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Proto:Sonic Colors (Nintendo DS)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic Colors (Nintendo DS).

To do:
A few more comparisons. Other than the title screen, what else is in this demo?

On March 11, 2010, a demo version of Sonic Colors was made available to digitally download for the Nintendo DS from the Nintendo Channel on the Wii. There are some differences in this demo compared to the final.

General Differences

  • There's no opening cinematic.
  • Only the first act of Tropical Resort is playable.

Music Differences

A total of five tracks exist in this demo. While half of the tracks have already been finalized at this point, two tracks have notable differences in this demo.

World Map

Demo Final

A much more midi-ish instruments, a single note difference, and an octave higher instruments respectively are all used in this demo. The final game use a-more-streamed-like instruments to be in-line with the Wii version. This track, however, downgrades the sample rate from 32728 Hz to 26182 Hz in the final, most likely to save on space. While this is used for the multiplayer stage select menu in the final, it's located in a different file.

Tropical Resort: Act 1

Demo Final

Some instruments are different, and the entire track is at a slower tempo in this demo. Again, this was redone in the final to be closer to the Wii version.