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Sonic Adventure 2 (2012)

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Title Screen

Sonic Adventure 2

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows
Released in JP: October 4, 2012
Released in US: October 2, 2012
Released in EU: October 3, 2012

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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The 2012 version of Sonic Adventure 2 is yet another port of a port, but with some enhancements.

This page lists unused content exclusive to (first appeared, or became unused in) the 2012 version. For content in the original game, see Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast). For content in the GameCube version, see Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

Differences from the GameCube Version

Graphical Differences

  • Some HUD graphics were remade in HD.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio support was added, though some cutscenes still display in 4:3. This is likely due to some effects used in those cutscenes being in video files which would have to be recreated from the ground up to make them widescreen-compatible.
  • All references to SOAP shoes were removed.
  • Omochao's hints from Sonic Generations were added between loading screens.
GameCube 2012
SA2BCross.png SA2BNoCross.png
  • The health icon was changed from a cross to an 'H', likely due to the Red Cross being notoriously strict about how their emblem is used in entertainment since the original's release.
  • All artwork previously portraying Sonic wearing his classic shoes were replaced with SOAP shoe versions.
  • All of Big the Cat's cameos in levels that were removed in the GameCube version are restored, except for ones in Wild Canyon and the multiplayer mode.
GameCube 2012
SonicAdventure2Battle MMenu.png SonicAdventure2 2012 MMenu.png

The menu was completely overhauled in this version.

  • The Omochao tutorial was replaced with a tutorial resembling a manual.
  • The text language option is now a part of the launcher. Though the voice language option is still a part of the options menu.

Technical Differences

  • The game's files were reorganised.
  • The music sounds much louder.
  • Many textures were redrawn in higher resolution and stored in PAK files. The original textures are still present as PRS files.


Like the Next-Gen ports of Sonic Adventure, the Battle branding is separate from the main game, here's a list of the DLC changes.

  • Changes the opening and title screen to the GameCube version's. It should be noted the Dreamcast intro is a recording as the actual intro being broken.
  • Adds Chao Karate, which was added in Battle and fully unlocks 2-Player Mode. Without it, the player can only play the following stages and characters. The stages match up with the Dreamcast version's.
    • Sonic and Shadow - Green Forest, Sky Rail and Radical Highway.
    • Tails and Dr. Eggman - Weapons Bed, Mission Street and Sand Ocean.
    • Knuckles and Rouge - Wild Canyon, Pumpkin Hill and Meteor Herd.
  • Strangely, the character themes are locked behind the DLC.

Unused Graphics

Unused Font

SA2-2012 SOC DebugFont.png

Used for debugging purposes.

Title Screen Demo Texts

SA2 2012-Title menu 2.png

The background for the title screen includes text for trial versions. While they are used in the console versions, the PC version doesn't have a trial version.

Textures from GameCube

When the PAK files are removed, the game will use the PRS files, which are directly from the GameCube port.

Platform Differences

Iron Gate Lighting

Xbox 360/PS3 (Shown: GameCube) PC
SonicAdventure2Battle IronGate1.png SonicAdventure2PC IronGate.png

A bug in the PC version causes Eggman's flashlight to illuminate the entire stage in Iron Gate and Lost Colony. The stages themselves are identical to the GameCube version, which can be seen on the Xbox 360/PS3, where the bug isn't present.

Stage Select background

Xbox 360/PS3 PC
Sonic Adventure 2 ARK stretch.png SonicAdventure2PC StretchedStageMap.png

The ARK section of the stage select map has difficulties displaying in 16:9 due to its narrow size. The PC version stretches the image to the size of the screen, but it doesn't apply to the transition between the two sections of the map, resulting in a notable snap before and after.

Background text

Dreamcast Xbox 360/PS3
SonicAdventure2Battle ScreenEffect.png
SonicAdventure2PC ScreenEffect.png

The Dreamcast version's scrolling text for the main menu background was remade, but it only shows up in the console versions. It isn't used in the PC version, but the code for displaying it is still there and it still appears in the in-game manual's screenshots.

Leftovers from previous versions

Tutorial Menu

SonicAdventure2PC TutorialMenu.png

Previous versions of the game had a Tutorial option in the Extras menu where Omochao would provide the player with a guide on how to play the game. This tutorial was replaced in this version, but the original Omochao version (as well as the option for it) are still in the game. This tutorial menu is identical to the one used in the GameCube version.

Original FMV Format

In the Steam port, all FMVs are stored in the MPEG Sofdec (SFD) format, but the original MPEG (M1V) files are still present. Format aside, the videos are identical.

GameCube Memory Card

To do:
Find out if the GameCube model still exists.

In the Steam version, Data_DLL.dll's cardObj export contains a list of four models of GameCube memory cards in a box with a slot indicator above them, one each for Slot A and Slot B in English and Japanese. Additionally, fileSelect.prs, fileSelect_e.prs, fileSelect.pak, and fileSelect_e.pak contain textures for the GameCube model that appears in the back of the GameCube version's save file select screen.

Debug Menu

For some bizarre reason, the Debug Menu for the Dreamcast and GameCube versions is still present. The code to display the text was removed, but the options still function.