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Galaxian 3 (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Galaxian 3

Developer: HighTech Lab. Japan
Publisher: Namco
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: April 26, 1996
Released in EU: April 26, 1996

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Galaxian 3 (sometimes rendered as Galaxian^3) is a PlayStation port of the extremely huge 6 player arcade game of the same name, which utilized LaserDisc video in conjunction with polygon graphics and was based off an even bigger 28/16 player (depending on where you played it) attraction in Japan. Wow. Too bad the port only allows four players and has a cut down frame rate (even worse in Europe where it somehow managed to get a release).

Debug Menu

On the main menu screen (where you select a mission), press R1, L2, L1, R2, Triangle, Square, L2, Select. You will hear an explosion sound. After that, either press X in the Japanese version or Circle in the European version and the debug menu will appear. Press Up and Down to highlight each option and Left and Right to change an option.

G3 debug.png

In order to activate an option on the debug menu, you must highlight the option, change it and press Circle (or X in the European version), selecting Exit will not save these options until you have activated them in this way. Pressing X in the Japanese version or Circle in the European version will reset the options to their defaults.

  • CLR Level: Sets the difficulty of the computer gunners that you can choose from to compete with in score.
  • Entry: Seems to limit how many players can enter in the game. Switches from Normal to 1P-4P.
  • CLR Gun: Sets which computer gunner you can have to compete against. Normally you must unlock each one by getting more points than them.
  • DSP Pause: Sets whether or not the pause menu is displayed during the game when Start is pressed.
  • Immortal: When set to On it makes the Dragoon invincible. It will still take shield damage from enemy fire, but when it reaches 0 percent it will not be destroyed. (You will however have to listen to an annoying klaxon and see "DANGER" flashing onscreen constantly.)
  • Success: Turning this to On will make it so that the sub missions (destroying the outpost/mother ship power source) automatically succeed no matter what. This means that you no longer have to shoot at the outpost or the power source at all, they will time out and explode. This does not mean the Cannon Seed will explode if you haven't destroyed all the Spark Bits in time, if you idle around and let the countdown go to zero the mission will still fail.
  • Super BLS (Super Blaster): Enables the hidden "Super Blaster" type in the normal Options screen for the player's laser cannon. It fires ridiculously fast (probably equivalent to someone tapping the normal blaster button really really fast), has a large width and immense power. Basically, it's almost impossible to fail destroying the Cannon Seed with this, and in fact it can blow up all the Spark Bits before the countdown even starts if you start to aim and fire at each of them when you get inside the inner chamber!
  • Tune LVL: Toggles between Normal and Plus. Not sure what it does.

(Source: Dragon's Lair Fans)