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Sonic 3D Blast (Windows)

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Title Screen

Sonic 3D Blast

Also known as: Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (EU)
Developers: Traveller's Tales, Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Windows
Released in US: September 25, 1997
Released in EU: September 30, 1997

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

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A Windows port of the pseudo-3D isometric game Sonic 3D Blast with improved visuals and a new soundtrack, but with a different Special Stage design compared to the Saturn port.

Unused Rendered Images

Final Fight

This image depicts the final boss and its level possibly used as part of an 'explosion' sequence after defeating it, much like its 16-bit counterpart. The boss also seems to be equipped with weapons from its third and fifth phases.
(Source: Sonic Retro)

Tails & Knuckles

S3dbpc-sonictailsspecialstage.png   S3dbpc-sonicknucklesspecialstage.png

These may have been meant to be used as loading screens before the special stage. As the Special Stages require little loading time, they go unused.

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Island Map

Sonic3DPC ISLE1.png

This image is similar to the map displayed before each level, but without an image of Sonic's head showing the location of the current level and a dotted line showing the path taken to get there.

Unused Music

For some reason, the Saturn version's Invincibility and Speed Shoes themes don't play in the Windows version. Instead, the Invincibility power-up simply plays the ring chime, and the Speed Shoes plays no sound at all.
Speed Shoes