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Proto:Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (Xbox 360)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (Xbox 360).

Five prototypes of the Xbox 360 Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut were retrieved from PartnerNET. They are dated January 8, January 22, January 30, March 26, and August 1, 2010. While three builds from December 2009 have also been found, they consist of only the executables with no playable data.

General Differences

Title Screen

Jan 8 Final
Sonic Adventure (Jan 8, 2010) title.png SADX360 Title.png

The title screen is slightly rearranged, in addition to a different button prompt and border.

Face Scan

Jan 22 Jan 30 - Mar 23
Sonic Adventure (Jan 22, 2010 prototype) facescan.png Sonic Adventure (Jan 30, 2010 prototype) facescan.png

For whatever reason, the builds between January 22nd and March 23rd boot into a facial recognition scan that requires a password to bypass. The January 30th build adds a border around the screen.

Graphical Differences

Control Tips

Jan 8 Jan 22 - Final
SADX360 Jan8 Sonic2 01e.png
SADX360 Jan22 Big2 01e.png
SADX360 Jan22 Sonic2 01e.png
SADX360 Jan8 Big2 01e.png

The shoulder button prompts for Sonic and Big The Cat were moved over slightly.

Marketplace Icon

Jan 8 - Jan 30 Mar 26 - Final
SADX360 Jan8 MarketPlace.png SADX360 Mar26 MarketPlace.png

The Xbox Marketplace banner used the Sonic render seen on the GameCube box art, but later uses the 2D Dreamcast artwork instead.


Jan 22 - Jan 30 Mar 26 - Final
SADX360 Jan22 Saving.png
SADX360 Mar26 Saving.png

The saving prompt was shortened by dropping the NOW.

Avatar Awards

Protos Final
SADX360 Jan8 F W icon.png
SADX360 Jan8 M W icon.png
SADX360 Mar26 F S icon-300.png
SADX360 Final F W icon.png
SADX360 Final M W icon.png
SADX360 Final F S icon-300.png

The avatar awards are very basic t-shirt with the game's logo on it, as well as generic flip-flops in place of Sonic's shoes.


Jan 8 Jan 22 - Final
SADX360 Jan8 MILESRACE youlose.png
SADX360 Jan8 MILESRACE youwin.png
SADX360 Jan22 MILESRACE youlose.png
SADX360 Jan22 MILESRACE youwin.png

The win/lose graphic for Tails' races were remade in a higher resolution starting with the January 22nd build.

Unused Graphics

Avatar Awards

A cut black Sonic Adventure T-shirt.