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Sonic Heroes

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Title Screen

Sonic Heroes

Developer: Sega Studio USA
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Released in JP: December 30, 2003 (GC/PS2/Xbox), November 17, 2004 (Windows)
Released in US: January 5, 2004 (GC), January 27, 2004 (PS2/Xbox), November 26, 2004 (Windows)
Released in EU: February 6, 2004 (GC/PS2/Xbox), December 9, 2004 (Windows)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

Sonic Heroes lets you control teams of three characters and change between Speed, Flying, and Strength whenever that character is needed.

To do:
Some glitches only work on some versions. For instance:
  • The Team Blast quick build-up glitch, by pressing Attack and switching to Power while using Fly doesn't work on the PC version.
  • This glitch is GameCube exclusive.
  • More stuff here.
  • Investigate this.

Debug Display

To do:
Codes for other versions.

The Action Replay code
042B9080 00000001
(GameCube US) will enable a debug display during gameplay.

Unused Voice Clips

To do:
  • Confirm if all versions are really in all ports. I only know that these are true for the PC version.
  • Check the talk page for unused voice clip "candidates".

First off, voice clips for lines that have different variations, depending on the controls of the platform used, are present in all ports of the game. So, for instance, the PC version has unused dialogue for Sonic describing Rocket Accel with the GameCube's controls despite being presented with the Xbox controller layout.

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Chaotix' Singing

Team Chaotix' Team Blast is really noisy: each character's singing is either cut off by the next one or a sound effect, or the volume is reduced drastically, making it impossible to hear these hilarious lines normally.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Espio Born in the darkness, to live in the darkness, that's the ninja's creeeed.
Charmy Bee-bee-bee! Charmy the Bee! Charmy the Bee has got lots of honey!
Vector Yeah yeah, I'm the one, I'm Vector the Crocodile! Herrhehe!

Teammate Roll Call

Characters calling out their teammate's names. These aren't used anywhere. (all01_e00* lines call out the "next" character on the team, all01_e01 call the "previous", in the order of Speed, Flight, Power.)

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy Cream!
Big Amy!
Charmy Vector!
Cream Mr. Big!
Espio Charmy!
Knuckles Sonic.
Omega Shadow.
Rouge Omega!
Shadow Rouge!
Sonic Tails!
Tails Knuckles!
Vector Espio!
Amy Big!
Big Cute rabbit!
Charmy Espio!
Cream Amy!
Espio Vector!
Knuckles Tails.
Omega Rouge.
Rouge Shadow!
Shadow Omega.
Sonic Knuckles!
Tails Sonic!
Vector Charmy!

Rose and Chaotix' Team Blasts

Teams Rose and Chaotix explaining how their Team Blasts (Flower Festival and Chaotix Recital, respectively) work. The only point in the game in which this is said is on the final whale island on Seaside Hill, which isn't a part of the stage for these two teams. Only the first control variation clip (GCN) was taken, so replace "Z" with your platform's Team Blast button.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy Team Blast "Flower Festival" is activated if the Z button is pressed when the gauge in the top-right of the screen is full. Once activated, you will be invincible, as long as you have energy in the gauge.
Big To activate Team Blast "Flower Festival" press the Z button when the gauge in the top-right corner of the screen is full. Once activated, you are invincible until the gauge is empty.
Charmy Team Blast "Chaotix Recital" is activated when the Z button is pressed, while the gauge in the top-right corner of the screen is full! Bad enemies are turned into rings until the gauge is empty!
Cream Press the Z button when the gauge in the top-right corner of the screen is full to activate Team Blast "Flower Festival". Once activated, you are invincible until the gauge is empty.
Espio Press the Z button when the gauge in the top-right corner of the screen is full to activate the Team Blast "Chaotix Recital". Once activated, defeated enemies are transformed into rings until the gauge is empty.
Vector Press the Z button when the gauge in the top-right corner of the screen is full to activate Team Blast "Chaotix Recital". When activated, the defeated enemies turn into rings until the gauge is empty.

