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Proto:Sonic Heroes/GameCube prototype 10.8

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic Heroes.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

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GameCube prototype 10.8 of Sonic Heroes is an early build, which is different than the earlier E3 one in that the entire game is present on the disc.

To do:
A lot. See this page by Sewer56lol for more info.


Metal Sonic Cutscene

General Differences

  • Japanese text is selected by default, but can be changed to English from the menu.
Proto 10.8 Final
SHBTitle.png Sonic Heroes-title.png

The title screen is different. Oddly, some characters in the background appear twice.

  • You can only move up and down in the menus.
  • The background circle is brighter than usual, in which appears to use a different texture color op used.
  • Some grammar issues are present in the English text.


On the team select screen, the characters' positions are off and they are in different poses.

  • Cutscenes are present, with some sound differences. For one, Metal Sonic's voice isn't filtered.
  • A lot of the sound effects are jittery.
  • Some of the dialogue tends to lag.
  • All levels are unlocked.
  • Most levels in 2P mode and some boss stages have TEMP on them.
  • English voices are enabled by default.
  • Omochao menu hints are not implemented, although pressing Y makes a glitched Omochao graphic appear briefly.

Song Differences

There are numerous songs in this build that have differences to their final counterparts, from subtle to obvious. The versions of Seaside Hill, Sea Gate, and Rail Canyon that can be found in the E3 2003 prototype have been updated and sound more or less identical to the final by this point.

Audio Name Notes
Ocean Palace Different percussion and guitars, unpolished synth, and possibly the bass is louder.
Boss: Vs. Team Battle Different note progression in the intro and instrumentation. Guitar is only barely heard compared to the final.
Casino Park Has a completely different feel and instruments from the final version. This version also appears on the official soundtrack, albeit revised slightly, and ended up being used in the 2008 pachislot game Sonic Live!
Bingo Highway Starts off much bolder than in the final and has louder instruments overall.
Robot Carnival/Storm The song is "Boss: Shut Up Faker!" from Sonic Adventure 2, used as a placeholder.
Frog Forest The synth loop heard throughout the whole song is much quieter than the final.
Lost Jungle Appears to have different mixing. There are notable ambient noises resembling a frog's croaking that aren't there in the final.
Hang Castle (Normal) Missing an instrument, more reverb.
Hang Castle (Upside Down) Missing instrument, guitar is missing from the middle of the song. Vocals also start up much later in the loop.
Mystic Mansion (Part A) The bells are different and the guitar is synthesized. Some instruments are missing in part F.
Mystic Mansion (Part B)
Mystic Mansion (Part C)
Mystic Mansion (Part D)
Mystic Mansion (Part E)
Mystic Mansion (Part F)
Egg Fleet Different mixing and drums, though they sound closer to the final than the version from an unknown build.
Final Fortress Missing an instrument and the guitar that plays the main melody. Different percussion and missing the main melody synth.
System Screen Missing an instrument and the whole bridge section.
Boss: Egg Emperor Different mixing, like the song has been run through a range compressor.
Last Boss ver. 1: Metal Madness Different mixing, notable synth noises heard in the final are also missing.
Battle: Sea Area Missing the main melody synth.
Battle: City Area Composed entirely with synth.
Battle: Casino Area Appears to be missing an instrument. Something seems missing, anyway.
Special Stage: Emerald Challenge Much louder intro, slightly different mixing.
Special Stage: Bonus Challenge Has slightly different instrumentation compared to the final.
Sonic Heroes (Main Theme) Skips the second verse and lacks bridge vocals.
Follow Me (Theme of Team Rose) Different drums and lacking vocals. It also features an extra part before each chorus, making it slightly longer than the final.

Level Differences

  • Seaside Hill remains incomplete, lacking a platform required to continue through the stage.
  • Sea Gate is missing large chunks of the map and appears to be unplayable.

Debug Modes

Debug Menu

Action Replay code
040AEB94 38800002
0401B1E8 38800009
04164490 38800002

Debug Displays

Camera Info

Action Replay code
0428C080 00000001

Test Level

Action Replay code
0026F5C7 00000001

A massive test level which includes an object that has since been removed. This also exists in the E3 prototype.

(Source: Sewer56)