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Shadow the Hedgehog

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Title Screen

Shadow the Hedgehog

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Released in JP: December 15, 2005
Released in US: November 15, 2005
Released in EU: November 18, 2005
Released in KR: December 22, 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

Shadow the Hedgehog loads up and goes grimdark!


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Configuration Files
Left in the game files in the GameCube and Xbox versions.

Debugging Content

Gindows Font


The font from the "Gindows" debug environment used in some Sega games, located on the root of the GameCube version, with a name of gindows.png.

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Word 0x805EC170 in the USA GameCube version allows us to set GameMode State, giving us access to some debug/testing modes

Set 0x805EC170 Result
-1 Game Initialize Screen and Menus
0 Select Mode
1 Story Mode / Last Story
2 Test Mode 1 - 1P GAME Menu On Exit
3 Test Mode 2 - 2P GAME Battle Menu On Exit
4 Test Mode 3 - 2P GAME Battle Menu On Exit (Possibly Slot for Scrapped Race Mode)
5 SFD Player Menu
6 Expert Mode
7 Library Mode

SFD Player

A menu controllable with the D-pad and Start button to select in PORT1 allowing to play any SFD in the game. Shows additional debugging information while the cutscene plays.

frmid width height x_mb y_mb fps fno time tunit concat_cnt fno_per_file time_per_file errcnt rcvcnt usrdatsize svd_size

SFD Player debug menu in GameCube USA E1001.sfd when played through the SFD Player debug menu in Shadow the Hedgehog, GameCube USA

URA Stage Select [Ohmura senyo]

A stage select menu found only in the PS2 OPM 102 Demo of the game. Functionality seems to be broken, even loading "stg0100 (City1)" which is present in demo version crashes.

Can be accessed by pressing R3+Circle at the title screen.

D-pad left/right cycles 0X00

D-pad up/down cycles 000X

Boss stages and test stages are not selectable in this menu.

Unused Textures

Different game versions have different leftovers of unused textures and scripts.

If additional files are found and you want to contribute please note the platform, region, and file path (including any embedded file paths).

The /csdFiles contains menu scripts and textures. The scripts are platform specific and will sometimes contain textures embedded in the files.

  • .gncp files in GameCube version
  • .sncp files in PlayStation 2 version
  • .xncp files in Xbox version



'test1' texture found in TEST.TXD on the PS2 US version of Shadow the Hedgehog. Misc Kanji characters.


'test2' texture found in TEST.TXD on the PS2 US version of Shadow the Hedgehog. Misc symbols in a texture.

GC US: /InfoWindow.txd



A numerical font, similar to the font in Sonic Heroes, the only difference being the coloring of the font.



Early CommandWindow/InfoWindow icons. Also appears to have been used in a very early build of the game (2005 Walk of Game Announcement Trailer uses it)

Unknown: Unknown

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: This concept image is not found in InfoWindow.txd on the GC US version but was listed there originally. If you find the origin of this image, please update.

Shadow-the-Hedgehog Early HUD.jpg

GC US: /advertise.txd


ShTH advertise1.png

An early version of the game's logo. Was used in the "Coming Winter 2005" and "2005 Walk of Game Announcement" game trailers.

Notably, this texture is formatted by Renderware SDK, which is the version of Renderware Sonic Heroes uses.

Other textures are formatted by Renderware SDK, which is the version of Renderware Shadow the Hedgehog uses.

Even the E3RomTitle.gncp's embedded textures are formatted with

The PS2 version of this texture is formatted with Renderware SDK, but is altered to be 512x256

GC US: /csdFiles/JP/E3RomTitle.gncp/E3RomTitle.txd


ShadowTH-gc-us-E3RomTitle-001 e3menu.png

Contains a texture for a select mode that was used in the E3 demo of the game (TODO: add video source).


ShadowTH-gc-us-E3RomTitle-003 gamemenu.png

Contains an early version of the menu font and selection names.

Things of note:

1. The font has a different color style with grays blending into the white letters.

2. EXPERT MODE is called HARD MODE. This reflects the object layout file notation: _cmn (all modes core layout), _nrd (story/select exclusive layout), _hrd (expert exclusive layout), _ds1 (all modes destructibles/decorations layout).