Weights and Waits

There are heavy weights in the game that can squish characters, rendering them unusable. The characters should say one of the lines from the second half of this table, reflecting the fact that they've been squashed, but instead they just say their normal "I'm stuck!" lines, used for the capture robots called Klagen. When a character is unavailable, it'll be waiting inside a checkpoint.

The first half of these lines should play for when you finally free a character from a checkpoint, but no special sound clip plays.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy It's about time!
Big Where'd you all go?
Charmy Hey... Where'd you go?
Cream Sorry for being so late.
Espio Area checked and secured.
Knuckles Where you guys been?
Omega I didn't expect you to make it this far.
Rouge Sorry I got so far ahead of you.
Shadow Hm. You finally made it.
Sonic Hey, what took you so long?
Tails Phew! I thought I lost you.
Vector Sorry, heh. I, uh, got kinda lost.
Amy Ouch! This is heavy!
Big Heelp meee!
Charmy This is too... heavy!
Cream This is really heavy! Please help me!
Espio *groan* Unacceptable!
Knuckles Get this thing off me!
Omega Unable to move! Request assistance!
Rouge Don't just stand there! Help me!
Shadow *groan* This is heavy!
Sonic Yow! This is heavy!
Tails H-he-help me!
Vector I... can't... move!

Omochao Gates

These hint to the existence of an "Omochao gate" that was meant to be opened by talking to or using a nearby Omochao. Either way, it's safe to say the removal of this element was a very wise idea.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy It looks like that Omochao has something to do with this gate.
Big I think that Omochao has something to do with this gate!
Charmy Wow! A gate with the symbol of Omochao! How cool!
Cream It looks like we have to ask Mr. Omochao to help us out!
Espio Looks like that Omochao has something to do with this gate.
Knuckles Looks like that Omochao has something to do with this gate.
Omega Omochao is the guardian of this gate.
Rouge I don't think I can open this door! What's the meaning of that symbol on the gate?
Shadow It looks like that Omochao has something to do with this gate.
Sonic Looks like that Omochao has something to do with this gate.
Tails There's an Omochao symbol on this gate. Maybe we should ask that Omochao.
Vector Looks like a key won't open this gate. Maybe that Chao has something to do with it.

Klagen Lines

Alternate lines for when a character is captured by a Klagen, and lines for when a Golden Klagen takes a character away. None of these are ever used: when a Klagen captures someone, they say another "Let me go!" line, and when a Golden Klagen is leaving, nobody says anything.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy No! Let me go!
Big Hey! Let go of me!
Charmy Better let go 'a me!
Cream Please let me go!
Espio How... careless!
Knuckles I've been captured!
Omega Mobility malfunction! Mobility malfunction!
Rouge Hey, let me go you creep!
Shadow Shoot!
Sonic Let me go! I said let me go!
Tails I can't move!
Vector Reeelease me I said!
Amy I'm being taken away!
Big Let me out of here!
Charmy It's no use! I need help!
Cream I'm being abducted!
Espio This isn't looking gooood!
Knuckles Hey, I need help!
Omega Escape impossible! Requesting rescue!
Rouge Hey, what're you doing! Help me!
Shadow You're gonna pay for this!
Sonic Hey, where are you taking meee?
Tails Help me!
Vector Hey, isn't anyone gonna help me?

Eggman's Taunts

Miscellaneous taunts by Eggman, including a custom one for each team. And yes, the first one cuts off, though digging into the game's hint022e.bin (and all hint.bin files corresponding to all of Eggman's boss battles) subtitle file reveals that he's supposed to say, "Try coming back in about a million years.. then you might have a chance!"

Name Clip Character Transcript
Eggman Try coming back in about a million ye—
Eggman Team Sonic? You must be joking!
Eggman Without me, Team Dark is nothing but a bunch of buffoons!
Eggman Rragh! This is no place for little girls or a big fat cat!
Eggman You call yourselves "detectives"? Just run along now.

