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Proto:Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3).

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The Xbox 360 Preview build of Sonic Unleashed is a debug build from in between the E3 demo and final build, predating the latter by almost two months. Unfortunately, only the first disc of this build has been found and dumped, and the second is most likely lost, but even the disc that we have has a wealth of differences compared to the final. The build date is unknown, but three were found.

  • Disc Label: 1/09/2008 (September 1st, 2008)
  • XEX file: 31/08/2008 22:41:02 (10:41:02 PM, August 31st, 2008)
  • Developer Menu: Revision 6005 06:50:59 4/21/2008 (6:50:59 AM, April 21st, 2008)

All the build dates are different, but we can estimate it. The disc was burned on September 1st while the XEX file is dated August 31st, suggesting the disc was burned the next day.


Sound Differences
Lots of placeholders.
Cutscene Differences
Somewhat unfinished at this point, with many visual changes and missing sounds.
SonicUnleashed360-PRE InstallMenuIcon.png
Install Debug Menu
A very extensive debug menu which has unfortunately been mostly dummied out.

Early Animations

Hubworld Transformation Scenes

Preview Build Final Game

The preview build videos are quite obviously placeholders, as the lighting on the characters is very basic. The particle effects and Werehog fur shader are also missing, as well as any audio that isn't the character's voice.

Aside from this, the scenes were re-animated as well. Sonic transforming into the Werehog is basically just a more detailed version of the preview video, but vice-versa omits Sonic's little hop at the end.


Preview Build Final Game
Preview Build TitleScreen SU.png Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360)-title.png

The title screen was adjusted in the final to wait until the player presses Start before panning up to show the cracked planet.

To do:
Document the in-progress final menu
Preview Build Final Game
SonicUnleashed360-PRE StageSel.png SonicUnleashed360-FIN StageSel.png

Though a work-in-progress version of the final menu is accessible from the title screen in this build, the old main menu from E3 still exists in the files and can be accessed with the "Install" debug menu.

General Differences

  • This build targets 60 frames per second, like the final PS3 release. Despite this, all versions (including Xbox 360 final) rarely manage to reach that cap.
  • All upgrades are unlocked from the start, and the player's stats are always maxed out, likely for testing purposes.
  • Early versions of the game's DLC is included in here, likely explaining why the build couldn't fit on one disc.

Graphical Differences

  • While the HUD in the Hedgehog levels is mostly finalized, the Werehog still uses the earlier HUD from the E3 build.
  • The homing reticle hasn't been changed from E3 yet.
  • Sonic's model has been updated since E3 and uses the final model, but still retains certain particle effects such as the jumpball effect.
  • This version contains the higher resolution global illumination maps that are normally bundled with the DLC.

Early Savannah Citadel

To do:
Upload a screenshot of the collision in a level editor.

While the level model and textures are missing, the collision and object layout for a version of Savannah Citadel resembling an early trailer can be found.

Debugging Material

Unknown Display


The following strings are drawn to the screen when playing pre-rendered cutscenes.

Coordinate Display

The player's coordinates are drawn in this format in-game.

%.1fm [%.1f/100.0]
( %.2f, %.2f, %.2f )

Restart Game

Can be used by pressing LB, RB, Back and Start in any order. This key combo restarts the game, likely referencing the command used on the Nintendo DS to restart software.

Fill Up Boost Meter

Can be used by pressing LB and RB. This key combo immediately maxes out your Boost Meter, only has an effect in-game.

Debug Operation Tool

SonicUnleashed360-PRE RStickDebugOPTool.png

Can be accessed by pressing RB 10 times in quick succession then Right Stick, pressing again closes it. Doing this once on a bootup ensures Right Stick presses load this menu. This disables movement of the mouse cursor and makes it visible. In-game can also freely move Sonic through collision. There's a bug where the UI is not removed when loading or exiting a cutscene with the menu open but reloading the menu fixes it. It's really wise to not choose options when playing cutscenes as the game will crash.

LB: Vertical height decrease
RB: Vertical height increase
LStick: Pan/Move cursor (if interaction is enabled)
RStick: Move
D-Pad: Choose options
A: Select option/perform drag with cursor (if interaction is enabled)
B: Close
LB+RB+X: Toggles enabling of interaction of the cursor.
LB+RB+B: Shows the Developer Menu.
Cacti speak Japanese.
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In-Game Translated Function
移動モード:%s 移動速度x%f(X) Camera mode, %s is unknown, X can increase the movement speed from 1x, 2x or 4x.
【キーボードショートカット】 【Keyboard Shortcuts】 Most likely shortcut commands for a PC. Underneath it is padded with endless strings below of the below, suggesting it won't provide anything useful on debug builds not for a PC.
: この項目はPCでのみ

Which translates to:

: This can only be used on PC
【ツールランチャー】 【Tool Launcher】 Indicator, cannot be pressed.
●セットエディタ起動 Starts the Set Editor. A window is drawn with 【アクション選択】 and the following:
In-Game Translated Function
コピー Copies the set.
削除(BACK+B) Deletes the set.
●パラメータエディタ2nd起動 Starts the newest version of the Parameter Editor. A window is drawn like this:
To do:
The rest.
< 全てのファイルを保存する >
< 全てのファイルの保存設定を変更する >
1 - パラメータエディタのウィンドウ設定

This help window is also drawn:

【 A 】 : 決定
【 B 】 : キャンセル / Windowを閉じる
【 Y 】 : 値を読み込み時の値に戻す
【 X 】 : 保存設定を変更する
【 Select + X 】 : スケールの変更
旧セットエディタ起動 Starts an older version of the Set Editor.
旧パラメータエディタ起動 Starts an older version of the Parameter Editor. Removed?
移動モード[ %s ] ? %s can be 3D or PATH.
プレイヤー追従 ? Can be set to ON or OFF.
□プレイヤーを呼ぶ Removed? Only shown when above is set to OFF.
□ワープポイントへ移動 ?
●インスタンスブラシ起動 ?
●ログインコントローラー起動 ?
●フリーカメラ起動 ?
●モーションカメラ起動 ?
●InspirePreview起動 Starts the oldest version of InspirePreview, opens a menu with the following:
In-Game Translated Function
●InspirePreview2nd起動 Starts the newest version of InspirePreview, allowing you to view prerendered cutscenes from singular options, the best effects can happen in a level.
●デバッグ命令 ?

Sequence Check Menu

SonicUnleashed360-PRE SequenceChk.png

Can be accessed by pressing the Left Stick and X, pressing again closes it. This can only be accessed in a level.

Developer Menu

SonicUnleashed360-PRE DevMenu.png

Press LB, RB and B to show the debug UI texture and a cursor to be controlled. You can also move or resize windows or the debug button by holding A and moving the stick. Clicking it with the cursor will access the Developer Menu, pressing it again will exit it. Using Y in the combo disables the cursor and just shows the icon as well. The game still reads general inputs so be careful when using it. You can also simply drag the debug button to move it for a session. Every change to the UI is reset after reloading the menu.

LStick: Move cursor
A: Select option/perform drag.
LB+RB+Y: Toggles enabling of the cursor.


Text Translated Function
PAD入力を有効 Same as LB+RB+X.
透明化 Transparency of windows, defaulted to 255, lowest is 31.