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Sonic Eraser

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Title Screen

Sonic Eraser

Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: 1991

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Sonic Eraser is a simple Columns-esque puzzle game released under Sega Game Toshokan. It also features Sonic.

It's probably most notable for being the only Genesis Sonic title (not counting Sonic Classics) to remain absent from official compilations, though it very nearly got into Sonic Gems Collection. It does have a fan translation, at least.

Unused Sprites

Sonic Eraser

Artwork Description
SonicEraser RotatedRunning.png
Sprites of Sonic running upwards, pulled from Sonic 1.
SonicEraser Death.png
The unused shrinking sprite from Sonic 1 makes a return here, still unused!

Sega Game Toshokan leftovers

The Game Toshokan ROM is attached to the game due to how titles worked for the program. However, here it appears to be a unique, modified version. The entire game is loaded into RAM, leaving the only used portions to be some key functions for file decompression and other basic routines.

Artwork Description
SonicEraser SEGALogo.png
The generic Sega logo. The cycle remains in ROM.
SonicEraser SNNLogo.png
The Sega Net News logo.
SonicEraser SNGText.png
Text reading "SEGANET GAME".
SonicEraser PressStart.png
Text reading "PUSH START BUTTON".
SonicEraser Copyright.png
Copyright text.
SonicEraser Dot.png
The lights that shine across the grid on bootup.