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Proto:Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)/Tournament Disk

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast).


Sonic Adventure: Tournament Disk, is a version of the game used during an event known as the Sega Dreamcast Mobile Assault Tour, a 22 week tour sponsored by IGN, used to promote the upcoming Sega Dreamcast console. In this tour, a Sonic Adventure tournament was held, using the Tournament Disk version.

This version consists of the first level of the game, Emerald Coast, with a 2 minute time limit. The other stages exist in the files, but are identical to the final version.


There are not any major differences, since this build predates the final by only 2 days. Minor differences include:

  • Instead of the title version of Open your Heart, which is present in the game files, the title screen uses the version of Open your Heart that plays during the cutscene where Sonic transforms into Super Sonic during the final story.


Tournament Disk

  • The title screen lacks the animation and rippling effects of the final, instead just fading in.
  • While the English voice and text localization files are finalized, the German, French and Spanish are not.
  • The ADX files present in this build correspond to the final Japanese version, being in 44kHz bitrate, instead of the 32kHz bitrate of some music files in the US version.
  • The NIGHTS_A.ADX, SSRACING.ADX and NIGHTS_S.ADX music files used by the DLC are absent.
  • The TGS_SOUSA_x.PRS files are left over from the Japanese version; they have been removed for the final US version.
  • Resources for the website do not exist yet.
  • The demos that play after idling on the title screen do not exist.
  • The disc has the same Extras as the Japanese version.
  • When the stage is cleared or the timer runs out, the scoreboard doesn't disappear until the Start button is pressed.
  • Some ADX files that are present both in the Japanese and US releases are absent.
  • The file 1ST_READ.BIN (which contains the program to execute and load the game) is slightly different than the final's.
  • The PRS files are slightly different due to the minor changes in 1ST_READ.BIN, though there are not enough byte differences to indicate major changes.
  • There is a bug in which Sonic gains significantly more air momentum than he is supposed to during his descent after a homing attack. This happens if you keep holding the same direction on the analog stick before and after the move.


  • The game starts in Emerald Coast with Sonic having all of his upgrades.
  • When the timer hits 1:55:00, numbers start flashing on the screen counting down from 5 to 0.
  • when the timer reaches 2:00:00, the screen freezes and the scoreboard is displayed. If the player beats the stage in time, the victory animation will play and the camera will zoom out after a few seconds, then it will fade back to the title screen.
  • There isn't a mission complete card, even though a Rescue Tails! card appears at the start of the stage.
  • Sonic doesn't say Yeah, not bad! when the stage is over.