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Proto:Sonic Advance

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic Advance.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

The near-completed prototype version of Sonic Advance dumped by Orengefox of Sonic Retro. Just about everything's here! Just a few changed bytes here and there.

Download.png Download "Sonic Advance" prototype
File: SonicAdvanceProto.7z (1.9 MB) (info)

Minor Differences

Dooogy with all the default stats
  • Some areas of Secret Base Zone and Casino Paradise Zone freeze the game.
  • The Spinning Tubes found in a few of the game's Zones either don't work properly or don't even function at all.
  • The Tiny Chao Garden already has a partially-raised Chao in it named "Dooogy", presumably for testing purposes.
  • The prototype cartridge has a complete file (all Chaos Emeralds collected and all Zones completed with every character).
  • The save file is different from other emulator saves. Parts of the file are (quite entertainingly) marked "GBASUX".

Alternate Header

The prototype's header is SONICADVANCEASOE8P. The "E" of "ASOE" is the US reigon code, while "8P" is the company code for SEGA. The final release of the US version has a header of SONICADVANCEASOE78, including THQ's company code of "78". The only final release to have its header include SEGA's "8P" was the Japanese release, with the European release instead having "6W", from another company associated with SEGA. Since the prototype was near the final version, it can be assumed that THQ picked up US publishing rights near the end of the release process.