3. 2P GAME has a branch menu of RACEMODE and BATTLEMODE. In final, picking 2P GAME immediately jumps into BATTLEMODE without a branch. RACEMODE was not implemented in final.

4. GameCube X and Y buttons are placeholder images.

Xbox US: /csdFiles/BattleMode.txd

Not to be confused with BattleMode_[LOCALIZATION], which is present on the other versions and is also used in Xbox versions. This file is only present on the Xbox versions (verified on US and EU Xbox releases) and is an unused very early version of the Battle Mode menu.


ShadowTH-Battlemode prototype.png

1. The battle mode text is black instead of light gray.

2. There are only three characters, which are three recolors of a single render of Shadow, with the yellow one sporting a tie, mustache, and three astonish marks by the ear.

3. The stages are placeholder images with "pic #[1-3]" written over them. Glyphic Canyon was used for the placeholder.

4. There are no selection indicator icons.

5. No grid is present, instead two windows that could potentially be used to build a grid are shown.


ShadowTH-Xbox-us-BattleModetxd-001 bg.png

The crop is different and lacks an overlaying Shadow on this early version of the background for the Battle Mode menu.


ShadowTH-Xbox-us-BattleModetxd-002 gamemenu.png

1. The font has a different color style with grays blending into the white letters.


3. GameCube X and Y buttons are placeholder images.

4. Buttons are in different positions.

GC US: /csdFiles/Logo.gncp/Logo.txd


ShadowTH-gc-us-Logotxd-000 sega.png

Contains an unused red colored SEGA logo. The light blue SEGA texture is used in JP releases. The dark blue SEGA texture is used in all other releases.

GC US: /csdFiles/MediaMenu.gncp/MediaMenu.txd


ShadowTH-gc-us-MediaMenu-000 MediaMenu.png

Contains a stage select screen, with Stage 04-04 and Stage 02-01 on it.


ShadowTH-gc-us-MediaMenu-001 stgtitle.png

Contains the texture for selection of Stage 04-04 and Stage 02-01 without the selection screen.

Both are 'lit up' versions compared to the other image, potentially representing selected state.



ShadowTH-ps2-opm102-TGSTITLE2txd-001 TGSmenu.png

Contains a stage select screen, with Hero Partners and Difficulty shown on the four stages in the texture.

Notably, OPM-102 only has files for STG0000 (test) and STG0100 (Westopolis).

This texture appears to be a leftover from the real 'TGS Build' which has yet to be found/dumped.

This brings validity to the claim of an early version of Cryptic Castle existing. No other proof has been found.

Unused GUN Soldier Texture Variants

The GUN Soldier loads different textures depending on the stage id.

There exist 0-7, but in the code 3 and 5 are not an existing branch.

0 is the default case but is never observed in the game.


ShadowTH Unused Type0 GUN Soldier.png

Brown uniform with a pink tint. Light blue eye gear.

Stages that fall outside any of the branches will use this texture. All stages (including bosses) that do not have GUN Soldiers except for Air Fleet (uses a regularly used texture) use this texture when GUN Soldiers are placed.


ShadowTH Unused Type3 GUN Soldier.png

Green uniform with red vest and red helmet. Orange eye gear.


ShadowTH Unused Type5 GUN Soldier.png

Unique camo uniform. Yellow eye gear.

Unused Models

Debug Models

ShTH capsule.png ShTH cone.png ShTH cube.png ShTH cylinder.png ShTH sphere.png

The game's root contains a file named debugmodels.one (4,972 bytes). Within the file are several DFF files named "CAPSULE_MODEL", "CONE_MODEL", "CUBE_MODEL", "CYLINDER_MODEL", and "SPHERE_MODEL". The file is loaded at game boot.

The game object: SetOBJ[25][92], "DebugMissionClearCollision" uses the Cylinder and Sphere models to create a spinning 'M' inside a sphere for the object.

DebugMissionClearCollision object showing the possible misc byte settings. Using debugmodels.one found in all versions

The PS2 version of the game also contains DEBUGMODELS_HI.ONE (41,260 bytes). Within the file are the same models but each are much higher poly versions.

