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Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

To do:

A prototype was dumped on January 2017 by drx of Hidden Palace fame. The prototype is dated from October 22, 1999 and has a decent number of differences.

General Differences

  • The error screen for when the cart is inserted into a monochrome Neo Geo Pocket is not present yet.
  • The debug menu is enabled by default. Simply press Option when the Sega logo appears.
  • The name entry screen is missing when going to the Time Trial screen.
  • Pressing B on the puzzle room screen reveals some completed puzzles.
  • The music fades out when going into the options screen.
  • Some aspects of levels have collision problems (i.e. the springs in Casino/Cosmic Casino, and the rotating platforms in King Relics/Secret Plant).
  • The ending is not programmed in this build. Selecting it from the debug menu causes the game to lock up on a black screen.

Visual Differences

  • The intro animation is skipped over.
  • Much of the debug menu text is green.
  • The debug menu contains different names for various zones, but the zones themselves have the final names in their title cards. The zone options are also moved 8 pixels to the right, they were moved closer to the asterisk because the final debug menu uses the final names for the zones, and since they are longer than the earlier names, they had to move the options, so the letters didn't go offscreen.
Prototype Final
SPA-DebugLvlSelect-Proto.png SPA BeginMenu.png
  • The in-game HUD uses a more generic set of numbers. The final numbers are used in the score counter seen when the player finishes an Act though.
  • Most of Sonic's sprites in-game lack green eyes. The ones that don't lack the green eyes are looking up, balancing backwards, rolling, victory animation, getting hurt, death animation and special stage win pose.
Prototype Final
SPA-Sonic-Sprites-Proto.gif SPA-Sonic-Sprites-Final.gif
  • Many of Sonic's sprites were redrawn in the final build, these include:
  • The balancing sprites:
Prototype Final
SPA-Balancing-Proto.png SPA-Balancing-Final.png
  • The hurt & death sprites:
Prototype Final
SPA-Death-Proto.png SPA-Death-Final.png
  • Pushing:
Prototype Final
SPA-Push-Proto.png SPA-Push-Final.png
  • Victory animation:
Prototype Final
SPA-Victory-Proto.png SPA-Victory-Final.png
  • Sonic's special stage sprites are also different, with Sonic having a shorter, cuter appearance more reminiscent of his classic design while the final sprites fall more in-line with his depiction in Sonic Adventure. Interestingly, the second proto special stage sprite was used in a prerelease screenshot.
Prototype Final
SPA-Sonic-Special-Stage-Sprites-Proto.png SPA-Sonic-Special-Stage-Sprites-Final.png
  • All monitors, except 1-UP, have yellow borders. This idea may have been scrapped due to the little space given for the item art.
Prototype Final
SPA-Monitors-Proto.png SPA-Monitors-Final.png
  • Tails' sprites in his plane were redrawn in the final game to look less...interesting, the plane also saw some tweaks in its shading and the final sprites are wider by 4 pixels and taller by 2, giving more room to make Tails' face look less goofy.
Prototype Final
SPA-Tails-Plane-Proto.gif SPA-Tails-Plane-Final.gif
  • The palette is different on the title screen, mostly to make Sonic stick out more from the sky.
Prototype Final
SPA proto tile.png Sonic Pocket Adventures-title.png
  • This is slightly glitchier in the prototype when the parts for the results screen move in. There are no gradients and the numbers are yellow with a blue shadow.
Prototype Final
SPA special stage results Proto.png SPA special stage results Final.png
  • The Zone Select menu is unfinished graphically, the rectangles that show a preview of the level have no art in them, it is entirely blue, the text on the boxes lack the "ZONE X" text with the stage name taking its place, the "ACT X" text doesn't blink when being selected, instead staying still with the blue color, the grid background was also moved up by 4 pixels.
Prototype Final
SPA-Zone-Select-Proto.png SPA-Zone-Select-Final.png
  • Gigantic Angel Zone has much simpler graphics, Act 1 has a solid green color for the background, Act 2 has lines in the background like the foreground tiles, instead of the pipes, lines and stripes seen in the final game, the floor also uses a different, more greenish palette instead of the bluish one seen in the final game.
Prototype Final
SPA-GA-Proto.png SPA-GA-Final.png
  • The gigantic pillars in Aquatic Relics have a different palette, having a blue tint unlike the final's gray color.
Prototype Final
SPA-AR-Pillar-Proto.png SPA-AR-Pillar-Final.png
  • The slot machine in Cosmic Casino features very simple, placeholder graphics for it, it also lacks a lot of the extra sprites like the arrows and 100 circles.
Prototype Final
SPA-CC-Slot-Machine-Proto.png SPA-CC-Slot-Machine-Final.png
  • Aerobase has a different, yellow palette for its walls.
Prototype Final
SPA-AB-Proto.png SPA-AB-Final.png
  • Aerobase's floating platforms have a orange palette in the prototype instead of the gray seen in the final game.
Prototype Final
SPA-AB-Platform-Proto.png SPA-AB-Platform-Final.png

Test Stages

Unlike the final version, these are present and don't crash the game. They use South Island's tiles and can be fairly glitchy.

Test Stage 1


This stage is pretty simple, it features a ramp with a line of rings and a platform with shield and invincibility monitors, after that there's a straight line with some buggy tiles which have strange collision, a bridge appears after the glitched tiles that leads to the Mecha Sonic fight, after it's defeated the normal cutscene happens (though it is a bit glitched cause it's not Aerobase's layout) and Sonic is placed in Test Stage 2.


It seems as if originally the Mecha Sonic fight was going to lead the player a capsule like almost all the other bosses in the game, as one can be seen when Sonic runs in the Mecha Sonic defeated cutscene right after the Mecha Sonic area.

Test Stage 2


This stage is even simpler than Test Stage 1, it has no tiles or background, instead it has a light blue color throughout the level, it has a vertical line of 5 rings on the spawn area, a Motobug is also there, but it doesn't spawn when the player enters the level, the player has to go away from the beginning area and back into it to spawn the Motobug, right after the Motobug and rings there is a fan object from Aerobase, right beside it there is an invisible platform that lacks collision on the bottom, there is one of the tubes from Secret Plant in the level which shoots the player up the course, a Clucker can also be seen from Aerobase, and after that it's a straight line to another fight with Mecha Sonic, after it's defeated, the Mecha Sonic defeated cutscene happens and after it ends the game hangs on a black screen.

Unique Graphics

SPA Proto Motobug.gif

Unlike the final version, there exists a Motobug in the game. There are two variants in the game - one red, one yellow. They are also the first two objects listed in the game too.