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Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (Windows, 2004)

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Title Screen

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: December 18, 2003
Released in US: September 14, 2004
Released in EU: February 6, 2004

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

The 2004 PC version of Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut is a port of the GameCube port, but somehow even worse.

To do:

Differences From Prior Versions

  • The music tracks are stored in WMA and sounds are in DAT files, in prior versions, they were stored in ADX files, this causes a few issues:
  • Music tracks no-longer loop.
  • Some sounds are too quiet.
  • All voice clips are lower-quality.
  • The voice clip's format causes stutter when it's loaded.
  • The PC version ignores all built-in vertex lighting.
GameCube PC
SADX-Vertex Lighting.png SADX-No Vertex Lighting.png
  • The textures are re-compressed into PVM files, thus making the PC version (and later versions based on it) have the worst-looking textures.
Dreamcast PC
Life Icon (Dreamcast).png Life Icon (2004 PC).png
  • Knuckles' Shovel Claw has lost its environment mapping.
  • Knuckles’ Maximum Heat attack aura is more broken.
  • The controls are much less sensitive than the Dreamcast and GameCube versions.
  • Assuming you have a powerful enough PC, the framerate isn't unstable anymore.
  • The FMVs, surprisingly, are higher-quality. The original game's FMVs were 320×256 stretched to 640×480, whereas the 2004 PC FMVs are natively at 640×480. As a result, the 2004 PC version has the best-quality FMVs and one of the things that can truly be marked as an improvement.
Dreamcast/Gamecube/PS3/X360/Steam PC
AngelIsland (Dreamcast).png AngelIsland (2004 PC).png
  • The same can't be said about the intro, though: While it's also natively in 640×480 without borders, it suffers from compression.
Dreamcast PC
Sonic Adventure Intro (Dreamcast).png Sonic Adventure DX Intro (2004 PC).png
  • The GameCube version's already-simplistic lighting has been made more simplistic.

Emerald Coast

  • The distortion effect was removed and the sea texture was changed.

Red Mountain

  • The clouds and lava are darker due to unnecessary processing of material colors.
GameCube PC
Red Mountain Clouds (GameCube).png Red Mountain Clouds (2004 PC).png
GameCube PC
Red Mountain Lava (GameCube).png Red Mountain Lava (2004 PC).png
  • There's a strange purple fog in Act 1.