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Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS)

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Title Screen

Sonic Generations

Also known as: Sonic Generations: Ao no Bouken (JP)
Developers: Sonic Team, Dimps
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: December 1, 2011
Released in US: November 22, 2011
Released in EU: November 25, 2011
Released in AU: November 24, 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

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This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of April 8, 2024) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.

Sonic Generations for the Nintendo 3DS is the only portable and only Nintendo variant of the hedgehog's 20th anniversary game, featuring a different selection of levels and gameplay styles than the console version.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Green Square

SonicGen3DS test.png

A little 16x16 green square, found in Emerald Coast Act 1's foreground assets. Not much information can be gleaned from its visual appearance, but its internal name is "test".

E3 Demo Leftovers

To do:
Bottom screen, the rest of the E3 leftovers.


A bubble that reads "Coming late 2011" that was used in the E3 2011 demo build at the end of the demo.

1990 Label


A 1990 label is stored among the collection room assets. In the collection room, year labels are used on box arts, but because no Sonic game released in 1990, this goes unused.

Debug Fonts



"DebugFont" and "DebugFontTerminal" are stored in the System directory. The font normally used by the game is named "system_font_12_03", and is located in a separate Font directory.

3D Test Images

4 CTPK files can be found in the game's System folder. They contain various images of Sonic, taken at 2 angles to test the 3DS' stereoscopic 3D capabilities. Some of these angles are very slight, while others are quite extreme, providing different levels of depth.

Test/Early UI Elements

Under the LAYOUT_X/TEST_LYT folder there are 2 files for the UI.

This appears to contain assets for an early boost gauge, due to the prefix 'sgage' on most of the images.

This is made up of 2 assets, a small sprite with Japanese text which translates to "Return", and a screenshot of an early pause menu.

Early Final
SonicGenerations3DS-EarlyPauseMenu.png SonicGenerations3DS-FinalPauseMenu.png

Pause Menu Changes

  • The early menu is more transparent allowing you to see the UI behind it better.
  • The early menu has a slight gradient while the final uses solid colours.
  • The buttons and text are much larger in the early pause menu.
  • The early menu lacks button prompts.
  • Background shapes are either laid out differently or changed their density in circles and details.
  • In the earlier screenshot the life icon is at the very top of the screen, and a Japanese character is on the Sonic icon, likely indicating a placeholder. Lives are also set to 99, probably for testing.
  • The "Start" and "Goal" indicators had many details in the early version, but was reduced to just the text in the final version.

Unused Models



This model can be found in the System directory alongside other test files. It's a simple sphere with large markers denoting the 3 axes (x,y,z).