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Sonic Spinball (Sega Master System)

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Title Screen

Sonic Spinball

Developer: Sega Interactive
Publishers: Sega (EU/AU), Tec Toy (BR)
Platform: Sega Master System
Released in EU: 1994
Released in AU: 1994
Released in BR: January 25, 1995

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

A downsized port of Sonic Spinball that appears to be have been rushed out the door.

Level Skip

Play sound effects 0, 2, 1, 5, 6, 6 in the sound test, then pause during gameplay and press Down.

Free-Movement Mode

In the Options menu, play sound effects 0, 9, 0, 1, 6, 8 in the Sound Test (the screen will shake if you did it right). Start the game, then pause and press 2.

Build Date

     1994-05-30 P.M. FINAL REV. 22 (M)       

A build date is present at 0x4C8D, and can be displayed in the Options menu by playing sound effects 0, 5, 0, 3, 6, 0 in the Sound Test.

Uncompiled Code

At 1EFAE, there's a fragment of code, likely from a printout of the code.

1C58 C5                 M 	PUSH	BC
1C59 21 00 00           M 	ld	HL,RobotnicShipAnim
1C5C                    M 	XREF	CreateState
1C5C CD 00 00           M 	CALL	CreateState
1C5F D1                 M 	POP	DE
1C60 38 00              M 	JR	C,AppendRightError_1988
1C62 21 4B D7           M 	ld	HL,StateRight
1C65 19                 M 	add	HL,DE
1C66 71                 M 	ld	(HL),C
1C67                    M               AppendRightError_1988
1C67                      		_YSpeed	3
1C67 FD 36 28 06        M 	ld	(IY+ItemYSpeedHi),lo(3*SpdFac)
1C6B FD 36 27 00        M 	ld	(IY+ItemYSpeedLo),0

1C6F                      		_Goto	EndItemsCheck
1C6F 18 00              M 	JR	EndItemsCheck

1C71                      	;=== Re Entry (into the volcano) ===
1C71                      Reentry:
1C71                      		_AppendRight	ReentryAnim
1C71                    M 	XREF	AppendRight
1C71 CD 00 00           M 	CALL	AppendRight
1C74                    M 	bcs	AppendRightError_1992
1C74 38 00              M 	jr	C,AppendRightError_1992
1C76 C5                 M 	PUSH	BC
1C77 21 00 00           M 	ld	HL,ReentryAnim
1C7A                    M 	XREF	CreateState
1C7A CD 00 00           M 	CALL	CreateState
1C7D D1                 M 	POP	DE
1C7E 38 00              M 	JR	C,AppendRightError_1992
1C80 21 4B D7           M 	ld	HL,StateRight
1C83 19                 M 	add	HL,DE
1C84 71                 M 	ld	(HL),C
1C85                    M               AppendRightError_1992
1C85                      		_YSpeed	3
1C85 FD 36 28 06        M 	ld	(IY+ItemYSpeedHi),lo(3*SpdFac)
1C89 FD 36 27 00        M 	ld	(IY+ItemYSpeedLo),0

1C8D                      EndItemsCheck:
1C8D FD 7E 05             	ld	A,(IY+ItemYHi)		;Check if hit stop point
1C90 FD BE 31              	cp	(IY+ItemParm0)
1C93                      	bne	EndItemsNext
1C93 20 00              M 	jr	NZ,EndItemsNext

1C95 FD 7E 04             	ld	A,(IY+ItemYLo)

(Source: RetroSpark)