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Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (GameCube)

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Title Screen

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: June 19, 2003
Released in US: June 17, 2003
Released in EU: June 27, 2003
Released in AU: June 20, 2003

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Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut is a GameCube port of the Dreamcast original. It updated several models and textures, attempted to increase the framerate to 60FPS (results may vary), ported the Sonic Adventure 2 Chao system, and added several unlockable features (including Mission mode, Metal Sonic, and Sonic's entire Game Gear library). Despite these additions, it's generally seen as the inferior version, due to unfixed (and, in some cases, worsened) bugs and a somehow less polished art style (i.e. every main character has more plastic shading, clashing with other characters, and lighting is less polished).

This page lists unused content exclusive to the DX version. For content that appeared in the original version, see Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast).


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Changes from the Dreamcast Version
Tails looks really shiny now.


While most hidden or unused objects in the game were present in the Dreamcast version, there do exist a small number of these objects exclusive to Sonic Adventure DX.

SA hiddenblocks.png

Underneath the ground near the waterfall in Mystic Ruins is a row of 15 blocks which are normally never seen.

SonicAdventureDX HiddenRing1.png

There is a hidden ring exclusive to DX hidden behind City Hall in Station Square.


Sonic Adventure DX has many leftover files on the disc, including from the original Dreamcast version, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and the SADX Demos.

Dreamcast Version

SonicAdventureDX LeftoverTitle.png

A file containing the Japanese title screen from Sonic Adventure International can be found in ava_gtitle0_.GVM. The Japanese title screen used in-game is found in ava_gtitle0.GVM. The image on the left is what the screen looks like when assembled.

SonicAdventureDX TVSettingsMenu.png

The TV settings menu still exists in the GameCube version despite it being inaccessible. However, the text has layering issues and none of the 3 options function correctly. Pressing cancel will take the player to the Options menu.

Furthermore, a number of extra texture files can be found for certain areas of the game containing textures from their Dreamcast counterparts:

  • Textures for the Dreamcast version of the City Hall and Station areas of Station Square can be found in _advSS00.GVM and _advSS03.GVM.
  • Textures for the Dreamcast version of each Chao Garden can be found in GARDEN00.GVM, GARDEN01.GVM and GARDEN02.GVM.

Chao Garden

A number of leftovers from the Dreamcast version's Chao Transporter can also be found:

As Tikal was removed from the Station Square Chao Garden in the GameCube version, the lines used for her appearances there go unused.

Audio Transcript
This is the Chao Garden. If you bring the eggs you find all over the world, a Chao will be born.
The egg will hatch naturally after a while. You can also help the egg to hatch. Depending on how you hatch the egg, the characteristics of a Chao will be affected.
If you give a Chao a small animal, the Chao changes. Try experimenting using different animals.


SonicAdventure ChristmasTree.png

The tree that was used for the Christmas 1999 DLC still exists and can be found in the game's files.

Also unused are a few songs that were used for DLC in Sonic Adventure that weren't carried over to any other rereleases.

Audio Name
Dreams Dreams (A-Cappella Ver.)
Dreams Dreams (Sweet Mix In Holy Night)
Palmtree Panic
Super Sonic Racing

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

The Principal, Transporter and Black Market's text files were implemented in a modified form for SADX. However, for some reason the original versions of each file from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle are still on the game's disc and can be found in MsgAlItem_e.bin, MsgAlKinderBl_e.bin, MsgAlKinderPr_e.bin and MsgAlWarn_e.bin.

A few tracks from the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Chao Garden also exist as leftovers in this game.

Audio Name
Chao Garden
Hero Chao Garden
Dark Chao Garden

Demo Version

Files from the Sonic Adventure DX Demo on the GameCube Preview Disc can be found.

SonicAdventureDX DemoLogo.png

The logo for the demo version of the game can be found in ava_gtitle0_SHOW_e.

SonicAdventureDX DemoEnd.png
  • The demo's "Thanks for playing!" screen can be found in title_end_SHOW_e.

The character select screen names used in the demo can be found in b_chnam_SHOW_e.

Compressed Batch Script

The file prs.prs is a compressed copy of the batch script used to compress the Game Gear ROM images for the game. Decompressed, it reads:

press -r g-sonic.gg g-sonic.prs
press -r labylin.gg labylin.prs
press -r mbmachin.gg mbmachin.prs
press -r prs.bat prs.prs
press -r s-drift2.gg s-drift2.prs
press -r s-tail2.gg s-tail2.prs
press -r skypat.gg skypat.prs
press -r sonic-ch.gg sonic-ch.prs
press -r sonic.gg sonic.prs
press -r sonic2.gg sonic2.prs
press -r sonicdri.gg sonicdri.prs
press -r sonictai.gg sonictai.prs
press -r sonic_tt.gg sonic_tt.prs
press -r spinball.gg spinball.prs
press -r tailsadv.gg tailsadv.prs

Mission Mode

Unused Flag Colors

The servers are the seven... flags?

The collectible flag object used for some missions only ever appears in red and yellow variants, but there are seven colors available: red, blue, yellow, white, green, gray, and purple.

Unused Mission Type

There is an unused type of mission that requires you to collect items in a specific order. It seems that it wasn't finished however, as collecting the wrong item simply doesn't count it, making the mission unwinnable until you restart the level.

Mission Test Object

Object ID 12 in the mission mode object list, named "Mi_TEST ", is an object used for testing. It revolves around the player, following them as they move, and can be controlled with the second controller. Up and down alter the speed, up moving counter-clockwise and down moving clockwise, left decreases the revolution radius, right increases the radius, and the A button causes the menu confirm sound to play.

Unused Graphics

Twinkle Park Arrow

SADX GameCube Twinkle 2 Arrow.png

Early versions of SADX had arrows on the floor in Twinkle Park Act 2. While they were removed from the level model, their texture still exists.

Dreamcast Water Textures

The Dreamcast version's choppy water was replaced with a new animation, despite this, the Egg Carrier and Past Dreamcast water textures can still be found in "EC_SEA" and "PAST02" respectively.