3: Project Dragoon

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Galaxian 3: Project Dragoon

Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Platform: Arcade (Namco System 21)
Released in JP: December 1992

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Galaxian 3: Project Dragoon... implying Gaplus WASN'T Galaxian 3?

Developer Text

Present at 0x1000 in the main CPU.

MON MAR  1 22:30:10 1993
Programmed by K.Komai & K.Moriya

Present at 0xC000 in the main CPU.

THU NOV 26 17:10:41 1992
This is monitor program for "namco frame buffer board".
1989-9-28 (ver 2.2) made by KOSEI MATSUURA namco LTD. TOKYO JAPAN

Present at 0xC4E0 in the main CPU.

These are trigonometric function libraries. 1989-3-14 made by KOSEI MATSUURA namco LTD. JAPAN

Present at 0x40000 in the main CPU.

FRI JAN  8 15:34:40 1993

Present at 0x1000 in the sub CPU.

TUE DEC  1 20:53:40 1992