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Proto:Sonic Heroes

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic Heroes.

To do:
Document the Xbox review build, which is effectively the final game but still containing minor differences and leftovers (including the full object layout for the test level).

Sonic Heroes has gone through a lot of interesting changes throughout development, as showcased with its whopping nine prototypes (although one, GameCube prototype 10.13, has remained undumped due to issues with the disk). Many of these are for GameCube, with two Xbox builds and one PlayStation 2 build also being dumped.

Two of these came from drx's big 2008 proto release: A demo from E3 2003, which can be found on the BetaArchive FTP, while another build came with a bonus disc containing playable demos and videos of various upcoming games as a reward for pre-ordering Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. The final few were recovered from devkits or burnt discs.


E3 2003 prototype
Dated May 9, 2003. The game's E3 demo, in Xbox and GameCube flavors, and containing several unfinished level drafts.
PlayStation 2 prototype 9.28
Dated September 28, 2003. The earliest known full prototype and significantly further along, but still unfinished and crash prone.
GameCube prototype 10.8
Dated October 8, 2003. The first build that can be fully completed, still having holdovers from before 9.28 despite being dated later.
GameCube prototype 10.13
Dated October 13, 2003. 5 days newer than the previous build, and currently undumped due to issues with the disk.
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bonus Disc
A pre-order reward with multiple demos, notable for having unfiltered Omega voice clips.
SonicHeroesFinal-TitleScreen (GameCube).png
GameCube NPDP Prototypes
Dated around October 30, 2003. Two near-final builds with various debug functions.
SonicHeroesFinal-TitleScreen (GameCube).png
GameCube Prototype 11.18
Dated November 18, 2003. Another pre-order reward with multiple demos.