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Sonic X

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Title Screen

Sonic X

Developer: Torus Games
Publisher: LeapFrog Enterprises
Platform: Leapster
Released in US: May 5, 2005

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

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The first of two licensed Sonic titles for LeapFrog systems (The second being Sonic for the Didj), Sonic X is pretty much a reskin of fellow Leapster game Numbers on the Run: Counting on Zero. This game itself would later get reskinned as Go Diego Go!: Animal Rescuer.

You’re too good, Sonic.

Unused Placeholder Credits

Gotta appreciate the skills of CREDITS8!

The file 23.swf is a version of the credits sequence that uses placeholder text rather than actual credits.

Counting on Zero Leftovers

To do:
  • Rip the rest of the sprites. (The graphics are stored in 4BPP GBA format and the palettes start at 0x114B0C.)
  • There's likely more unused graphics than just the leftover sprites.
  • Remember to adjust the graphics offset so the tiles don't look corrupt.
  • It would be nice if someone found out how the mappings work for these games.
  • Check if the sprite below is accurately ripped.

there he is

There are a lot of leftover sprites from Counting on Zero in the game's files. We mean it. But hey, this was bound to happen considering that this game is a reskin of it.