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Proto:Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis).

Several prototypes of Sonic 3D Blast were among the goods in drx's massive 2008 prototype release.

To do:
  • Better info port from Retro. 73 has been started


73 Prototype
Dated July 3, 1996. Earliest prototype available.
S3D Beta Title Screen Icon 64p.png
814 Prototype
Dated August 15, 1996. "NOSEGAY"?
S3D Beta Title Screen Icon 64p.png
819 Prototype
Dated August 19, 1996. First build where you can play all the way through.
825 Prototype
Dated August 26, 1996. Don't worry, Sonic got better.
830 Prototype
Dated August 31, 1996. Why is Toy Story stuff in here?
831 Prototype
Dated September 3, 1996. Sonic got brighter.
94 Prototype
Dated September 4, 1996. The last of the prototypes.