DebugMissionClearCollision object showing the possible misc byte settings. Using DEBUGMODELS_HI.ONE found in the PS2 version


The "character" folder (which contains the model data for Shadow, the Shadow androids from multiplayer mode, and the friendly NPCs) has a file named eshadow.one. It contains a copy of shadow's models and texture from shadow.one with different render flags assigned to the model files, to give a transparent look as if Shadow had Espio's chroma cammo technique from Sonic Heroes.

eshadow.one file contents

This file is loaded by stg0200 (Digital Circuit) and stg0403 (Mad Matrix), but goes unused. Model is shown below as it appears when enabled in NGC version, and with a No Bloom hack applied.

eshadow enabled on GameCube eshadow enabled with a no bloom hack applied on GameCube

ElecWakka SETObject

SetOBJ[07][E5] This game SETObj is unused yet has a full model, texture, animation, and game behavior coded for it. setid.bin has no stages linked to this object. However the data for the object can be found in stg0403/stage0403_gdt.one (Mad Matrix). labeled "WAKKA".

The object is a large hollow hexagon and spins at a fixed rate. It resembles the hexagons found on the circuit paths, but much larger.

There is no player collision with this object, suggesting it may have been decorative.

Unfinished CG Cutscene Video

An early VFX pass on the cutscene of the Eclipse Cannon's firing shot. It features unfiltered audio of Black Doom's voice in both English and Japanese on separate channels. It can only be found in the Xbox version of the game as E5022.sfd.

Unused Animations

A large amount of unused animations remain, mainly for Shadow. Some Sonic Heroes animations (ported to Shadow's current model skeleton) exist, such as the TrickRing animation.

To do:
Shadow: Alternate melee animations, Sonic Heroes animation ports, Rail lean, Trip, Fall, Rail Melee Specials, Chaos Spear non-super, Unused Tricks, Unfinished anims

Unused Audio Content

A large amount of unused audio remains despite being properly linked to the .fnt files for associated stages.

Orange/Light Frame/Square/Border SETObject

This unused SETObj has no leftover model, texture, game behavior, nor setid.bin reference.

However the .fnt files reference this object and every character except Maria has a recorded voice line linked to the .fnt text.

These voice lines exist in the PRS_VOICE_E.afs file, retrieved from the GameCube US version. Other versions not verified.

Stages with no reference to this object:

  • 0202 - Lethal Highway
  • 0400 - Central City
  • 0401 - The Doom
  • 0500 - The Ark
  • 0504 - Lost Impact
  • 0700 - The Last Way
  • 0X1X - All boss stages
Clip Stage(s) Character EN .fnt Text
All except stages without reference Shadow "If I speed up and jump through

that light frame, I can get some

good distance."

0100 - Westopolis

0604 - Final Haunt

Sonic "Get your speed up and jump within

that orange frame and you'll get

some serious air!"

Same as Shadow,


0300 - Cryptic Castle

0302 - Circus Park

0502 - Iron Jungle

0602 - Lava Shelter

Black Doom "Run at high speed and jump within

the frame of light ahead."

0201 - Digital Circuit

0404 - Death Ruins

0600 - GUN Fortress

Rouge "Jumping within that orange frame at

high speed will enable you to get

an especially long jump."

0201 - Glyphic Canyon

0601 - Black Comet

Knuckles "Run into that orange square and

jump! If you time it right, you'll

get extra distance!"

0300 - Cryptic Castle Amy "Run fast and jump inside that

orange border to go really far!"

0300 - Cryptic Castle

0302 - Circus Park

0402 - Sky Troops

0502 - Iron Jungle

0602 - Lava Shelter

Eggman "Jump with all your might inside of

that orange frame!"

0301 - Prison Island Charmy "Run and jump inside of that orange

square to get a super-big jump!"

0302 - Circus Park

0501 - Air Fleet

Tails "If you run up and jump inside of

that orange frame, you'll get a lot

more distance than usual."

0502 - Iron Jungle

0602 - Lava Shelter

Omega "Maintain high speed and jump

within the orange frame to achieve

a long-distance jump."

0403 - Mad Matrix Espio "That orange light frame up ahead

will let you jump really far. All you

have to do is to time your jump!"

0603 - Cosmic Fall Vector "That orange frame up ahead will

send you out on a long jump if you

run up and jump inside it!"

Sonic & Diablon

Sonic was originally planned to have his own health bar.

Clip Stage(s) Character Activation Condition EN .fnt Text
0611 - Sonic & Diablon (GUN Fortress) Black Doom Automatic Boss Hint #05 (Timer) "Destroy both that weapon and that

blue hedgehog!"

0611 - Sonic & Diablon (GUN Fortress) Sonic Diablon is defeated first "No way...!"
0611 - Sonic & Diablon (GUN Fortress) Commander Sonic is defeated first "You won't get away with this,

Shadow! It's time for you to meet

GUN's ultimate weapon!"

0611 - Sonic & Diablon (GUN Fortress) Commander Diablon receives damage for the first time "No! Diablon is supposed to

be impervious to attacks!"

Earlier version, points to 'impervious' voice line 0618 - Sonic & Diablon (Final Haunt) Commander Diablon receives damage for the first time (scrapped/early text) "No! The Diablon is supposed to have

the perfect defense!"

0611 - Sonic & Diablon (GUN Fortress) Black Doom Sonic is defeated first "Good. Now, destroy that weapon."
0611 - Sonic & Diablon (GUN Fortress) Black Doom Diablon is defeated first "Good. Now, eliminate that hedgehog!"


Clip Stage(s) EN .fnt Text
0700 - The Last Way "Prepare yourself, Black Doom!"


Clip Stage(s) EN .fnt Text
0100 - Westopolis

0202 - Lethal Highway

"Man, looks like they're going all

out! Let's clear out before we

get caught in a crossfire, Shadow!"

0100 - Westopolis "I can't believe those creatures

are doing this..."

0100 - Westopolis "Those aliens may think they're

tough by using those lasers,

but we'll have the last laugh!"

0100 - Westopolis

0202 - Lethal Highway

"Look out! That pack of black birds

is dive-bombing their way towards


0202 - Lethal Highway "That vehicle's pretty tough.

Personally, I wouldn't be caught

dead in a car without windows!"

0202 - Lethal Highway "If you get too close to the tank,

it'll turn on its thrusters and

run you down! Watch out!"

0202 - Lethal Highway "Hmph! Those creatures sure

are fire bugs!"

0202 - Lethal Highway "GUN's blocked the road! Just

ignore them! Put the pedal to

the metal and bust on through!"

0210 - Black Bull (Lethal Highway) "Charge your gauge by attacking

Eggman, then use Chaos


0700 - Last Way "It's up to you, Shadow!

Time to blast off at sonic speed!"

0700 - Last Way "Shadow, can you hear me?

He must've gone deeper inside!"

0700 - Last Way "After dashing along the wall, you

need to use your Dark Spin!

You can pull it off, Shadow!"

0700 - Last Way "Go through the red stream and then

right out into a grind!"

TODO: area secure, reinforcements

Black Doom

Clip Stage(s) EN .fnt Text
0100 - Westopolis "Those human fools! They'll

surrender the Chaos Emerald

soon enough..."

0100 - Westopolis "Our laser barrage has those

humans on their knees!

Victory is ours!"

0100 - Westopolis "Our soldiers are primed to take

this area. Help them destroy those


0100 - Westopolis "Yes, Shadow... the Chaos Emerald

is our holy artifact stone..."

0100 - Westopolis "Shadow, those stones grant ultimate

power to those who bear it."

0400 - Central City "You have failed your mission."


To do:
Corrupt Soul, BlackArms in Lost Impact

Unused Multiplayer Content

Sonic was initially planned for multiplayer. Japanese voice clips and two unused 2PEVENTs remain. Some of the voice lines reference the lost Race Mode.

Clip Transcription Text
行くぜ! "Let's go! / Let's do it!"
Let's do it! "Let's do it!"
さ、 始めよぜ。 "Come on, let's get started!"
ちょーっとは楽しわせてくれよ。 "Just let me have some fun for a bit!"
今度は本気で行くぜ! "This time I'm going for real!"
走ることならだれにも負けないぜ! "I won't lose to anybody if it comes to running!"
どうした? これが終わりか? "What's wrong? Is that all?"
さあ ここからが勝負だ。 "Come on, the fight is just getting started!"
See you! また相手してるぜ! "See you! I'll hang with you again!"

Test Stages

TODO: Stage 6000, 8900, 9900's coli stage, 9901

To do:
Document further, using this resource here. Also, go into more detail with Stage 9900 here.