Team Blast Limitations

In team battles, both teams can use Team Blast at any point, provided the energy gauge is full. However, these unused lines hint that at some point, if one of their characters fell, your opponents wouldn't be allowed to use Team Blast. It actually works quite the opposite in-game: when Team Blast is used, all fallen teammates on that team will rejoin the battle.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy Those guys will attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! Get at least one of them!
Big They'll attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! We have to take down one of them fast!
Charmy Those guys will attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! Get at least one of them!
Cream They'll attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! We have to take down one of them quickly!
Espio They'll attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! Best approach is to take down one of them as soon as possible!
Knuckles Those guys will attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! Get at least one of them!
Omega They will attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together. Eliminate one of them first.
Rouge They will attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together. We must hurry and take down at least one of them.
Shadow They'll use Team Blast if all 3 of them get together. Hurry and destroy at least one of them!
Sonic They will attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them come together. Take out at least one of them!
Tails They'll attack with Team Blast when all 3 of them come together. We better take down at least one of them, and fast!
Vector They'll attack with Team Blast if all 3 of them get together! We have to take one of them down and fast!

Invisible Metal Sonic

Some lines hint that there used to be an attack that made Metal Sonic invisible.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Knuckles Where'd he go?
Sonic He's gone!
Tails Watch out everybody!
Espio Even when he's invisible, he'll briefly appear when he attacks! Pay close attention so you can locate his position!

Rose's V.I.P. Room

Team Rose's Casino Park ends before the V.I.P. room area, but there are still lines recorded for it and they can be heard if that area is somehow reached.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy So this is the V.I.P. room, huh?
Big What's a V.I.P.?
Cream This room is for special people, Mr. Big!
Amy There's supposed to be a really gorgeous room, past these stairs.
Cream There's no way we can get in, Amy! Let's go.

Chaotix' Lava Room

Team Chaotix' Power Plant ends before the rising lava room, but there are voice clips recorded for when the lava rises. If you somehow get to the room, it only has a spring, a grate, the final vertical door...and nothing else. The voice clips don't even trigger.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Charmy Woah! Looks like that lava's rising!
Espio Hmm, watch out everybody.
Vector Must be an energy storage tank. Better get out before it gets full.

Japanese Leftovers

Two voice clips from the Japanese voice files that remained in the English voice files. They are from the cutscene where Team Dark confronts Team Sonic.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Shadow That hedgehog...
Shadow Is that so... If that's the case, you have no other choice but to die!

Rose's Giant Mushroom

In Frog Forest, Team Rose's level ends just before the giant mushroom section, so these comments go unused. Also of note is that while the access to the higher platform with a flower (which gives an alternate giant mushroom dialogue) has been removed for Team Chaotix, it's still easily possible to go there: if you go to the highest point of a nearby grindable vine as Charmy, jump as high as possible, on the peak of your jump fly, and on the top, shoot your teammates and climb up, you'll be able to access it, which makes this alternate dialogue not really unused.

At least the exploits used to access other unused stuff are a lot more complex than this simple jump.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy You're right! It's more like a giant tree than a mushroom!
Cream I've never seen a mushroom that big!
Amy Is that all you ever think about?
Big Is that a Shiitake mushroom? I'm getting hungry.

Rose's Speed Trial

Even though Team Rose can never get to the three type trials in Mystic Mansion, there are voice clips for how to get past the Speed trial, the one where the characters say they need to use Homing Attack to jump on the ghosts in order to get across.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy Maybe we can use Homing Attack on those ghosts to get over there.
Big Use Homing Attack on the ghosts to get to the other side.
Cream We should use Homing Attack on those ghosts, to get over there.

Room Full of Doors

Some comments regarding a room full of doors and a switch in Mystic Mansion. There doesn't seem to be any such room in the game. They still appear in the game towards the start of the stage in a room with one door.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy What's with all these doors? And that strange switch over there?
Big The room is full of doors! Interesting.
Charmy Doors and a switch. Hmm. How about using the switch first?
Cream I think these doors are broken. Someone should fix them.
Espio Another one of Eggman's puzzles? Let me solve this one.
Knuckles These are doors, right? What's going on?
Omega Unable to analyze the phenomenon of this castle.
Rouge What do all these doors have to do with that switch?
Shadow The Doctor must be playing games with us. Let's open that case first.
Sonic What's with these doors? That switch over there looks suspicious.
Tails Nothing but doors! I wonder what that switch is doing over there?
Vector A room full of doors... Ok, start looking around, boys.

