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Proto:Sonic Heroes/GameCube NPDP Prototypes

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic Heroes.

To do:
Actually document the debug features and changes!

Two debug builds of Sonic Heroes were dumped on March 3, 2021, by MSX; both of them seem to be older than the November 18, 2003 build, with an approximate date of October 30, 2003.


Debug Content
All the debug content in the final, and more!



This build will not boot normally due to trying to reference a special USB; use the following Gecko codes below, after which the game will boot to the Debug Menu unused in the final:

04017338 60000000
04218a2c 4e800020
04218af4 4e800020
04219274 4e800020
042190dc 4e800020
04218e10 4e800020
04218f94 4e800020

To boot the the title screen instead, use the following code in addition to the one above:

C2022C90 00000004
7C0C0378 2C050003
40820008 38A00001
7D806378 90A3FF78
60000000 00000000

General Differences

  • In Story Mode, Egg Emperor is not played if resuming story starting with Egg Fleet.
  • This build has a unique demo for Seaside Hill not seen in any other version, although it desyncs midway suggesting its implementation was a mistake.
  • A bug in Audio Menu causes track names to not render if hovering over a track that isn't unlocked.
  • Starting Story Mode crashes the game if there are no stages completed. If any story segment is complete and you are picking the starting stage, story however works fine.
  • Team Rose's stages appear to be the same length as the final version, that is longer than the other NPDP build which is shorter than the 10.8 prototype.
(Source: Hidden Palace)
(Source: Sewer56)