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Proto:Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast).


Dated October 16, 1998. A build that basically plays itself, compiled with elements from different points in development.
SA Taikenban Title.png
Dated March 3, 1999. This is a Japanese Trial Version that was included in stores, with certain elements changed to make the Trial easier.
Sonic Adventure Limited Edition Title Screen.png
Limited Edition
Dated June 3, 1999. A pre-release build temporarily available to rent from the defunct video rental retail chain Hollywood Video and Blockbuster.
SonicAdventureE3Trial title.png
Trial Version for E3
Dated June 8, 1999. Knuckles sounds slightly manlier in this version, but loses a bit of testosterone in the final.
SonicAdventureTrial Title.png
Trial Version
Dated July 8, 1999. A one-level demo found on several Dreamcast demo discs.
Tournament Disk
Dated August 10, 1999. A one-level demo used for the competition during the event "The Sega Dreamcast Mobile Assault Tour".