Rose's Bullet Dodging

Team Rose's Egg Fleet ends before the bullet-dodging propeller flight part, but these clips still exist.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy They're shooting at us! Dodge the bullets by moving up and down!
Big Watch out! Get out of the way of the bullet!
Cream We're being shot at! Move up and down to dodge the bullets!
Amy Let's get up there!
Big Please! Move up!
Cream Move up!
Amy They're firing at us again! Dodge 'em by moving up and down!
Big They're shooting again! Must dodge the bullets: up and down!
Cream Here we go again! Just dodge them by moving up and down!
Amy Move down!
Big You gotta move down, or else!
Cream Move down!

Rose's Landings

Alternate comments for when Team Rose is landing on a battleship in Egg Fleet, different from the ones used.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy Let's land on that battleship!
Big I wonder if Froggy is on that giant ship.
Cream Let's try landing on that giant battleship!

Colored Rails

Incorrect comments explaining how the lasers work in Final Fortress. These state that the colored lasers fire at the rail of the same color, even though all rails are the same color in-game. In addition, there are also some comments about the rails lighting up (these are a lot more accurate). None of these clips are used.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Charmy Hey guys! Did you see the red, blue and yellow lasers? There're 3 colors of rails too!
Espio There're 3 colored lasers! Red, blue and yellow! Each laser fires at the rail of the same color!
Knuckles There're 3 laser colors: red, blue and yellow! The color of the laser being fired matches the color of the rail!
Omega 3 laser colors of red, blue and yellow are detected. Each laser color corresponds to a rail color.
Rouge Hey guys! There're 3 colors of lasers, red, blue and yellow! Each laser fires at the rail of the same color!
Shadow There are 3 laser colors: red, blue and yellow. Each laser fires at the same color rail.
Sonic There are 3 colors of lasers: red, blue and yellow! Each laser fires at the same rail color!
Tails Hey guys, there are 3 colors of lasers: red, blue and yellow. Each laser fires at the rail of the same color!
Vector It seems there are 3 laser colors: red, blue and yellow. The color of the laser being fired matches the color of the rail!
Charmy The cannon flashes before it fires! Stay off the same colored rail!
Espio This weapon illuminates right before it fires! Look at the color of the light and stay clear of the same colored rail!
Knuckles The cannon will light up right before it fires. Stay off the rail with the same color, or you'll get burned by the laser!
Omega Analyze light emission before the cannon fires. Stay clear of the same colored rail.
Rouge The cannon will light up right before it fires! Stay off the rail with the same color or you'll get burned by the laser!
Shadow The cannon lights up for a split second before it fires! Make sure to stay off the same colored rail.
Sonic The cannon lights up right before it fires! Look at the color of the light, and make sure to stay off the same colored rail!
Tails The cannon lights up briefly before it fires! Look at the color, then make sure to stay off the same colored rail!
Vector See the light from the cannon as it prepares to fire? Stay away from the same colored rail, or you'll get tagged by the laser!
Charmy The rails light up for some reason! Maybe it's because of that laser!
Espio Did you notice that rail lights up before the laser fires?
Knuckles The rail we're on now will light up right before the laser fires!
Omega The rail lights up as a reaction to the laser right before it fires.
Rouge The rail lights up right before the laser fires!
Shadow The rail will light up, right before the laser fires!
Sonic The rail lights up right before the laser fires!
Tails The rail lights up, right before the laser fires!
Vector Looks like the rail lights up right before the laser fires!

Rose's Final Team Blast

There's a section in Final Fortress where some large robots gather up, arguably the hardest non-boss fight, as well as the last one. There's a Hint Orb nearby suggesting the use of Team Blast. Team Rose's level ends before this bit, but there are still recorded lines for the Team Blast hint.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Amy It's time for Team Blast!
Big Let's get them with Team Blast!
Cream We must attack, using Team Blast!

Charmy Goes Alone

There are some clips for Charmy going somewhere and having to leave his teammates behind in Rail Canyon, but there's no such moment in-game.

