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Proto:Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis).

Several prototypes of Sonic 3D Blast were among the goods in drx's massive 2008 prototype release.

To do:
  • Better info port from Retro.


73 Prototype
Dated July 3, 1996. First build with proper levels.

Sonic3dE3 814screen.png
814 Prototype
Dated August 15, 1996. "NOSEGAY"?

Sonic3dE3 814screen.png
819 Prototype
Dated August 19, 1996. First build where you can play all the way through.

825 Prototype
Dated August 26, 1996. Don't worry, Sonic got better.

830 Prototype
Dated August 31, 1996. Why is Toy Story stuff in here?

Prototype 831

Dated September 3rd 1996, this was another prototype released by drx during the February 23rd, 2008 proto release.

General Differences

  • The opening FMV now has its music start at the Traveller's Tales logo, and its palette now changes when called for, but the screen height is still 160 pixels, is a bit faster than in 94, and has one extra frame before the title screen.
  • The music doesn't stop if the opening is skipped.
  • The title screen matches the final, but lacks the trademark.
  • No sound effect plays when the title screen pops up.
  • All demos have been implemented.
  • Level select is disabled by default; The final code has been implemented.
  • The good ending still plays the credits music throughout, but its entirety has now been implemented.

Aesthetic Differences

Prototype 830, 94 - Final Prototype 831
Sonic3DBetterSonic.png Sonic3DBrighterSonic.png
  • The menu backdrop has brighter colors in this prototype exclusively.

Prototype 831 Prototype 94 - Final
Sonic3dbcredits1proto831.png Sonic3dbcredits1final.png
Prototype 831 Prototype 94 - Final
Sonic3dbcredits2proto831.png Sonic3dbcredits2final.png
  • The credits colors have been slightly altered.