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Proto:Sonic Rush

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic Rush.

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Notes: Level design, graphics, code

The E3 2005 demo of Sonic Rush allows playing of an early version of Zone 1 Act 2, followed by the first boss battle. Only Sonic is playable.



  • There is no character select.
  • A "Coming Soon" screen appears after a set amount of time or after finishing the boss battle.


  • You can boost in mid-air. This ability is available in the DS version of Sonic Colors, which uses the same engine as Sonic Rush.
  • The Boost meter can be refilled by running.
  • Boosting into the large Eggman wheel doesn't kill Sonic - he simply passes through.
  • Sonic doesn't react to being tapped on the Touch Screen.

Boss Fight

  • No cutscenes play.
  • The Egg Hammer Mega takes only four hits to destroy. Two hits initiate the second phase.
  • The rolling head move is harder to dodge and doesn't have a "double" version.
  • The boss fight takes place on the Top Screen, with the Touch Screen constantly showing the Sonic Rush logo. In the final version, the fight takes place on the Touch Screen with Tails and the boss' health on the Top Screen.

Bug Fixes

A few bugs were fixed by the final:

  • When Sonic runs on slopes or jumps on bumpers, his model rotates incorrectly, often with his head down.
  • The infamous vertical standing glitch from Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis and Sonic 4 Episode I is very easy to perform in the demo, especially on loops.
  • The physics engine is slightly unfinished, and it is possible to get stuck when jumping against a wall until the momentum runs out.



The icon that would display on the DS menu has a three pixel difference in Sonic's eyes.


Proto Final
Sonic Rush-Proto E3 2005-Title.png Sonic Rush-title.png

The stripes appear on the top and bottom and have a 3D look to them. The background is a hexagonal pattern on a white background. The copyright text uses a different font and says "(C) 2005,Sega" instead of "(C) Sega Corporation, 2005". The start button uses a different font and style.

Boss Battle

  • The camera angle before the player gets control of Sonic is different.

Results Screen



The background music in this build is composed by Teruhiko Nakagawa and is similar to the musical style of the Sonic Advance games, as opposed to the pop-inspired style by Hideki Naganuma used in the final.

Song Notes
Leaf Storm music. This song is reused for the Blaze Appear event song in the final, albeit considerably shorter.
Extra life sound. Doesn't seem to be used in-game, though.
Title screen music.
Boss music and its pinch variant. These songs sound rather similar to the track "True Area 53" from Sonic Advance 2, also composed by Nakagawa.
Stage complete music.

Sound Effects

The demo recycles voice clips from Sonic Advance 3, when Sonic was still voiced by Ryan Drummond.

Line Transcript


To do:
Upload the maps.

Placeholder files for both Acts of all seven Zones from the final are present, but most are blank and unplayable except Leaf Storm Act 1, Leaf Storm Act 2 (which is normally available), Water Palace Act 1, and Dead Line Act 1.

  • Leaf Storm Act 1 & 2 - The most complete stages (along with the Leaf Storm Boss), with some differences from the final.
  • Water Palace Act 1 - Incomplete, but playable.
  • Dead Line Act 1 - Impossible to finish, with mostly garbled graphics.

Unused Sprites

To do:
compare with the ones used in the final's credits.

Sprites for Sonic and the Akatento badnik from Sonic Advance 3 can be found in the overlay files. These can be seen in-game by exploiting a camera glitch (which doesn't work in the final game) or a savestate corruption that is saved at the split second the sprite appears that causes Sonic's model to disappear.

Sa sprite in sonic rush.png
Sonic Rush-E3 Prototype-LeftoverAkatento.png