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Tom and Jerry in House Trap

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Title Screen

Tom and Jerry in House Trap

Developer: Warthog
Publisher: NewKidCo
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: September 19, 2002
Released in US: November 24, 2000
Released in EU: December 1, 2000

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Tom and Jerry in House Trap is a game where Tom and Jerry go around the house beating each other up, just like in the cartoon.

Cheat Mode

At the main menu, hold Left + Circle + L1 + R2 and select 'One Player' mode. Continue holding said combination until the book loads. All levels will now be unlocked in both player modes. You can modify the player health (pause menu), and warp to any level (pause menu).

Unused Graphics


T&jhousetrap t&jold.png

TJLOGO24.TIM is an image of the Tom & Jerry logo from 1947-1952, probably ripped directly from one of the cartoons. The one used was redrawn for the game.


MOCKUP1.TIM and MOCKUP2.TIM are early mock-ups of how the developers intended the game to look. They reveal an early HUD with different health bars and item slots, as well as an early design of the kitchen.

Error Message

At 0x25E9 in the executable is a silly error message.

Quitting Back to The BS, Bye Bye

Debug Text

The tty debug console displays some chatter while the game is running. This is not visible to the user.

 Memory Level In FRONTEND (ENTER)= 1581472

 The Frontend has been entered 0 Times

 GameLoaded = 0 BookBetweenLevels = 0
 Play Frontend FMV
 BookCounter = 1
 Memory Level In BOOK = 65932

 Load Game
 Quiting the Menu Loop
 PlayFMV Before
 LevelNum == 0 
 Memory Level In FRONTEND (EXIT)= 1581472


 Quit the Game
 Freeing Daves Stuff
 Memory Level In FRONTEND (ENTER)= 1581472

 The Frontend has been entered 1 Times*** Simulated known Patch: missing_cop0r13 (6-opcode variant)

 GameLoaded = 1 BookBetweenLevels = 0