Name Clip Character Transcript
Charmy If they can't come over here, then I guess I'm on my own!
Charmy Wonder if that switch did anything? Maybe I should check!

Rose Being Shot

There are comments Team Rose was meant to say after being shot by the second cannon, but that part doesn't belong to Rose's Bullet Station; it isn't even loaded. To top it all off, Amy's voice clip is empty, though the hint008.bin subtitle file reveals that she's supposed to say, "Phew, that was something else." which is what Cream replies to.

Name Clip Character Transcript
trn02_e09_am (Empty file) Amy
Big Wow, that was scary!
Cream Yes it was!
(Special thanks: Sonic Retro Wiki)

Unused Enemy

Unidus, which had appeared in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, is present in the game files.

To do:

Unused Techniques

SH Amy Original Tornado.png SH Espio Green Tornado.png
When Amy and Espio have been given their own tornado jump techniques during the development, these original tornado jump moves were scrapped and the two colors for them were put out of use. Amy's tornado was pink and Espio's was green. Thus, the voice clips to those were also not used.

File Sound Character Transcript Language
Amy Take this! English
Amy そーれー! Japanese
Espio Summoning Ninja Power! English
Espio 忍法木の葉隠れ!(The ninja art of hiding in the leaves of trees!) Japanese

For the PC version, this can be put into effect by hex editing "Tsonic_win.exe". When doing so, change the bytes at 0x1D40F7 and 0x1D4256 to 0F and then test the EXE to see if Amy and/or Espio will perform their original tornado jump moves as shown in the pictures in the beginning of the section.

Unused Textures

The textures are accessed in pretty much the same way one would access those of Grand Theft Auto III. By using the Magic.TXD editor one can view, edit and create textures for all platforms Sonic Heroes was released on.

A few texture dictionary files have textures for leftover objects such as those fireworks textures in stg06.txd.


Tikan 01.png
This tile texture was used to test the indirect shader to see if it functions correctly before applying to an object or a part of the level geometry.


In this texture dictionary file, the 5 textures applied to the fireworks models were unused as the object was not placed anywhere in the Casino levels.


D pow64.png
This txd file has only one leftover texture applied for the colored powder objects that was left out of the game. For particles emitting from the mushrooms, they use "ef_p00" from the cmn_effect.txd file instead.


There is a leftover particle texture in the main level's txd archive which has differences with the sharpness/smoothness of the textures assigned as particles for the teleporters that trigger in Mystic Mansion.

Used (from the stage effect txd archives) Unused (from s12.txd)
M11 ef01.png M11 ef01 s12.txd.png

On the right, it also appears to look like the particle texture was painted with watercolor painting.


Included in the textures for Stage 14, Final Fortress, is a 512×512 version of the sky texture. Only the 256×256 version is used in the stage and subsequent boss fight. The test indirect texture files "indirect_test.txd", "e3Adv.txd" and "play_ground.txd" located in the textures folder were also stored as leftovers.

For the cmn_effect.txd file in the PC version, the blue crescent particle which is named "ef_solid" went missing and the shuriken explosion would disappear with the particles being invisible as the developers forgot to add it to the txd archive.

Strangely, the PC version is essentially "padded" with duplicate texture files, such as "event____.txd" files. Also, comsoon.txd is empty.

Unused Objects

The silver swirl warp effect that was going to be used in one of the warp objects went unused and the file to that is "adv_ef_warpb.dff" which is located in the dvdroot folder and the archive. Unlike the two other warp effects, this one rapidly permeates on the screen and quickly teleports the player to another position. It can be used in the game by hex editing the byte at an object offset such as 717FB from 58 to 60 and 71967 from 54 to 5C and then test it to see if this warp effect will be in use when you use a transportation object. For the orb switch, their codes are 68 at 103132 and 64 at 10333D.

Warp Effects (Models):

Used Unused
Adv ef warpa.png S11 switch effect.png Adv ef warpb.png

Warp Effects (In-game):

Used Unused
A normal warp effect commonly used anywhere in the game especially used for warp flowers. An orb switch warp effect used for the castle themed levels. Used in-game after hacking the codes in "Tsonic_win.exe" for PC.

