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Baldi's Basics Plus

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Title Screen

Baldi's Basics Plus

Developer: mystman12
Publisher: Basically, Games!
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: June 20, 2020 (Early Access)
Released in US: June 12, 2020 (Early Access)

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Baldi's Basics Plus is an edutainment parody horror game for PC, Mac and Linux, with console and mobile ports planned for the future. It is an expanded version of the game Baldi's Basics Classic that adds things like new characters, randomly generated levels, field trips, and challenges. The initial launch cost is US$10, but the price will be increased as the game is developed.


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Revisional Differences
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Unused Item(s)

Fidget Spinner

The item would've probably been used for spinning around.

Unused Character Sprites

Unused Sad Farming Baldi Animation

An unused animation for Baldi in his farming outfit that probably would've appeared when failing to bring the matching animals to the barn.


Unused Farming Baldi & Camping Baldi Slap Animations

The animation shows farming/camping baldi slapping a ruler.

The camping/farming one was removed because the upgraded camping/farming game didn't need a ruler slapping animation.

Baldi's Basics Plus-FarmSlap.gif

Baldi's Basics Plus-CampSlap.gif

Baldi Dabbing

Before Version 3.0, Baldi would dab in the ending of the game. This was removed because it was placeholder for the actual ending mystaman12 was producing.

Baldi's Basics Plus-DaB.png

Arts & Crafters Sprite

Arts & Crafters sprites got changed, the difference between them is almost unnoticeable unless the player is comparing the BB+ sprites to the BB Classic sprites.

Baldi's Basics Classic Baldi's Basics Plus
Baldi's Basics Classic
BBP-CraftersSprites 1.png

Unused Characters


There is a reference to a gorilla in the code of the farm field trip since Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3.2 that never got implemented.


TimTom is a character from the Baldimore comic series, first appearing in the Ice Block comic, where TimTom throws a ball at Baldi's head.

He was intended to appear in Baldi's Basics Plus, but that idea was cancelled due to an unknown reason.

Planned Additions

Pencil Boy

Pencil Boy is based on a story from when mystman12 was young, and was visiting the dentist. While he was waiting in the waiting room, a small child supposedly stabbed him with a pencil multiple times. Due to his mother's absence at the time, nothing was done about it. It is unknown how far Pencil Boy was developed before being scrapped, and it is also unclear if his sprite was based on either a 3D model, drawing, or photo-crop. mystman12 has said that if he had put Pencil Boy in the game, he thought it would have made the game much funnier.

While Pencil Boy has a little-to-no chance to be included in Baldi's Basics Plus, mystman12 currently confirmed that he still did not got any better plan for Pencil Boy's AI.

Dr. Reflex

While it is unrevealed what he will actually look like in Baldi's Basics Plus, Dr. Reflex in his comic debut appeared as a human but with a long, weird-looking head (although mystman12 has confirmed that his head ran out of room in the comic's second panel) while sporting a buck tooth and an unusual pig-tail hairstyle.

It has been confirmed that Dr. Reflex will follow the player when close enough and then teleport to a specific room together, with a prompt for an input displayed. To pass his reflex test and continue progressing, the player will need to press the displayed input quickly. Dr. Reflex will feel unhappy with the player if they are too slow or press the wrong button, starting the challenge all over, maybe along with another punishment.


Achievements are meta-goal unlockables outside of a game's parameters and used as a way to recommend the player to gain more rewards, such as completing the game, finding secrets, accomplishing quests or challenges, etc. The system is first revealed from the Baldi's Basics Plus itch.io page, where one of the sections lists several planned features that has yet to be implemented. It is later planned to be implemented in the final release of the game.

Field Trips

There are currently 2 planned field trips for BB+ that haven't been introduced yet.

Water Treatment Plant

The water treatment plant (also known as WasteWater according to the code files) is an upcoming field trip in Baldi's Basics Plus. The player will have to keep digester domes from collapsing in this field trip.

Wild West

The wild west is an upcoming field trip which is planned to be added in a future update of Baldi's Basics Plus. The field trip's name was first found in the Baldi's Basics Plus code files. Nothing else is currently known about this field trip.


There is currently a single random event planned for BB+ that hasn't been introduced yet.

Lights Out

Lights-out is one of the random events that will be added in Baldi's Basics Plus. When this event happens, some of the lights will be turned out and will make it harder for the player to know if Baldi is right behind them. This event was first revealed in the game's Kickstarter description, and was introduced in Baldi's Basics Classic from one of the hallways for update V1.4 as a concept. There is a likely chance that this won't be an event.

Discontinued Features

There are only two discontinued features for BB+.


Logs were objective items in Baldi's Basics Plus. Since V0.3, they no longer function as items as they were reworked into assets for the new camping field trip. Their purpose was to be collected to keep the campfire lit.

Bear Traps

Bear traps were objects placed by Baldi in the camping field trip prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3 update. Their purpose was to sting any player or character who walked on it.

Old Minigames

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The farm field trip appears completely different prior to V0.3. There was a checkered flag for the goal beyond this point instead of a barn. The player had to navigate the maze and reach the flag to complete the field trip. After completing, there were stars for the grade and the player would receive some items to use in the Super Schoolhouse. If the timer reached a random time between 150 and 350, a giant Gotta Sweep would appear and reap all the corn, getting rid of the entire maze. After Gotta Sweep completely passed through the player, Baldi would spawn and chase them down. After reaching the flag, a message that appeared in the chalkboard said: "You made it through! You win the knowledge of how good corn is, and these items!".

The old description was "Find your way out of the corn maze as quickly as possible!".


The camping field trip appears completely different prior to V0.3. The center of this area consisted of a campfire. The player had to search for logs in order to keep the campfire going. Baldi would start to chase the player if the fire goes out. When the player put more logs into the campfire, they would earn additional points or "extra score" in-game. Other characters also appeared: Arts and Crafters would charge at the player if they go behind the "NO" signs for more than 10 seconds, and after a few seconds, he would teleport the player near the campfire along with Baldi himself next to the campfire if the fire is already out, so Baldi would still have a chance to end the player's field trip as well. Cloudy Copter was floating in mid-air at the beginning, but after 30 or more seconds later, he would descend into the ground and start blowing wind on the campfire, making it shrink two times faster than normal, but will vanish when the player comes near him. It's a Bully, hiding behind a tree, would sneak at the player and steal all of their logs upon contact, although he will not move if the player does not have any logs. Once he steals all the logs, he will flee away from the player and never come back.

The old description was "Collect and use sticks to keep the fire from burning out!".

Authentic Mode

Authentic Mode is a secret mode found inside of the game. The mode makes the game look more "1999" according to the person who found it. It has only been found in V0.3.5 and will most likely be in Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered.

Authentic Mode also changes the 5 item slots to the original 3 item slots from Baldi's Basics Classic, more proof that this mode will be in Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered.