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Proto:Sonic Heroes/GameCube prototype 10.8

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The GameCube prototype 10.8 of Sonic Heroes is an early build, which is different than the earlier E3 demo in that the entire game is present on the disc. This was thought to be the earliest known full build of Sonic Heroes until 2024, when an earlier one was discovered.

Despite this build being made a few days after the 9.28 prototype, it includes a lot more unfinished assets, possibly implying the GameCube’s porting process started a little while after.



Audio Differences
Unfiltered Metal Sonic?!

General Differences

As with the previous builds...

  • You can skip the startup screen until you get to the file select. Once again, this is impossible to do in the final.
  • There is STILL no opening cinematic.

Demo Sequence

The demo sequence remains unchanged from the 9.28 prototype. It ends with Team Sonic going out-of-bounds in Seaside Hill.

Graphical Differences


  • The Sega, Sonic Team, and ADX logos from the E3 version remain unchanged.

Title Screen

E3 2003 Prototype 9.28
SonicHeroes E3 TitleScreen (GameCube).png SonicHeroes-prototype9.28 TitleScreen.png
Prototype 10.8 Prototype 10.13 onward
SonicHeroesPrototype10.8-TitleScreen.png SonicHeroesFinal-TitleScreen (GameCube).png

The title screen is more or less identical to the E3 prototype (only without the logo for obvious reasons); this is the last known build to use the early design for both the logos and title screen, as the final version is also used in the earlier 9.28 build (although unfinished) and then changed again in the undumped GameCube 10.13 prototype, and updated once more in the 11.18 prototype.

Save Data

The A Rank texture is completely different, and it's shown as LANK instead of RANK. While A was changed and kept in the final, RANK was not.

Prototype 10.8 Final
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-SaveDataTexture.png SonicHeroesFinal-SaveDataTexture.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-SaveDataDeselectedTexture.png SonicHeroesFinal-SaveDataDeselectedTexture.png

Stage Icon

Robot Carnival/Storm and most levels in 2P mode shown below have "TEMP" on them.


Prototype 10.8 Final
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-RobotCarnivalIcon.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-RobotCarnivalIcon.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-RobotStormIcon.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-RobotStormIcon.png


Prototype 10.8 Final
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-SeasideHill2PIcon.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-SeasideHill2PIcon.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-SeasideHill2PIconDeselected.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-SeasideHill2PIconDeselected.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-CityTopIcon.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-CityTopIcon.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-CityTopIconDeselected.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-CityTopIconDeselected.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-CasinoRingIcon.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-CasinoRingIcon.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-CasinoRingIconDeselected.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-CasinoRingIconDeselected.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-TurtleShellIcon.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-TurtleShellIcon.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-TurtleShellIconDeselected.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-TurtleShellIconDeselected.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-EggTreatIcon.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-EggTreatIcon.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-EggTreatIconDeselected.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-EggTreatIconDeselected.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-PinballMatchIcon.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-PinballMatchIcon.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-PinballMatchDeselected.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-PinballMatchIconDeselected.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-HotElevatorIcon.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-HotElevatorIcon.png
SonicHeroesPrototype10.8-HotElevatorDeselectedIcon.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-HotElevatorIconDeselected.png
SonicHeroesPrototype10.8-RoadRockIcon.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-RoadRockIcon.png
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-RoadRockDeselected.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-RoadRockIconDeselected.png

Super Hard

The English version of Super Hard mode's "D" text is seen clipping.

Prototype 10.8 Final
SonicHeroesPrototye10.8-SuperHardTexture.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-SuperHardTexture.png
SonicHeroesPrototype10.8-SuperHardDeselectedTexture.png File:SonicHeroesFinal-SuperHardDeselectedTexture.png

Game Data

Game Data was seen capitalized in the prototype.

Prototype 10.8 Final
SonicHeroesPrototype10.8-GameDataTexture.png SonicHeroesFinal-GameDataTexture.png


Anti-Flicker was originally called Deflicker.

Prototype 10.8 Final
SonicHeroesPrototype10.8-Deflicker.png SonicHeroesFinal-AntiFlicker.png



The menu screen in general contains some notable differences where...

  • Japanese text is selected by default, but can be changed to English from the menu.
  • English voices are enabled by default.
  • You can only move up and down in the main menus.
  • The background circle is brighter than usual, in which appears to use a different texture color op used.
  • Some grammar issues are present in the English text.


Prototype 10.8 Final
SonicHeroesPrototype10.8-GameData.png SonicHeroesFinal-SaveData.png

The save data is present in this build, but it's in an early state/not fully functional, and has some bugs that would be fixed in the final.

  • There are graphics/textures for Space, (A) Select, and (B) Cancel present here that would be removed in the final.
  • The menu hint is included, which is absent in the final. Pressing Y does nothing here and will make the game softlock, however.
  • No save/load slots have numbers or dashes (for an empty save file) in them.
  • You cannot go left before the first file.
Prototype 10.8 Final
SonicHeroesPrototype10.8-DataOptions.png SonicHeroesFinal-DataOptions.png



  • Not only are there four options instead of three, but there's also a "Copy" feature that was taken out of the final, but choosing this option will softlock the game.

Unlucky No. 07!

  • Since this prototype has the same game ID as the final's, saving the game for that file will cause it to become corrupted, so be sure to take out your Memory Card before doing this.


Prototype 10.8 Final
Omochao, you're looking the wrong way! That's more like it!

The Omochao menu hints are not implemented, although pressing Y makes a glitched Omochao graphic appear briefly.

Story Mode

Prototype 10.8 Final
SonicHeroesPrototype10.8-StoryScreen.png SonicHeroesFinal-StoryScreen.png

On the team select screen, the characters' positions are off and they are in different poses. This remains unchanged from the 9.28 prototype, except...

  • There's no longer a percentage of how much you progress through the story.
  • The LAST STORY is now unlocked from the start.

Challenge (Stage Select)

Prototype 10.8 Final
-_- Suddenly, Sonic & Knuckles swapped places!
SonicHeroes 10.8Proto StageSelect-TeamDark.png SonicHeroes Final StageSelect-TeamDark.png
SonicHeroes 10.8Proto StageSelect-TeamRose.png SonicHeroes Final StageSelect-TeamRose.png
SonicHeroes 10.8Proto StageSelect-TeamChaotix.png SonicHeroes Final StageSelect-TeamChaotix.png

All levels are unlocked from the start, and there's other differences to note about:

  • Much like the story mode, the characters' positions aren't finalized.
  • Some character models clip through each other.
  • There's no counter of how many Emblems you've collected.

Emblem Screen

Prototype 10.8 Final
Looks familiar, doesn't it? Yeah, thought so...

There is a VERY different, yet an unfinished and unpolished, look for the Emblem screen. It...

  • Has incorrect textures and the animation appears to be a placeholder.
  • Contains the word SONIC HEROES written on the bottom of the character type icons that was removed in the final.
  • Lacks the numbers of how many Emblems you've collected so far.
  • Has no jingle for when you unlock an Emblem. The final version plays the Emblem sound from Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.
  • Is possible to get an Emblem after defeating Metal Madness with Team Dark. In the final game, you can't get an Emblem during the final boss until you defeat Metal Overlord.

Cutscene Differences

To do:
There's a few more, especially Charmy for Team Choatix's intro cutscene.

While a majority of the cutscenes and sound mixing have been finalized at this point of development, some were likely changed late in development, as not only were they nowhere near as close to being completed, but some sounds also contain differences.

Metal Sonic's Transformation Cutscene

  • The music and sound effects are completely absent here.
GameCube prototype 10.8 Final
GameCube prototype 10.8 Final
  • Metal Sonic's voice hasn't been filtered, but the files from the final version are still present in the AFS archive (both of which go unused in this build).
GameCube prototype 10.8 Final

...And of course, there's his "roar" sound after transforming not heard anywhere in the AFS archive.

Level Differences

To do:
There's a LOT more level differences.

Sea Gate

  • Sea Gate appears to be unplayable for Team Rose, as you go right straight to Seaside Hill in this build.

Rail Canyon

  • During the in-game cutscene of Rail Canyon (when playing through the story), there is a "?" hint that wasn't removed, which causes the flight team’s speech to become interrupted.

Seaside Hill (Super Hard)

  • Super Hard Mode appears to be in a work-in-progress, as Seaside Hill remains incomplete, lacking a platform required to continue through the stage (therefore making Super Hard Mode impossible to beat).

Debug Modes

Debug Menu

Action Replay code
040AEB94 38800002
0401B1E8 38800009
04164490 38800002

Debug Displays

Camera Info

Action Replay code
0428C080 00000001

Using this Action Replay code enables a debug display during gameplay.

Unused Levels

Test Level

Action Replay code
0026F5C7 00000001

A massive test level which includes an object that has since been removed. This also exists in the E3 prototype, but...

  • The game doesn't crash upon loading.
  • It lacks object layouts.
(Source: Sewer56)


There are also textures for the test level.