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The Return of the Holy Joystick

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Title Screen

The Return of the Holy Joystick

Developer: Delta 4 Software
Publisher: Delta 4 Software
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Released in EU: 1984

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Message

Hidden in the game is a long message from Fergus McNeill. It can be found in the .tzx dump of the G.I. Games release at 7E10:

"Return Of The Joystick" Copyright 1984 DELTA 4 Software.   
By F. McNeill, J. Somerville & I. Willis.  
Simon Bamforth wrote no part of this game!    

" Hello " to: Paula, Jackie, Fiona, Emma, Helen, Jon, Bronski Beat, 
Tony Bridge, Yaz, Graham Taylor, the Pimen, Alan and Mrs Nobbs. *

Dear Judith, 

I still like you, I still want you, life is so empty without you. 
I don't care about anything else, just come back for any sake come back. 
Remember the times when we "used the computer" together, oh GOD, come back! 


To Mr Carlin: SIC ONE! WE MADE IT! YOU LOSE! Go cry somewhere, Pengo! 


Thanks to everyone at Swanmore School for keeping me alive over Christmas 
and through January and thanks to Bronski Beat for "Age Of Consent" to 
keep my mind of the Witch Queen of Angmar! 


All the best to Level 9, Melbourne House, Gilsoft, Automata & Ultimate (my favourite companies). 


Well, goodbye .  

Salutations, hacker,   
Fergus McNeill .