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The Tom and Jerry Show: Cheese Swipe

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Title Screen

The Tom and Jerry Show: Cheese Swipe

Developer: Double Dash Studios
Publisher: Boomerang
Platform: HTML5

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

A game made to promote The Tom & Jerry Show where Jerry has to escape from Tom while avoiding obstacles.

Unused Graphics

Tutorial and Difficulty Placeholders

There are images of crudely drawn text saying TUTO., V. EASY, EASY, MEDIUM, HARD and V. HARD in the files, which are most likely placeholders.

Tom Lookpoints

Cheeseswipetl2.png Cheeseswipetl.png

tomheadlookpoint-sheet0.png and tomarmslookpoint-sheet0.png are images of a green and purple square with "TL" written on them, which from the name itself, controls the direction of Tom's head and arms.

Tom and Jerry Heads

Cheeseswipetomhead.png Cheeseswipejerryhead.png

tomcollider-sheet0.png and jerrycollider-sheet0.png (with the latter also having the sprite for Jerry's cheeseball power-up) have images of Tom's and Jerry's heads. They were most likely used as placeholders, but this is unknown.