Stage 0000

This test level is made of a flat surface with various areas to test physics including several paths that twist around.

The full map.

Use this Action Replay (GameCube) code and enter the second neutral level, "Glyphic Canyon":

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Stage 0001

Physics testing map. Has lots of testing areas for slopes.

(Source: dreamsyntax)

Stage 0002

(Source: dreamsyntax)

Material effect testing map. Used for testing effects on bullets impacting materials and walking on materials. Has some unused material types.

Stage 0003

(Source: dreamsyntax)

Has UV Texture test geometry and a single spline.

Stage 0005

(Source: dreamsyntax)

stg0005 is loaded by all game versions during the Sky Troops intro in-game cutscene (event4201_sceneA). In most game versions the stage is actually empty.

In the GameCube version (all regions), the developers forgot to remove the original event creation stage. You can briefly see some of the test stage in the background during the event.

The stage consists of a grid. Underneath the grid there is color pallet. There is collision on this stage, with one simple flat plane for the grid and color pallet.

It is highly likely the stage was used as the base when creating the event scenes in the game.

Stage 6000

TODO: Stage 6000 details here

Stage 8900

TODO: Stage 8900 details here

Stage 9900

Stage 9900 is found only in the GameCube version and contains several oddities:

  • The level uses various meshes from Sonic Heroes.
  • Three unused background textures are present, with the latter two being unchanged from Sonic Heroes (even their names weren't changed)!
  • Collision is only available for the first half, and doesn't even match the stage remotely. This is also the only file to use the name 9900, while other files use 0000.

(Source: sewer56lol)

An alternative video:

  • stage 9900 with original BDT (chunk layering) and original skybox.
  • Collision was generated, not originally left in the files. The music and objects are not found in the original, were added for demo purposes.

(Source: dreamsyntax)

Stage 9901

TODO: Stage 9901 details here

Build Dates

A build date can be found in the game's executable.

All of the different region Xbox .xbe have different headers; however build date and time is identical.

Regions and dates below were verified on 02/16/2019. OPM 102 Demo added on 05/16/2020. PS2 JPN added 05/27/2020. GC 4-level Demo added 03/04/2021

Still missing: PlayStation 2 (KR)

Version Hex Address Build Date
GameCube (US) 0x4CE220
Oct 10 2005 23:48:24
PlayStation 2 (US) 0x6E87B8
Oct 12 2005 14:56:41
PlayStation 2 (EU) 0x6EA758
Oct 16 2005 12:09:34
PlayStation 2 (JP) 0x6E9238
Oct 16 2005 12:09:34
GameCube (JP) 0x4CE898
Oct 16 2005 15:45:51
Xbox (US / EU / JP) 0x435180
Oct 16 2005 15:49:12
GameCube (EU) 0x4CF2D0
Oct 20 2005 11:17:41
GameCube ([JP] 4-level Demo) 0x4D1D58
Oct 31 2005 13:55:50
PlayStation 2 (OPM 102 [US] Demo) 0x6CD478
Nov 7 2005 21:06:35
(Source: Ferrox & dreamsyntax)

Build Differences

Chaos Control Glitch

Pre-Oct 16 builds, the US version of PS2 and GC only, have what is known as Chaos Control Glitch (CCG) in the speedrunning community.

In the affected builds, there are 1-3 frames of input available when activating a checkpoint, allowing to execute another action in these frames.

The EU GC version has some functions shifted around compared to the JP GC build, but in-game differences have not been noticed/documented yet.

(Source: dreamsyntax)

BlackArms Worm WaitAppear AttackCallback Change

There is a change to BkWorm (any variant of Black Arms Worm) object's AttackCallback behavior.

EnemyAIState_BKWormAI_WaitAppear: underground, the player has not yet gotten close enough for its shadow to appear and trigger it to surface

While the BkWorm is in WaitAppear in:

- Built prior to October 16 (GameCube US and PS2 US versions):

     The AttackCallback is disabled in this state (invulnerable to attacks).

- Built October 16 or later (All Xbox versions, PS2 EU/JP, GameCube EU/JP):

     The AttackCallback is left enabled in this state (vulnerable to attacks).

This difference means with a vacuum or lock-on type weapon the BkWorm can be defeated before it ever surfaces.

(Source: dreamsyntax)