There are stage objects that have not been used in the game at all which include the following DFF files and ONE archives (located in the dvdroot folder):

  1. - Blue Fireworks
  2. - Green Fireworks
  3. - Purple Fireworks
  4. - Red Fireworks
  5. - Yellow Fireworks
  6. OBJ09_POWGREEN.DFF - Green Powder (
  7. OBJ09_POWPINK.DFF - Pink Powder (
  8. OBJ09_POWYELLOW.DFF - Yellow Powder (
  9. OBJ14_SANDERS_K.DFF - Green Thunder (

Unused Codes

SH Magician Transparent.png

For the Magician/Bishop Robot that appears in castle themed levels, there are material opcodes in the PC version starting at 212D5F (612D5F in RAM) which render the robot transparent with additive alpha blending which was never used by any of the enemy's techniques. However, editing the byte array at 210F83 from 00 00 80 3F to a lower float code in little endian may render a transparent version of the robot after it appears on the placed location.

There are also material flags that aren't used in the game especially to the objects that are leftovers. Examples of that include the Fireworks object at 0xB4AC3, the hint collision (which is a 72 flag pointer) at 0x75137, the green thunder at 0x48A700 and the three powder objects at 0x468ED4 (Green), 0x468EE4 (Pink) and 0x468EF4 (Yellow) on PC.

Inaccessible Areas

To do:
Document the stuff here.

Team Rose's levels finish about halfway through the full level, which is played by Teams Sonic and Dark. However, using glitches, exploits, or cheats, one can have Team Rose explore sections of the level beyond the Goal Ring. Oddly, some of these areas still have rings and other items that the Team can collect. At the end lies the Goal Ring used by the other teams. In competitive ring challenges, the use of these areas for Team Rose is crucial. Some of these places can also be accessed by Team Chaotix.

Despite never entering these areas, some teams have dialogue for them which goes unused.

Team Sonic in an unused area in Mystic Mansion.

Another example is that the last area in Mystic Mansion where the torches and hammer enemies are cannot be accessed with other teams unless a cheating device is used. The rings and others are located in the same placement as for Team Chaotix in Super Hard.

Hidden Setting

In the PC version, adding the line

Charmy_Shutup 1

to "%AppData%\SEGA\SONICHEROES\sonic_h.ini" will disable all voice clips that do not have accompanying subtitles (such as attacks, idling, and scoring).


  • As seen here, there's a self-destruct switch out of the wall in Team Rose's Final Fortress, to the left of where it normally is. If you fly next to the left wall, you'll be able to see it, and you can actually press it if you use glitches.
  • Voice clip shenanigans:
    • In some copies of the game, mostly PC ones, Cream's A-rank line voice clip file is empty. In the copies that don't have this problem, she says "I'm so happy, I want to tell everyone!"
    • There are some clips in-game for when the characters explain the bobsled controls. However, these explain that if the Flight character is thrown off, the bobsled won't be able to jump. The order for character removal is Speed, Power, Flight, so when the Flight (i.e. last remaining) character is thrown off a life is lost. This hints that previously, the order for character removal was different or random.
    • In robot boss battles, characters say that some cages open when you defeat all robots, and that you can use the item inside to get Eggman. The definition of "get" must be very vague here, because in robot boss battles, the goal is to just defeat all waves of robots.
    • When fighting Metal Madness, the Hint Orb at the right makes Team Rose say that the boss will shoot fire if you grab his right arm (the flame-shooting arm). Maybe this battle or the overall game mechanics were really different in the past, because you can't do anything even remotely close to grabbing in this game, and its right arm is nothing special.
    • Another empty voice clip file: in Mystic Mansion, when you touch the Hint Orb next to the trolley as Team Rose, if it's Amy turn to talk, she won't say anything. The subtitle "The trolley controls are the same as the bobsled. Make sure to dodge the ghosts." will still appear.
To do:
Above isn't true for at least GCN and PS2 versions; further research may be advisable


In the PS2 version, the Cross (X) and Circle (O) buttons were not switched from their Japanese functions (being no and yes, respectively) when brought to the West, suggesting that this was an oversight by the localization team.