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SegaSonic the Hedgehog

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Title Screen

SegaSonic the Hedgehog

Developers: Sonic Team, Sega AM3
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Arcade (Sega System 32)
Released in JP: June 1993
Released in US: September 1993
Released in EU: September 1993

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

To do:
There are loads more sprites that could be included here, including Robotnik's many, many other sprites. Check for other things, like unused sounds or debug menus to uncover.

SegaSonic the Hedgehog is Sonic the Hedgehog, Mighty the Armadillo, and Ray the Flying Squirrel's only game together. It was also the first Sonic game to have voice acting.

Unused Graphics

Title Graphics

Unused Used
Segasonic-Unused-titlemighty2.gif Segasonic-Unused-titlemighty3.gif

Early versions for the characters on the title screen can be found in the game, with the shine on the eyes and the nose missing/unfinished. While Sonic was seen in the prototype, Ray and Mighty were nowhere to be seen outside of the graphics data.

Player Character Graphics

Segasonic-Unused-sonicswole.gif Segasonic-Unused-rayswole.gif Segasonic-Unused-mightyswole.gif

Some sprites of the characters flexing their muscles, which possibly would have been used when continuing the game.

Unused Used

Sonic had his face mercifully redrawn to make him look less like roadkill, while Ray got his patagia enlarged.

Unused Used
Segasonic-Unused-intromighty2a.gif Segasonic-Unused-intromighty2b.gif
Segasonic-Used-intromighty1a.gif Segasonic-Used-intromighty1b.gif

While Sonic got his arms reanimated, Ray had his proportions slightly corrected and Mighty's face was redrawn.

(Source: Ragey, Kallus)

Eggman Sprites

Segasonic-Unused-eggman1.gif Segasonic-Unused-eggman2.gif Segasonic-Unused-eggman3.gif Segasonic-Unused-eggmanbomb.gif Segasonic-hand-toss.gif

It seems that Eggman was supposed to use some gadgets and thingamajigs himself to prevent the players from reaching him.

English Version

Although the international releases were, for whatever reason, not localized or translated, there are many, many remnants of a planned version for the English-speaking world.

SegaSonic-eggman-hit.gif SegaSonic-eggman-look.gif SegaSonic-eggman-laugh.gif SegaSonic-eggman-mobile.png SegaSonic-eggman-fall.png
SegaSonic-Unused-satam2.gif SegaSonic-eggman-talk.gif SegaSonic-Unused-satam3.gif SegaSonic-Unused-satam4.gifSegaSonic-eggman-button.gif SegaSonic-eggman-talk2.gif

A largely complete set of sprites of Robotnik as he looked on ABC's Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon (generally nicknamed SatAM), very likely meant for the American version. The game uses the original Japanese sprites in all regions. The only sprites that appear to be missing are for him riding around on the title screen and the intro when he traps the main character(s).

SegaSonic-Unused-satamicon.gif SegaSonic-Unused-satamgameover.gif SegaSonic-Unused-satam5.gif

Even the little details were accounted for to complete the Robotnik experience.


A complete set of dialogue bubbles for the English version. Interestingly, one of the bubbles has both an "Eggman" and a "Robotnik" variant.

(Source: Ragey, Kallus)



These might have been used when setting to multiple coins per one credit, but they don't appear no matter what dipswitch settings are used.


A sprite viewer menu of sorts.

(Source: Ragey, Kallus)