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Proto:Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)/Limited Edition

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast).

Sonic Adventure Limited Edition Title Screen.png

Sonic Adventure Limited Edition is a version of Sonic Adventure that was available from Hollywood Video rental stores in July 1999 - two months before the game's western release.

It has a build date of June 3, 1999 and was dumped by the Sonic Retro member drx on August 31, 2008.

Sonic Adventure Homepage

The internet features have been disabled in this version of the game due to its early release. However, the internet option in the main menu can be used like any other menu button despite looking inaccessible at first. If the player attempts to access the internet features, an advertisement for the Sonic Adventure Homepage will play instead.

When the advertisement is over, the player will be sent back to the main menu.


Limited Edition is much closer to the western release of the game than the Japanese one in terms of the differences between the two, though some aspects of it do still contain elements from the original version.
For more information on the differences between the Japanese and western releases, see the regional differences section.

Language Settings

No language choices for you!

The language is set to English by default and the option to change languages hasn't been added to the options menu yet.

The language setting itself is present, but the way the game handles it is very different to the final game. The final game uses two addresses for the language: One for the voice language and another for the text language, but Limited Edition only has one address for both the text and the voices. The game's language setting can be found at 0x8C753A9C.

The language setting is very incomplete in Limited Edition. Notably, the only options are English and Japanese (The files and slots for the other languages are present, but their contents are in English, so there's no difference in-game) and the main menu is always in English, even if the language is set to Japanese.

Finally, the lip syncing for the English voices has not yet been implemented. All the cutscenes use the lip syncing for the Japanese voices instead, resulting in many cutscenes appearing noticeably out of sync compared to the final version.

Other Differences

  • The changes made for the western release have all been implemented for the most part. The camera is the same as the western release, and major elements of the Japanese version such as the running blur and the cowgirl in Casinopolis are no longer present.
  • Limited Edition saves files in the same manner as the western release. As such, Limited Edition is incompatible with save files from the original Japanese version.
  • However, the action stages still seem to use their object layouts from the Japanese version. Notably, the wall springs in Final Egg and the lack of a life box at the beginning of Sky Deck.