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Proto:Sonic Heroes/E3 2003 prototype

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SonicHeroes E3 TitleScreen (GameCube).png

This prototype was displayed during E3 2003. It was recovered in 2014 and dumped in 2016, in a joint effort between English fansite Sonic Retro and Spanish fansite Sonic Paradise. This build is different in that a GameCube and Xbox versions are available.

Debug Modes

Debug Displays

Camera Info

Action Replay code
041EA220 00000001

General Differences

  • Only two stages are available from the start: "Easy", which is Seaside Hill and "Hard", which is Rail Canyon.
  • Power levels aren't displayed on the character icons.
  • Likely for demo purposes, time counts down for some reason, limiting gameplay sessions to just be 10 minutes.
  • The game will automatically reset after the player is inactive for a short while.
  • Instead of getting a level up when passing a checkpoint, you'll get an item depending on which character you're currently playing as. Sonic gets speed shoes, Tails gets rings, and Knuckles gets a shield.
  • The spheres around the "?" hints don't display if the game is in progressive scan mode.

Audio Differences

A total of three stage tracks exist in this build. Interestingly, Sea Gate's music is given the filename STG02 in this build, suggesting it may have been intended for Ocean Palace at this point in development.

Audio Name Notes
Seaside Hill Missing most of the drums, guitar is mixed slightly different.
Sea Gate Ditto.
Rail Canyon Different drums.

Seaside Hill

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  • There's three dash panels present at the start; Only two exist in the final.
  • A few more rings are present at the beginning.
  • A couple of dash hoops are present before the first ledge, which were removed in the final.
  • The area after the first ledge is very empty in the E3 version.
  • The level seems to end after a short while, in one of the cannon rooms. On the second cannon, the room has no exit and it seems you can't continue.
  • It's very easy to clip through the ground right after the first power formation gate.

Unused Techniques

See this section on the game article.

Unused Graphics

Used Unused
SonicHeroesE3-sonicteamused.png SonicHeroesE3-sonicteamunused.png

An unused version of the Sonic Team logo.

An early logo for the game. The kanji 仮 means "temporary".

A Sonic X logo, perhaps intended for advertising purposes.

2D artwork of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles from Sonic Adventure 2, but with Sonic not wearing his SOAPs.

Concept art of Ocean Palace. All these files have the name title0325_0##.png, there's also pictures with the Sonic Heroes logo, and copyright text, suggesting they were used in an extremely early title screen.

Unused Levels

Even though only Seaside Hill and Rail Canyon are playable normally, the files for Ocean Palace, Egg Hawk, Bullet Station, Frog Forest, Grand Metropolis, Bingo Highway, Power Plant, and the Test Level are all on the game's disc.

(Source: Ferrox)