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Sonic's Schoolhouse

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Title Screen

Sonic's Schoolhouse

Developers: Orion Interactive, BAP Interactive
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Windows
Released in US: November 1996

MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Sonic's Schoolhouse is a rather bland educational PC game starring Sonic the Hedgehog intended for kids no older than 9 years old, with bland pre-rendered graphics (even for the time), irritating midi files, and pointless .avi animations everywhere. Not to mention his girly voice...


Present in four of the AVI files is a strange talking clock which may have been used before the developers managed to get the Sonic license. The voice actor is unknown, although the voice sounds different than Sonic's.

CC_HELP2.avi, CC_HELP3.avi, and CC_HELP4.avi

These three files, created on January 8, 1996, are all identical in content: an animation of a clock jumping up and rotating in midair while saying "Click on me for help!"

"CC_HELP3" has noticeably blockier video quality than the other two, possibly as a test for the video compression.


Created October 2, 1995, predating the aforementioned files. It contains the animation of the above files, played forward then in reverse until stopping on a still frame of the clock.

Unused Sound Files

There are two unused files in Sonic's Schoolhouse from its early development.

You don't have the bus pass yet... Give it another try

Clip 1 is dated September ‎21, ‎1995, ‏‎1:21:00 PM

Elephant Hit

Clip 2 is dated Thursday, ‎September ‎14, ‎1995, ‏‎1:49:54 PM

Development on the actual voice clips used in the game did not begin until May 6, 1996 at 10:34 AM according to in-game sound files. These were likely placeholders for the game until the Sonic license was acquired.