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Proto:SegaSonic the Hedgehog

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This page details one or more prototype versions of SegaSonic the Hedgehog.

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Specifically: There's nothing here related to level design despite it being vastly different from the final.

Officially known as Revision A, this prototype of SegaSonic was paraded around various arcade expos for testing and getting player feedback.

General Differences

  • The title screen has no background and Sonic is the only character shown. Ray and Mighty aren't present at this point, though their sprites are present.
  • The character selection screen is not present either.
  • The tutorial is slightly shorter than the final version.
Prototype Final
(Press the button while
turning the trackball!!)
(Press the button while turning
the trackball to spin jump!!)
  • The level order is different and some of the level names lack the alliteration present in the final game.
  • The ring bonus tally at the end of each level is not present, so the game goes back to Eggman after a level ends.
  • The furthest the player can go is Desert Dodge Zone, where the player drowns in quicksand.

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Sprite Differences

Chase Scene

Sonic, Ray, and Mighty's running animations in the chase scene are slightly more disproportionate compared to the final version, resembling more like their in-game medium speed running animations. Strangely, these sprites did appear in the game's sample screenshot on the old version of Sega's official US website, Sonic Central.

SegaSonic-proto run.gif SegaSonic-proto-scared-run.gif SegaSonic-proto-ray-run.gif SegaSonic-proto-mighty-run.gif SegaSonic-proto-mighty-scared-run.gif

Unused Dialog

Segasonic Proto-Unused-dialogue.gif

Some pieces of dialogue that aren't seen in the final game. What's notable is that Sonic has some dialogue here in a word balloon, which isn't seen in the final game.

Japanese Translation

ええい、しつこいやつめ!来るなら来てみろ ソニック!

Eggman! What are you planning this time?!
Grr, you sure are persistent! Come at me, Sonic!
This almighty tower is mine!
Almighty tower?
If you've come this far, this is as far as you go.
This tower can freely control this island.
Realize its power!
How about this!
Now take this!
Don't think you've won!

(Translations: Plasma Captain)
(Source: Ragey, Kallus)

Unused Graphics

The prototype has many unused graphics of its own.

Segasonic Proto-Unused-sonicup1.gifSegasonic Proto-Unused-sonicup2.gifSegasonic Proto-Unused-rayup.gifSegasonic Proto-Unused-mightyup.gif

Unused animations for the characters looking up. Only Sonic has two animations for looking up.

SegaSonic Proto-Unused-fish.gif SegaSonic Proto-Unused-fish2.gif

Some fish badnik that would have been seen at Wild Water Way. The palette here is a placeholder, as its palette is currently unknown.

Segasonic Proto-Unused-orb.gif

An unusual orb with an unknown purpose, possibly for explosions.

SegaSonic Proto-Unused-drillbadnik.gif

SegaSonic Proto-Unused-eyeball.gif

Two more badniks that aren't in the final game. It's unknown where these would have been placed.

Segasonic Proto-Unused-dome.gif

An unused dome, with 足 (leg) written on it.

Segasonic Proto-Unused-machinery.gif

Presumably, this machinery would have been attached to the above dome.

Segasonic Proto-Unused-spikeplatform.gif Segasonic Proto-Unused-spikeplatform2.gif Segasonic Proto-Unused-spikeplatform3.gif

A sort of weird spiky platform with suction cups.

Segasonic Proto-Unused-spikeplatform4.gif

What it would have looked like in-game.

SegaSonic Proto-Unused-gameover.gif

Sonic at the game over screen. In both the prototype and the final version, Eggman is always used when it's game over.

(Source: Ragey, Kallus)