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Proto:Sonic Heroes

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic Heroes.

Two of these prototypes of Sonic Heroes came from drx's big 2008 proto release: one is a demo that came with a Mario game, and another is the demo from E3 which can be found on the BetaArchive FTP.

GameCube Prototype 10.13 is having issues with dumping so it doesn't have a article currently.


SonicHeroes E3 TitleScreen (GameCube).png
E3 2003 prototype
Dated May 9, 2003, a demo made available from E3 2003.
GameCube prototype 10.8
Dated October 8, 2003, this is the earliest known full prototype.
Sonic Heroes-title.png
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bonus Disc
A pre-order reward with multiple demos.
Sonic Heroes-title.png
GameCube Prototype 11.18
Dated October 10, 2003, another pre-order reward with multiple demos.

GameCube Prototype 10.13

This build is currently having issues with dumping, though what's known currently is the build has the final's title screen.